Tech Spotlight: PINCHme – First Free ‘Sample-Box’ Site Launches Today

November 12, 2013
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Tech Spotlight: PINCHme – First Free ‘Sample-Box’ Site Launches Today


New York, NY (November 12, 2013) – A revolutionary digital platform is hitting the U.S. that will give Americans the chance to try products for free. The only catch? Consumers simply have to let brands know what they think about their products. Launching today, PINCHme ( is the first-ever product sampling site that allows consumers to choose samples from some of the world’s leading brands for free in exchange for their feedback. For its U.S. debut, PINCHme has signed a diverse range of America’s favorite brands including Pantene, Rimmel, Special K and Gevalia, that are offering consumers their newest and most popular products to sample.

Unlike others in the sample-box category, PINCHme puts the power in the hands of the consumer by allowing them to choose which products they want to try on a bi-weekly basis at no cost. Consumers can sign-up for free and become PINCHme members at



· Members sign-up and build their profile

· Members are offered a selection of leading products for free

· Members can sample up to 1/3 of the products that are offered at a time (again, for free)

· Once delivered, members simply provide feedback via a mini survey within 30 days

· Members can share with others via social media. If they love a product, they can conveniently purchase products through the “Buy Now” feature, which redirects them to retailers where the products are sold

Through the PINCHme platform, brands can develop more strategic, “smart” sampling programs that target the right demographic, build mass awareness on new products and facilitate/track purchase conversion. In addition, the PINCHme “Buy Now” feature creates a benefit for retailers as it redirects members who wish to purchase products they’ve sampled directly to retailer sites.

PINCHme was founded in July 2012, in Australia, and has since achieved much success partnering with more than 50 CPG brands and attracting more than 500,000 members. The company is part-owned by New York’s leading creative agency, Droga5, and several Australian families, as well as senior management of PINCHme, led by founder and Executive Chairman, Jeremy Reid.

“With the explosion of social media and mobile technology, consumer behavior has changed significantly. Therefore, there has been a massive shift in the way leading brands are interacting with their consumers,” said Jeremy Reid, founder of PINCHme.

“PINCHme is leading this transformation with an innovative digital platform, where consumers now have the power to try leading brands, in exchange for their insights. Imagine that – people can try products for free and tell the companies that make them what they think. For the first time, brands can speak directly to their consumers and get their product insights in real time. It’s a powerful analytical tool that promotes better understanding of consumers’ needs and ultimately helps brands grow product sales,” he added.

Other key aspects of PINCHme’s platform include:

· PINCHme promises to surprise – giving consumers products that are relevant to them, that they have never tried, tasted or touched before; and rewarding them for their natural, social behavior.

· PINCHme members will be invited to join the Pinching Rewards Program, allowing members to earn Pinching Points for claiming products, completing feedback, sharing and liking products on social media and referring friends to the PINCHme site.

· Rewards… and more rewards -- PINCHme will reward the monthly top five members with grocery vouchers for those who earn the most Pinching Points.

· PINCHme provides brands a direct line to relevant potential consumers, delivering efficient, clear data reporting.

· PINCHme is a new way to engage with consumers.


About PINCHme

PINCHme ( is an innovative digital marketing platform that allows members to sample products in exchange for their feedback, giving consumer brands the opportunity to increase sales by delivering mass awareness, targeted trial and valuable insights. For more information, please visit




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