The Ki’ to gourmet Mexican salsa

April 13, 2012
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The Ki’ to gourmet Mexican salsa

The word Ki' comes from the language of the ancient Mayan civilization and is used to refer to an exquisite or delightful food. Mexican producer of fine salsas and condiments,'Ki' gourmet', have incorporated it into their brand name. According to their website, each of their products are ‘named making reference to a typical song, figure or legend of the Mexican culture, making them a matchless combination of history, flavor and tradition’.

Traditionally, salsas were made at home using passed down recipes. Although this is still common, increasingly (especially in metro areas) more women are working, and for longer hours. This combined with the rising Mexican middle class, has seen products such as those by Ki' gourmet increase in popularity. There are now an array of artisanal, high-end salsas available.

As well as respecting traditional salsa flavors, Ki' gourmet have also incorporated new flavours, such as various types of fruit, to create fusions that widen the possibilities of use. The products are made with top quality natural ingredients, and benefit from the exclusion of all conservatives, colorants and any other chemical ingredients - which is unusual in the processed food industry.

The stylised glass bottle and clean label compliment the brand’s image and positioning in the high-end market. The salsa itself is visible thanks to the glass bottle and unobtrusive labelling, it appears vibrant and inviting.

Presentation: 380ml bottle.

Price: ≈ $50-65 MXN.

Stockists: Palacio de Hierro.

For more info about Ki' gourmet and their full list of products and stockists, please see their website

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