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Dairy Spotlight: Yodelay Swiss Yogurt




Hardly a universal greeting. But in Switzerland, it means “hello.”

And since you’re here to learn more about Yodelay, the authentic Swiss yogurt that just happens to be made here in Wisconsin, we thought it was an appropriate way to introduce ourselves.


So Wilkommen!

If you’re looking for yogurt that’s a little out of the ordinary, congratulations. You’ve found Yodelay.


What’s Swiss yogurt, you ask?

Maybe we should start by telling you what it isn’t. Swiss yogurt – at least the way we make it here in Wisconsin – isn’t filled with artificial flavors, preservatives or stabilizers that don’t belong there. Which leads us to what it is: A little smoother. A little creamier. And a lot more delicious. Learn More



The Story of Yodelay
Searching in vain for a yogurt with the taste he remembered as a young boy visiting Switzerland, world-renowned chocolatier Markus Candinas finally decided to fill the void here in America by making his own. Thanks, Markus. It’s about time. Learn More


Craft Yogurt: Is There Such a Thing?
Not according to Google. (You will, however, get plenty of hits for Kraft Yogurt). And yet, Yodelay's approach to making exceptional yogurt owes a lot to the 'Maker Movement' that's done so much for beer, soap, make-up and more. At its core is an artisan mindset that stems from our commitment to creating something special.


Ingredients: It's all Good
Yodelay is a natural blend of locally-sourced milk and imported traditions that come together to create a yogurt that’s not quite like any you’ve ever had. We can chronicle what we put into each cup…but the taste defies description.


Too fruity? No such thing.
Perhaps the first thing that stands out about Yodelay is the fruit: Plump, fresh, and picked at the peak of ripeness. You’ll notice it with your very first spoonful because we don’t puree it into smithereens.
Instead, we give your taste buds plenty of nice big chunks fruity flavor to wrestle with
Our Brown Swiss cows are descended from the same stock as those you see dotting the Alps today. Yet they’re right here, in the rolling hills of Wisconsin.


Milk from Brown Swiss milk has exceptional protein that creates an ideal flavor and texture. It makes yogurt with a taste that really sings.
(Well, yodels, actually.)





Company: Yodelay
Brand: Yodelay
Origin: USA
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 6oz
Claims: Reduced Fat
Variants: Blueberry, Peach-Raspberry, Pineapple, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Strawberry and Tart Cherry.
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: yodelayyogurt.com









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