Technology Spotlight: Ullo – The Wine Purifier

July 18, 2016
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Technology Spotlight: Ullo – The Wine Purifier




Üllo believes that wine is best enjoyed the way the winemaker intended - pure -  without the added sulfites used as a preservative. An estimated three million Americans are sensitive to sulfites resulting in allergies or respiratory problems, while countless others blame these chemicals for headaches and hangovers. Üllo purifies red and white wines, restoring them it to their natural state.




Remove sulfites, sediment, and second thoughts.

As an added chemical preservative, sulfites are necessary for wine to be properly bottled and stored but are no longer needed once you open the bottle.

Üllo uses Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology to remove sulfites, while allowing the other compounds in the wine to flow through unaffected. Each Üllo filter purifies one bottle of wine (750ml) and is comprised of a food grade, super porous polymer.

As an added benefit, sediment is captured in the filtering process ensuring your last sip is as pure as your first.





Does it change the taste? 

Sulfites have a distinctly bitter taste that is often noticeable when present at high levels in wine. While taste is subjective, many tasters describe this as a sharp, chemical taste that lingers in the finish. Preliminary taste tests show a majority of tasters notice a favorable difference, with 3 out of 4 preferring the Üllo purified wine. Most tasters describe Üllo-purified wine as "smoother" or "less harsh" than wine straight from the bottle.


To air, or not to air?

Because some wines prefer to be aerated, Üllo can purify and aerate wine in the same pour. With a simple twist, you can opt to aerate your wine if desired. The purified wine flows through Üllo in a visually appealing helical shape, allowing the wine to breathe.



By the glass, or by the bottle.

Sometimes a single glass of wine is all you need. Other times, you want to enjoy the whole bottle. The Üllo purifier works comfortably on top of a variety of wine glasses, as well as the beautifully crafted Üllo carafe and decanter.



Carafe and Decanter

Designed to fit perfectly with Üllo, the decanter and carafe's elegant shapes make it easy to serve your favorite bottle of wine. Each is made from crystal clear, hand-blown borosilicate glass.




Üllo's matching silicone base can be used to capture any unruly drips after serving. When not in use, the base is a beautiful way to store or showcase Üllo.



Design by MINIMAL

To bring the science of Üllo to life, founder James Kornacki partnered with award-winning product development and brand incubation firm, MINIMAL. A multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, and strategists (and of course, wine lovers), worked together to ensure that every part of the brand, the product and the experience were carefully considered.

MINIMAL set out to design and engineer an inclusive line of products that appeal to everyone from the casual wine drinker to the trained sommelier. The design and product architecture should allow wine drinkers to purify and aerate an individual glass or an entire bottle through the filter without disrupting the mood or atmosphere of the experience.

The team focused on creating a beautiful, intuitive, and high quality product with the fewest amount of parts possible. The result is stunning glassware and a dishwasher safe module that easily snaps apart for filter replacement and effortless cleaning.


Wine made pure.

Üllo returns wine to its natural state, as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard. It was created be a simple and delightful experience that celebrates and enhances the ritual of wine drinking.



Risks and challenges

We have already raised $200k in angel funds to date, all of which has been devoted to the scientific research, product design, engineering, testing, branding, PR and business development for Üllo.

As Üllo is a completely new concept in the wine industry, we wanted to validate the idea via crowdfunding. We launched on Kickstarter and raised over $150,000 in thirty days, making Üllo the highest grossing wine-related project to date.

Continuing our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has allowed us to further invest in the tooling and development of Üllo to fulfill our initial production run, as well as scale up production and finalize logistics with our manufacturing and fulfillment partners.

Our team also benefits from deep relationships via MINIMAL's design and manufacturing partners, as well as through a strong network within Northwestern University and MATTER, a health technology co-working space in downtown Chicago where Üllo is currently located.

While we are very confident that we will begin delivering products in June 2016, no new product or invention comes without some unexpected challenges. Those may include delays in the development process, which might ultimately setback our timeline.

We promise to be fully transparent throughout the entire process and are committed to providing regular, detailed updates to all of our supporters.

We remind all who support this campaign that Indiegogo is not a store, but rather a place to invest in the development and execution of new ideas.

Thank you for supporting Üllo and for being a part of bringing this product to life!


Visit their crowdfunding page



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