Water Spotlight: Oxigen Water

June 17, 2020
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Water Spotlight: Oxigen Water



OXIGEN was created to give you more from your water. With real science behind the oxygen-boosted, functional water brand, OXIGEN helps you to not only get back on your feet, but reach a higher level (Wesee you 3pm work day slump, post workout exhaustion and general daily drain!). Recover and rise from what life takes out of you. OXIGEN is available in standard water, which deliver 100x the oxygen for faster recovery and OXIGEN Shots, which deliver 500x the oxygen for instant focus

Water with an O4 edge
You want to get the most out of each day. But your life doesn’t take a break to let you recover. We’ve got you. We’re OXIGEN. Water with an O4 edge. Two O2 molecules fused together to create our proprietary O4 molecule. Extra oxygen that stays stable in water until you drink it. So once you do, you can get back to conquering your day.


What makes OXIGEN different
OXIGEN contains O4 – two O2 molecules fused together using a proprietary 120-step manufacturing process to create one oxygen super molecule that remains stable in water. That O4 super molecule is bioavailable, which means it enters your bloodstream upon consumption.

Extra oxygen in your bloodstream means extra oxygen for your mind and body. Oxygen that helps your muscles recover faster. Oxygen that gives your brain clarity. Oxygen that gives you the boost you need to face your day, beyond the benefits of hydration.


The daily recovery boost your mind and body need
When you exercise, your muscles can’t get enough oxygen. That causes lactic acid to build up, leading to muscle fatigue. Increasing the oxygen in your bloodstream with O4 helps your body break down lactic acid 2x faster.

Increasing the oxygen available to your brain helps it function more efficiently. Especially during moments of increased stress. Studies have shown additional oxygen (like O4) lets you perform at your peak by increasing focus, improving stamina and accelerating muscle recovery.


Electrolytes for hydration, not just taste
Many waters claim to have electrolytes. But you might want to check their labels. Don’t see it? Maybe that’s because the FDA determined their water had such insignificant “trace amounts” of electrolytes they weren’t allowed to list it. If you check an OXIGEN label, you’ll see electrolytes listed right there. Because OXIGEN water actually contains enough to make a difference. Refreshing, huh?





Company: Oxigen
Brand: Oxigen
Country: USA
Category: Water
Claims: 100 times the oxygen for faster recovery
Packaging: 20oz
Price: $45.36 (24 x 20oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.drinkoxigen.com











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