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Product Spotlight: Zipfer Orange Radler with Lemongrass

 Zipfer from Austria offers a line of amazing beers which now consists of two Radler products. An Orange variety and a Lime Variety.

The blend consists of Zipfer beer, real orange juice and fresh lemongrass. The alcohol content is only two percent, there are no artificial sweeteners used. This tastes of oranges Zipfer cyclists with lemongrass less sweet and fruity course.

A Radler beer is a mix of  lemonade (carbonated) with beer that is on average a 50/50 mix of each.  This beverage is considered highly refreshing, has much less calories than regular beers and offers a wider range of flavors.  While the Radler trend is over 90 years old originating in the mountains of Bavaria it is still a relatively unknown product outside of Europe.  Part of a much larger global trend highlighted by an increased emphasis on health, Radler style beers have all of the ingredients to make it a household name over the next 3 years.

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Company: Zipfer
Brand: Radler
Category:  Beer
Origin: Austria
Packaging: 330ml, 500ml
Varieties: Lime, Orange
Alcohol Volume: 2%
Website: zipfer.at


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