World’s first compostable toothbrush and travel case

August 5, 2012
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World’s first compostable toothbrush and travel case

We’ve already come across a slew of products redesigned to be fully biodegradable or compostable, from coffee cups to cooking pots and even shoes. Now, Canadian brand World Centric has created a Compostable Toothbrush designed for eco-conscious travelers.

Rather than being manufactured from petroleum-based plastics, as standard toothbrushes are, the World Centric product is made from Ingeo, which is a plant-based material. Once the toothbrushes are done with, users can break off the head and bristles – which are not compostable – and send the rest to a commercial composting facility, or back to the company, for recycling. The brushes come with a travel case that is also completely compostable. The seven-inch BPI-certified toothbrushes are available in blue, green or orange and are priced at CAD 4.55 each, or CAD 11.40 for a pack of three.

According to World Centric, some 450 million toothbrushes are sent to landfill in the US each year and the Compostable Toothbrush helps address this issue. The company are also working on replacing the nylon bristles with a compostable material in the near future. Manufacturers – what other everyday objects could be made more sustainable?


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