Tech Spotlight: Leftover Swap App

August 22, 2013
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Tech Spotlight: Leftover Swap App

For Leftover Takers
You're hungry. And cheap. We understand.

You also care about reducing waste, eating locally, and want to build relationships within your community. We also understand those things.

Simply fire up LeftoverSwap, view the available leftovers around you, make your selection, and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Your cheap, local, and community-oriented meal is waiting.

For leftover givers
You're stuffed. You can't take another bite, but there's so much left on your plate.

You hate the idea of throwing out food, but also don't want to be eating the same leftovers for the next few days. We understand. You want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and fertilizer as well. We also understand that.

Snap a picture of what you can't eat, name it, and share the rest of your meal. Your neighbors are hungry.


40% of the food we produce goes to waste.
25% of us don't know our neighbors' names.
70% of us are overweight.
16% of Americans lack enough food for a healthy lifestyle.
99% of us don't need a second helping of the beef lo mein.

LeftoverSwap solves all of these problems.

LeftoverSwappers don't feel the need to eat an enormous restaurant portion, and instead pass it on to a hungrier neighbor, in turn learning their name and avoiding excess calories. Through increasing the efficiency of each plot of land dedicated to food production, we can reduce our intensive use of natural resources, and reduce our expansion into sensitive environmental areas.

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