Top fitness gadgets of 2013

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Top fitness gadgets of 2013


- Basis fitness watch: Measures heart rate, activity, sleep and temperature.

- Zensorium Tinke: The iPhone accessory measures your breathing and pulse.

- Fitbit Flex: The armband notes your steps, has a a vibrating alarm and connects wirelessly to a phone.

- HAPIfork: The "smart" fork measures how fast and how much you eat with it and uploads data to a phone.

- Masimo iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter: Connects to an iPhone to measure oxygen in your blood.

- Withings Smart Activity Tracker: Records activity and a wearer's heart rate.

- BodyMedia Core 2: The small movement-sensing, temperature-gauging device can be housed in bangles for a fashionable look.

- Spree: Worn in a headband, this gadget tracks temperature, movement and heart rate.

- O-Synce ScreenEye Computer: The sun visor has a hidden head-up display beneath that shows statistics from other linked devices.

- Fitbug Orb: This button-shaped step tracker can be worn like a watch.

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