UK flavour box each month

November 17, 2012
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UK flavour box each month

Monthly subscription packages were a big hit in 2012, it seems like a new one was popping up each week. Some of our favorites from the past year were Quarterly Co., Samplrs and Birchbox. The principle is quite simple, they scour for the best products, you sign up and every month a new package of high quality goods is sent to your doorstep. Flavourly is following suit with its UK inspired food goodies.

Flavourly monthly UK gourmet food subscription

A monthly subscription service that delivers carefully selected ‘Flavour box’ packed full of UK produced artisan foods to your doorstep. Every month, ‘Flavour boxes’ full of the best, hard to find tasty snacks from niche independent producers throughout the UK find its way to your home and eventually your belly’s.

Flavourly, just like HeadCase Sound which we featured yesterday, donates for the betterment of others with each purchase made. Founder Ryan O’Rorke tells us: “We provide one meal to UK food banks for EVERY purchase and we provide consumers with a simple and enjoyable tasting experience while remaining profitable at the same time.”

Flavourly Flavor Box

For £22 each month Flavourly will send jam-tastic preserves to biscuits hand picked from selected independent suppliers. Each box comes with 6 to 10 gourmet delectable’s from hard to find, niche food artisans within the UK.

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