The Innovative Claim by La Costeña: Mayonnaise with DHA

August 20, 2012
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The Innovative Claim by La Costeña: Mayonnaise with DHA


The DHA claim is almost unheard of in mayonnaise making this release from La Costeña very unusual and innovative. DHA is usual obtained from fish oil  but the addition of the omega 3 used in this product supposedly gives the mayonnaise this form of fatty acid.

Analysis and Impact:

While research into the health benefits of DHA is still relatively new and results yielded are mixed, the fatty acid currently has a number of claims. When used as a supplement, one study claims DHA can improve behavior in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There is also evidence to support the claim that DHA can slow the development of Alzheimer's disease and mental health disorders. Finally, DHA has been shown to inhibit colon carcinoma cells therefore reducing the speed of cancer growth.

La Costeña pride themselves in being the leader in Mexico for food conserves and are currently looking to expand to an international market through innovative products. It is possible this mayonnaise will become popular with health conscious vegetarians who often lack the DHA fatty acid in their diet.

Company: La Costeña.

Brand: Mayonesa con DHA.

Spotted in: Mega, Guadalajara.

Presentation: 450 grams.

Price: $32.00 MXN.

Available in: Supermarkets.

Claims: Contains DHA and added omega 3.


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