Tech Spotlight: Glance Clock: A Smart Clock That Syncs With Your Smartphone

September 18, 2016
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Tech Spotlight: Glance Clock: A Smart Clock That Syncs With Your Smartphone


Launched on Indiegogo today, Glance Clock displays your important info from calendar events and incoming calls to arriving Ubers


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Launching today on Indiegogo, Glance Clock is a minimally designed smart clock that displays your most important information at a glance. Sync your smartphone with the Glance Clock iOS and Android apps, and the clock's backlit LED display reminds you of important events, shows incoming calls, and updates daily progress from fitness trackers and smart home devices; Integration with Amazon Echo provides voice control. Glance Clock is available for a discounted price of $149 USD during the campaign, with the first 200 available for $99.

"We're constantly fiddling in our pockets for phones or looking at smart watches for instant updates," said Anton Zriashchev, CEO and founder of Glance Clock. "But Glance Clock offers an easier, subtler, and more aesthetically pleasing solution to knowing exactly what's happening in our lives. Simply glance at the clock for all your important info and ditch the distraction of constantly pulling out your smartphone."

With a simple and elegant design, Glance Clock displays smartphone-synced information in a combination of brightly colored arcs and text on a traditional clock face. Using the free app, you choose which updates you want to see on the backlit LED display - from incoming calls and messages, to daily schedule, calendar notifications, weather forecast, and current traffic - all at a glance. Additionally, Glance Clock shows you when Uber is arriving, and an open API enables developers to utilize the clock in creative ways.

Updates are displayed for about 30 seconds, and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-6 months (or plug it in for limitless glancing). Great for home or office, it'll sell for $149 on Indiegogo starting today before increasing to $199 when the campaign completes. The first 200 clocks will be available for $99. The Glance Clock Indiegogo is now live here:

Press kit available here


About Glance Clock
Launching in mid September on Indiegogo, Glance Clock is a minimalistically designed smart clock that displays important information at a glance. Integrating with a free iOS and Android app, it displays upcoming events, incoming calls, weather reports, and more via a backlit LED screen. Ideal for home or office, Glance Clock is an aesthetically functional alternative to the constant smartphone checking becoming ever-prevalent in modern society.








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