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Drink Spotlight: DRY Zero Sugar Organic Sodas



NEW Zero Sugar, USDA Organic Sodas

DRY Zero Sugar sodas are bubbly and flavorful, but without any artificial sweeteners or added color. A refreshingly new take on sugar free sodas!





Our delicious organic Cola is bold, fun and full of flavor, like a great Friday night. Combines organic cola flavor and a blend of spice for a refreshing taste experience. Party on taste buds, party on.


carbonated water, organic erythritol, organic flavor, organic lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, organic stevia leaf extract (Reb A), organic caffeine.

Contains 45 mg caffeine per 12 fl oz


Nutrition Per 12oz Serving:
calories 10
total fat 0g
sugars 0g
sodium 0mg
carbohydrates 2g






One sip of our easy-going, organic Peach Tea flavored soda and you’ll be wishing for a porch swing, and quite possibly a banjo. Fabulous black tea essence meets sweet peach flavor, creating a distinctively new flavor of soda.


carbonated water, organic erythritol, organic tea essence, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic flavor, organic stevia leaf extract (Reb A), organic caffeine.

Contains 45 mg caffeine per 12 fl oz


Nutrition Per 12oz Serving:
calories 0
total fat 0g
sugars 0g
sodium 0mg
carbohydrates 0g






Our organic Mountain Berry flavored soda was inspired by a beautiful piece of mountain berry pie and our favorite blend of berries. It’s perfect anytime you want to tell sugar to take a hike.


Nutrition Per 12oz Serving:
calories 10
total fat 0g
sugars 0g
sodium 0mg
carbohydrates 2g


carbonated water, organic erythritol, organic flavors, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic stevia leaf extract (Reb A).






Our luscious, organic Island Fruit flavored soda bubbles with the refreshing flavors of all your favorite tropical fruits. Vacation vibes enclosed.


Nutrition Per 12oz Serving:
calories 10
total fat 0g
sugars 0g
sodium 0mg
carbohydrates 2g


carbonated water, organic erythritol, organic flavors, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic stevia leaf extract (Reb A).




About the company

I’ve always had a passion for the culinary world and enjoyed making the most out of each part of a meal—the beverage included.
So when I had four children, I wasn’t going to let a lack of wine or cocktails stop me from having a great beverage. Working with some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading chefs, I discovered how to use unique flavor notes to create sparkling beverages that are simple and unexpectedly palate pleasing. In 2005, I launched DRY Soda Company. Read More



Company: DRY Soda Co.
Brand: DRY Soda
Slogan: Organic Soda
Origin: USA
Category: Soda
Packaging: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Claims: Organic. Naturally Flavored. Zero Sugar
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: View Range Here





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Drink Spotlight: Virgil’s Zero Sugar Root Beer



Virgil’s is a perfectly balanced natural blend of 15 roots and spices. Dare we say, it has character and a personality unlike any other in the world. Rich, creamy, complex yet smooth.


Ingredients: Sparkling Filtered Water, Proprietary Natural Sweetener Blend (Erythritol, Stevia, Monk Fruit), Natural Flavors, Citric Acid For Flavor





About the company

Great drinks don’t need fake ingredients. Virgil’s is all-natural. We obsess over the recipe and the process. We don’t use any preservatives, any artificial colors, or any GMO-sourced ingredients. Great taste without the chemicals. Plain and simple. A delicious, handcrafted, all-natural refreshment.

Drink Smart, Drink Well, Drink Virgil’s. Read More



Company: Virgil's
Brand: Virgil's
Origin: USA
Category: All Natural. Zero Sugar. Handcrafted
Packaging: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Claims: All Natural. Handcrafted. Zero Sugar.
Variants: View Product Range Here
Where to Buy: Product Locator





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brite water feat1

Company Spotlight: BriteWater




One brite choice…leads to another. britewater® is the clear alternative to sodas and other sugary beverages. Each bottle of britewater® is infused with a touch of natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract and charged with electrolytes for a smooth, refreshing taste. With the perfect balance of natural energy; britewater® can be enjoyed throughout your busy day...or night, without knocking you out of your chair. Crisp, clean water that goes beyond anything you have had before. Your life doesn't slow down, so why should your water?



It all starts with crisp, clean, purified water.

Charged with electrolytes for a smooth and refreshing taste.

Balanced with a touch of natural energy from green coffee bean extract.

Zero sugars, calories and preservatives.




  • Zero Sugars
  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Preservatives
  • pH balanced from (7) neutral to (7+) slightly alkaline
  • Infused with natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract
  • The healthy and clean alternative to sodas and other sugary beverages
  • With the perfect balance of natural energy; britewater® can be enjoyed throughout the day




Our committed pursuit of perfection and dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles for all is the fuel that drives our mission: To bring you the healthiest choice in what you drink, formulated with the highest standards of quality.




Our natural caffeine is derived from green coffee beans....but don't be worried when we say the word "caffeine." britewater® has just the right amount of natural caffeine so it can be enjoyed throughout your busy day or night without knocking you out of your chair.
Think of it as your favorite bottle of electrolyte water that has just been kissed with a little bit of natural caffeine. Clear, pure and simple; only britewater gives you the perfect balance of energy infused hydration®. Your life doesn't slow down, so why should your water?




Stay up to date with additional retailers and locations where britewater® can be found across the country by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Look for britewater in your local natural markets and also on Amazon.com! We are constantly adding new retail locations in order to make britewater available for everyone.



Company: Brite Water
Brand: Brite Water
Origin: US
Category: Water
Packaging: 960ml
Claims: Contains natural caffeine, zero calories, zero preservatives and zero sugar.
Variants: View product range here
Price: 12-pack $29.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.britewater.com/





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xyience feat 1

Drink Spotlight: Xyience Frostberry Blast Energy Drink





About the company

XYIENCE (pronounced zi-ence) is the original great tasting, zero calorie energy drink that gives you the #PowerTo

To provide you with clean, sustainable energy in order to reach your fitness and athletic goals, whatever your passion is.



Company: Xyience
Brand: Frostberry Blast Energy Drink
Slogan: Xyience
Origin: US
Category: Energy
Packaging: 473ml
Claims: Zero calories, zero sugar, all natural.
Variants: View product range here
Price: 12-pack $21.50
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.xyience.com/



xyience 1



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perfect clear feat

Drink Spotlight: Perfectly Clear Sparkling Range


Keep your favourite Perfectly Clear at home. All the best flavours in a convenient share size bottle.

The Perfectly Clear 1.5 Litre range comes in both STILL and SPARKLING variants and a wide range of flavours so there is a perfect choice for everyone.

Demand for flavoured water is growing fast and we believe that Perfectly Clear offers the best quality and value product available AND in the right combination of bottle sizes.
All Perfectly Clear 1.5L bottles are made with natural flavours and ZERO SUGAR so that you know those you share your Perfectly Clear with are managing their sugar intake as well.



About the company

Perfectly Clear flavoured water was the brand that created a new sector of drinks refreshment in the UK 20 years ago. As one of the very first of its kind, Perfectly Clear set the standard for flavoured water, and still provides an industry benchmark to this day.

Perfectly Clear is bottled at source from pure spring water and is cleverly blended with natural fruit flavours. These flavours are chosen carefully so you can taste and smell the fruit experience; no guessing, no mystery… Just great flavour refreshment.

All Perfectly Clear products are sugar free. With growing concern about sugar levels in drinks, Perfectly Clear and zero sugar is the perfect combination for modern living



Company: Perfectly Clear
Brand:  Sparkling Range
Slogan:  Perfectly Clear
Origin:  US
Category:  Water
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Still and sparkling variants, natural flavors, zero sugar
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy:  US
Website: http://perfectlyclear.com/



perfect clear


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Drink Spotlight: Stur Drinks Strawberry Watermelon Liquid Water Enchancers

This Stur 5-Pack contains 5 bottles of simply Strawberry Watermelon - a mouthwatering and naturally sweetened blend of juicy strawberries and watermelon! It just tastes natural, not chemical or processed. Add Stur to your tap water, bottled water, Sodastream/ sparkling water, even cocktails. This 5-Pack MAKES 100 8OZ. DRINKS for a fraction of the price you'd pay for bottled drinks (such as vitamin-infused waters). This is a special offer, not available in grocery stores. Stur was made by a husband for his wife and twins - and our brand is about doing something good for your family.

----- We add 5 simple ingredients to water: Natural Flavor, Natural Stevia Extract, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Vegetable Juice. Our Natural fruit flavors are derived from real fruit. Our Natural stevia leaf extract is steeped using gently heated water - we do not use methanol! Our Vegetable Juice is added at trace levels to give color to Stur (so you know how much you're adding), and is either beet or carrot concentrate. Stur is also certified Kosher by ok.org. There are NO ARTIFICIAL or Genetically-Modified ingredients in Stur (NO aspartame, NO sucralose, NO acesulfame potassium, NO red/ yellow/ blue dyes, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives)!

HEALTHY - 0 SUGAR, 0 CALORIES, 100% VITAMIN C per serving! ----- We made Stur this way to help our customers, who range from pregnant women (like our founder's wife was at the time), to parents of kids looking to avoid sugary sodas and juices, to diabetics managing blood sugar levels, to people of all ages looking to be healthier. Stur can help you DRINK 8+ GLASSES OF WATER A DAY - as encouraged by most weight management programs, including the Celebrity-Water Diet and DrinkUp campaign. And along with that, Stur gives you a healthy boost of 100% Vitamin C in your delicious drink!

CONVENIENT ----- Each 1.4oz bottle of Stur contains 20 servings and is designed to be PORTABLE and used on-the-go. Just throw your Stur bottle in your purse or pocket - it is just as easy to use at home, at the office, and at the gym. No need to refrigerate! And with Stur's new fliptop cap, you can CONTROL how little or how much flavor you add. So if you like a lighter water flavoring, just add a little - and if you're feeling like a sweeter drink, you can just add more. Stur's unique bottle is actually shaped like real fruit to represent the natural ingredients we put inside of it. To use it, just point down and squeeze in water (one squeeze per serving) - it will BLEND INSTANTLY (no stirring required, despite our name ;). Furthermore, Stur helps reduce environmental waste (each bottle of Stur can replace the waste of 20 8oz. plastic bottles of flavored drinks you might buy instead).

. ----- Our reviews speak for themselves. In formulating Stur, we went through 135 different iterations to perfect the natural taste and remove unwanted "stevia aftertaste." Our customers have a deep influence on developing and improving our products because our goal is to help families, just as our founder did for his wife and twins. We'd love for you to become a customer - but if you try Stur and don't enjoy it, we'll happily refund your purchase. **Family Business, Happiness Guaranteed**

 About the Company
Stur was born while my wife was pregnant with our twin girls.
The doctor had recommended she drink 8-10 glasses of water a day - but like most Americans, she wasn't drinking even half of that! And she was getting dehydrated. So to help her, I started looking for healthy ways to flavor her water. I went to the store and searched the drink mixes, but found that they were all made with artificial chemicals that we didn't feel comfortable putting in my wife's body. Finally we started making them ourselves, using real fruit and stevia extracts. It took us over a year and hundreds of different combinations to land upon a blend that tasted better than most bottled sugary drinks! Read More


Company: DYLA LLC
Brand: Stur Drinks
Origin: USA
Category: Drink Mix
Packaging: 1.4fl oz (41ml)
Claims: Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Non GMO
Variants: Strawberry Watermelon, Orange Mango, Pomegranate Cherry,  Tea & Lemon, Fruit Punch
Price: $19.95 (5 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: sturdrinks.com







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Food Review: ISIS Zero Sugar Hazelnut Spread


ISIS Hazelnut Spread is a delicious, creamy combination of roasted hazelnut and cocoa. No sugar is added which results in a 88% reduction of sugars compared to traditional hazelnut spreads. Enjoy on a piece of wholemeal bread for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon.



Hazelnut Spread. Contains sweeteners. No added sugar, but with a natural content of sugar deriving from the ingredients.


Ingredients : Vegetable fat (rape seed oil, palm oil), dietary fibres (inulin, oligofructose, 13% hazelnuts, sweeteners (erythritol 9,5%, steviol glycosides), 7% fat reduced cocoa powder, skim milk powder, emulsifier (lecithin (from sunflower)), natural flavourings.




About the Company
ISIS is the leading company in Denmark when it comes to sweets with no added sugar. We produce ice cream, cookies, boiled sweets, chocolate, protein bars, jams etc.

All our products are low in fat and have no added sugar - and they can therefore be categorised as light products, but without compromising on taste. It is this unique combination that has brought us to where we are today.

It ought to be easy to choose an alternative when you want to avoid or cut back on sugar and fat. That's our mission in life.






Company: ISIS
Brand: ISIS
Origin:  Denmark
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 250g
Claims: Zero Sugar
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Denmark
Website: isis.dk


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Product Spotlight: Oshee Zero Vitamin Drink


Zero sugar, zero calories, zero compromise-best describes the unique characteristics of an OSHEE ZERO. This beverage was created for people who want to stay fit and are engaged in physical activity.

During exercise, human body not only loses water, but also important for health vitamins. OSHEE sports drink, through a specially designed formula, not only effectively quenches thirst, but also supplements the deficiencies of B vitamins while not completing calories lost during physical activity. Reach for OSHEE and feel fresh.


The OSHEE Company is a team of professionals who treat work with passion and customer satisfaction is the main goal of company’s development. Our team is varied – as varied as the world that surrounds us – it is formed by people with years of experience in managerial positions in big FMCG corporations and by young people who begin their professional careers. As a young team we put on the great product which meets expec¬tations of most demanding customers. We carefully select the range of our products and focus on high quality and a unique design. As the enthusiasts of modern trends, we always offer new ideas whose boundaries are set by imagination. Our products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as traditional stores. We respect the fact that people are diverse and have different needs, therefore we would like for our products to be available at every possible place where they may be found by our customers, another words – everywhere. We cooperate with key distributors on the food market. We would like to thank our customers for their trust – thanks to them we are the Polish leader in the Isotonic drinks category and our shares have the highest growth rate.

As a Polish market leader in the isotonic sports drinks category, we feel compelled to expand into international markets. Currently we are present in 12 countries on three continents, but this is just the beginning of our journey.



Company: Oshee
Brand: Oshee
Category: Vitamin Drink
Origin: Poland
Packaging: 750ml Pet
Claims: Zero Sugar, Zero Calories
Variants: Lemon, Multifruit
Website: oshee.eu





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Product Spotlight: Skinny Water pH



Inspired by the alkaline diet favored by celebrities, medical practitioners and a health-conscious generation, Skinny Water pH+ is infused with minerals to keep the body balanced. Rich in magnesium, zinc and potassium found in fruits and vegetables, an alkaline diet is believed to greatly benefit overall well-being –– from higher energy levels to clearer skin, increased metabolism, mental clarity and immunity. Keeping the body alkaline may also help promote weight loss. And because the human body is about 60% water, drinking high pH water helps balance the body's chemistry, encouraging optimal health.

Product Features
The creators of Skinny Water, a zero-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-sodium and zero-preservative enhanced water with key electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins.


Company:  Skinny Water
Brand: Skinny Water
Slogan: Great Taste, Zero Guilt
Category:  Water
Origin: USA
Packaging: 1 liter bottle
Claims: Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar, Zero Sodium, Zero Preservatives
Varieties: Acai Grape Blueberry, Raspberry Pomegranate, Orange Cranberry Tangerine, Lemonade Passionfruit, Pink Citrus Berry, Goji Black Cherry
Website: Skinnywater.com



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Product Spotlight: Stur Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie Water Enhancer


STUR is a liquid water enhancer with 0 sugar, 0 calories, 7 essential vitamins, and NATURAL sweeteners, flavors and colors! Available in three flavors, Orange Mango, Wild Strawberry, and Lemonade, STUR enables people to create their own customized 8 oz. drinks, with as little or as much flavor as they want. STUR contains only NATURAL stevia leaf extract. Contains a blend of essential vitamins, including A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12 and B. STUR only comes in our unique 2 oz. Angled Fruit bottle, with 10-15 8 oz. servings per bottle.


Company: Dyla LLC
Brand: Stur
Slogan: Squeeze to flavor your drink
Category: Concentrates and Drink Mixes
Origin: USA
Packaging: 1.7fl oz (50ml)
Claims: Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie, Vitamin Enriched, Natural Flavors, Sweetened with Stevia
Varieties: Orange Mango, Wild Strawberry, Lemonade
Price: $19.95 for six bottles
Website: sturdrinks.com



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