The Cheap “Expensive” Deodorant

August 2, 2012
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The Cheap “Expensive” Deodorant


Caro in Spanish means expensive. The Mexican company By Apple have released a brand of roll on deodorant called Caro that is, strangely, in fact very cheap. At only $25.00 for the 70 milliter product, this is a far lower price than the more well-known brands.

Analysis and Impact:

By Apple offers a range of cheaper than average beauty products for men and women produced in Mexico City and sold in small or independent stores. With attractive though simple packaging designs, these products are sure to appeal to those who are looking for something in a lower price range. The roll on deodorants for women come use gold and other shiny tones in their packaging for an quality look on products that are really affordable.

Company: By Apple Cosméticos.

Brand: Caro.

Spotted in: Independent store.

Presentation: 70 ml.

Price: $25.00 MXN.

Available in: Small stores.

Claims: Feel like number one.


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Product rating: 2/5 (1)

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