Tech Spotlight: FloWater Advanced Hydration

February 14, 2016
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Tech Spotlight: FloWater Advanced Hydration



At FloWater, we’re changing the way people drink water.

Using the newest technology in reusable water bottle Refill Stations, we’re delivering a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. It’s the purest, most hydrating water on the planet, delivered into your reusable bottle.


Revolutionizing the kind of water people drink while eliminating plastic bottle waste.








FloWater was created in response to growing national demand for purified, premium water that would become an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Something that would taste better, would hydrate more effectively and would be more cost efficient than the most premium bottled water brands, and something that would make the single-use plastic water bottle a thing of the past.

Consumers fell in love with FloWater’s 7x purified, advanced hydration, delivered through a fast-filling, chilled water Refill Station. FloWater delights users (and anyone who drinks water!) by providing a superior option for hydration without adding to the number of plastic bottles piling up in our ecosystem.

Today, FloWater is a rapidly growing company that’s hydrating some of the fittest athletes and highest performing organizations in the United States, while we save millions of plastic water bottles from the environment.





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