Yogurt Trends 2014 Report

August 12, 2013
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Yogurt Trends 2014 Report


In the report we researched the Yogurt Category in over 60 different countries during the past 12 months. Based on our findings our analysts identified a number of global and regional trends that we discuss in detail.


The Report is Segmented into 2 Category Reports (Available for purchase as a package or individually):
1. Yogurt Products
2. Drinkable Yogurt


The full report available for purchase contains:
-  200 Pages of in depth Analysis divided by Regional Analysis
-  Regional summary of Juice Trends in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe over the past 12 months
-  Key Trends Affecting the Industry
-  Trends Analysis including Flavors, Claims, Packaging
-  200 Detailed Examples of Innovative Yogurt Products from over 60 countries
-  Opportunities Analysis where we tell you What´s Next


Gain an understanding of what is happening in the Yogurt category globally. Use new product launches as the basis for uncovering trends in flavors, packaging, claims and innovative products. Use a wealth of product samples to support findings. Speak with consumers and leaders of industry to get their point of view. Perform a thorough analysis of each regions trends to understand key growth opportunities now and in the future.

There are several trends that are driving interest in this category. Functional foods have hit the shelves for most of the product launches this year.

This report analyzes the health and functional positioning of the products. Products which claim to provide higher immunity or better health are capturing consumer’s interest.

Packaging is also becoming the essential part of the brand value. The consumer is not only focusing on inner health factors but is influenced by the outer appeal as well.

We have not only covered various packaging options but have also analyzed the flavoring patterns that have emerged in the drinkable yogurt segment.




Global Market Overview
Market Size Analysis
Top Launches by Region and Country
Latin America Overview
North America Overview
Europe Overview
Asia Overview
Most Popular Flavors
Top Positioning Claims (Health, Demographic, Functional)
Packaging Analysis
Key Trends Analysis
Social Media
What’s Next



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