Tea Spotlight: The Matcha Source “WhiskIt” Kit

July 7, 2015
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Tea Spotlight: The Matcha Source “WhiskIt” Kit


This kit includes the single most essential utensil for preparing delicious frothy matcha tea - a bamboo whisk. A simple set that makes an excellent introduction to matcha tea or a thoughtful gift for the tea lover in your life,  the WhiskIt Kit includes:


  • Organic Morning Matcha
  • bamboo whisk
  • celadon whisk holder
  • re-order coupon and beautifully illustrated how-to guide



The Essential Matcha Tea Utensils


  • We suggest adding a sifter because without it, no matter how much you whisk, your matcha will be clumpy.
  • The bamboo whisk (chasen), invented centuries ago, is uniquely suited for creating a frothy beverage.
  • The bamboo tea scoop (chashaku) is perfect for measuring out matcha powder and scooping tea out of a round tin.
  • And for the same reason, we drink wine in stemware, the matcha bowl (chawan) is the best vessel for observing and celebrating the taste, aroma and color of your matcha tea.



About the company

Matcha Source LLC is an online retailer of premium matcha tea and specialty utensils for preparing and enjoying matcha. We service retailers, food establishments, individuals and taste-forward kitchens throughout the United States and beyond. We founded Matcha Source LLC because we wanted to share the unique aroma, flavor and experience of matcha with the tea drinking community.


At Matcha Source LLC we aspire to:
* Promote the health and well-being of our customers
* Cultivate appreciation for the beauty of matcha
* Introduce centuries-old traditions of making matcha while encouraging modern interpretations for enjoying matcha
* Make this sought-after product from Japan accessible to matcha lovers everywhere
* Offer resources for educational information about the health benefits and production of matcha
* Create a space for the matcha community to share their matcha experiences and recipes



Company: Matcha Source
Brand:  The Matcha Source "WhiskIt" Kit
Slogan:  Matcha Source
Origin:  US
Category:  Tea
Packaging: Matcha & Whisk Set
Claims: Bamboo whisk, essential utensil for preparing delicious frothy matcha tea
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $59.00 w/ Morning Matcha, $59.00 w/ Sugar Destroyer, $72.00 w/ Kama Matcha
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://matchasource.com/



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