Wine Review: Chocolate Rouge Sweet Red Blend

February 8, 2014 3 Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Wine Review: Chocolate Rouge Sweet Red Blend


Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Sweet Red is a luscious blend of fine red wine and rich chocolate flavors reminiscent of chocolate-dipped red berries with a soft velvety finish. Enjoy this ideal combination for a smooth rich taste not to be missed.


About Us
Chocolate and red wine is a perfect pairing, and at ChocolatRouge we are dedicated to creating unique, elegant combinations from these natural partners. Blending rich chocolate flavors with fine red wine creates a decadent experience that is deliciously different.




Company: Chocolate Rouge
Brand: Chocolate Rouge
Origin: USA
Category: Wine
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 12.5%
Variants: Sweet Red, Milk Chocolate, Dark Red Blend
Price: $7.99 USD
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online