Technology Spotlight: Oomph Portable Coffee Maker

July 13, 2016
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Technology Spotlight: Oomph Portable Coffee Maker



The Oomph is the worlds fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup: Pressure brewing the perfect coffee in under 2 minutes! 

Elegant in design, The Oomph pressure brews the perfect coffee at home; in the office or when out and about travelling.


Oomph Portable Coffee Maker Pre-Sale


Created by a desire to always have an amazing cup of coffee, The Oomph is a simple to use coffee maker insulated by an air barrier that keeps your freshly brewed coffee at the perfect temperature. It uses your movement to stir – ensuring for a great cup of coffee from the first to the last sip.





 1. Add coffee. The Oomph has an internal marker indicating the perfect amount of coffee to use. We found the perfect amount to be between 25 and 28 grams of coffee. We have tested with all kinds of grinds (eg; espresso, cafetiere and omni) - and they all produce a wonderfully smooth cup of coffee!

2. Add hot water. Simply fill the Oomph with hot water and wait for a few seconds. A fill line indicates how much water to use. If you'd like a smaller or stronger coffee simply use less water.

3. Add pressure. Pressing down the outer shell of the Oomph forces pressurized water through the ground coffee; the perfectly brewed coffee then travels up the exterior walls and back into the internal chamber, resulting in an incredibly smooth and rich coffee. (This process also stirs the coffee)


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Once brewed you can pour the coffee into a cup or grab your bag and keys and take The Oomph right out the door with you!


The Oomph is way more than just a just a fancy Cafetiere and (unlike a french press) pressure brews the coffee - resulting in a deliciously smooth and rich coffee. We have performed numerous tests against several coffee devices with the Oomph coming out on top. See below where we've pitched the Oomph against the French Press.




The Oomph can hold upto 13fl oz (around 380ml) of brewed coffee within the internal chamber. For this amount of delicious coffee we suggest between 25g and 28g of freshly ground coffee. The Oomph has been designed with an internal line so you don’t need a measuring spoon or scale.



Want to Add Sugar and Milk? We’ve got that covered too. Once you’ve plunged fully, you can unscrew the lid and add your milk & sugar. Screw the cap back on and enjoy your cup of coffee.



Super Quick to Clean. We’ve designed The Oomph to take a matter of seconds to clean and be ready for reuse. Remove the shell, tap out the grinds and add a small amount of water. Return the shell and plunge up and down for around 20 seconds and pour out the water. You are now ready to brew again.





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