Tech Spotlight: FLIP2BFIT® Kid’s Fun Fitness Board Games

July 20, 2015
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Tech Spotlight: FLIP2BFIT® Kid’s Fun Fitness Board Games



Welcome to Flip2BFit Fitness Board Games

A new and exciting way to jump, stretch and twist your way  to a healthier happier lifestyle!!! Flip2BFit® the exciting new kid’s fitness board game where you compete, build team spirit and individual goals while stretching, jumping and twisting your way to Springers’ Park!!!  Looking for an easy, interactive way to teach your children about healthy eating options? With Flip2BFit you can increase their physical fitness levels without them even knowing it! Whether you’re building strength, increasing cardio or stretching out to a few yoga poses, you will find Flip2BFit® the most fun you’ve had playing a fitness board game.  Working to prevent childhood obesity one exercise at a time Flip2BFit is this generations answer to Fitness made Fun!




About the company:
Flip2BFit was born out of my resilience, determination, dedication and desire to live a healthy lifestyle and share that knowledge with kids and their families. Flip2BFit motivates and inspires EVERYONE to live a Healthy Lifestyle through connecting them to Yoga, Cardio, Stretching and Strength activities that they can enjoy and do where ever they are. Flip2BFit encourages healthy food choices and brings a platform to Schools, Family Living rooms and backyards around the country for everyone to enjoy Flipping Twisting and Stretching their way to a Healthier Lifestyle!

Heather is the creator of the best-selling Flip2BFit board game, the only fitness board game on the market that gets you up moving and developing self esteem, confidence, leadership skills and learning about fitness and nutrition all while moving around a game board. The incorporates yoga, cardio, stretching and strength activities and has been winning gamer awards for children  as the top fitness board game they can play with friends/family. Heather is also the founder of the Fitness For Africa organization that provides Education Scholarships to vulnerable families across Africa. Read More




Company: Flip2BFit Inc.
Brand: Flip2BFit
Origin: USA
Category: kid’s fitness board games
Claims: increases physical fitness levels
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online







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