Young Old Guy in Mexican Star Gum Commercial

April 25, 2012
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Young Old Guy in Mexican Star Gum Commercial

The new Mexican brand Star Gum is making its presence known through a popular advertising campaign on the theme of  youth lasting for too long. The character featured in the commercial is known as Chavoruco, which is Mexican Spanish for young old guy. The commercial shows the guy speaking arrogantly about himself for a couple minutes before he is hit across the back of the head by a giant (and rather cute looking) star gum.

Fans of the Star Gum are invited to send in their own photo, video or story of someone they know who is Chavoruco, with the chance to win a tablet. Participants base their ideas around the character in the original Star Gum commercial, shown here with English subtitles.

Despite their advertising campaign and popular commercial, Star Gum is almost impossibly hard to find. After looking in several supermarkets, convenience stores and numerous street stands, I finally discovered the gum in the K, and even then, they only had the gum in one flavor. Star Gum seems to be suffering from heavy competition from the more well known brands that dominate the Mexican market.

Brand: Star Gum.

Presentation: 8 g; eight pieces.

Price: $5.00.

Purchased at: K.

Claims: Intense flavor that lasts for longer.

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