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Supplement Spotlight: Supplement Powerhouse, Best Life Herbals, Introduces First All-Natural Pill for Women That Restores a Natural, Healthy Sex-Drive





Sexual health supplements are not just for men anymore. Hello, Sensual?

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla., Jan. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Time has robbed thousands of women of the joys of intimacy. The intimacy once relished almost becomes a chore. One shared with a partner less and less often. Trusted supplement company, Best Life Herbals, has a solution to getting your drive back, ladies. Introducing Sensualé.

Sensualé combines tested and proved herbs to boost desire, pleasure, and satisfaction. Its secret is restoring key sexual triggers that often fade with age. The cells lining the blood vessels use L-arginine to produce nitric oxide – N.O. N.O. relaxes blood vessels, making them more open and flexible. In this state, they can deliver more blood right to where you need it.

And since N.O. has a very short "shelf life," you need plenty of L-arginine to ensure a steady supply. So, you can achieve arousal quickly and easily… every time. To enhance blood flow, Sensualé also delivers 1,000 mg of epimedium. Herbalists in the Far East have used epimedium for centuries. It's often their go-to solution for sexual enhancement. And modern studies show it's a good choice.

Sensualé is made up of several all-natural ingredients that also include maca root and potent herb, muira puama, which can help boost desire, satisfaction and even orgasmic function in women.

Best Life Herbals Founder, Marc Spivack reports, "Women have been left out of the loop when it comes to sexual health supplements. There is a need there and we wanted to address that." A leader in nutritional supplements, Best Life Herbals, founded in 2004, is often ahead of the curve when developing new and innovative natural health products.

  • There is no over the counter, all-natural supplement like Sensualé out there.
  • Sensualé works within minutes. The ingredients in Sensualé help ensure healthy blood flow – and increased pleasure – for years to come.
  • Best Life Herbals uses the best quality, all natural ingredients in Sensualé and all their products.
  • There are absolutely no hormones or estrogen in Sensualé.You can learn more and order yours today by calling 866-405-5138.

For more information on Sensualé or other Best Life Herbals products, please contact bestlife@bestlife-herbals.com or call 866-405-5138.



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smarty pants feat1

Supplement Spotlight: Smarty Pants Women’s Complete Vitamins



Because you’re not just a single category or a function. Because you’re not just “Sleep” or “Beauty” or “Stress” or “Energy” or “Bones.” You’re much more than that. You’re all in one.
And so are we.



Each Serving Includes:

  • Premium nutrients
  • A delicious multivitamin for tastebud amazement
  • Omega 3 DHA and EPA fish oil for brain health* (from sustainable small fish)
  • Vitamin K for bone health* (32 mcg K2 as MK7)
  • Folate for detox support* (400 mcg as methylfolate)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



smartypants 1



About the company

At SmartyPants vitamins we are all about simplifying health. That’s why we make the Good Gummy, delicious and premium all-in-one complete gummy vitamins that combine nutrients like omega 3s, soluble fiber, vitamins D3 + B12 that are toughest to get in the right amount from our diets.

All SmartyPants are non-GMO and made with organic sweeteners and eco-friendly ingredients. They contain no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and every batch is third party lab tested. We value transparency, and it’s important for us to share what goes on behind our gummy with all our fans and customers.



Company: Smarty Pants
Brand: Women's Complete Vitamins
Origin: US
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 180 gummies
Claims: Contains Omega 3 DHA and EPA fish oil for brain health.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $32.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: https://smartypantsvitamins.com/



SmartyPants Women's Complete



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sunshine feat4

Supplement Spotlight: Vegan ARIA Women’s Protein Supplement



Aria is a heart-healthy, holistic protein powder designed for women’s wellness. A balanced blend of whey and plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber, Aria nourishes the body inside and out.

Aria Protein Powder was one of the first protein solutions specifically developed for the uniqueness of a woman’s body. Today, it combines the bioavailability of premium whey protein with the “good-for-you,” heart-healthy benefits of non-GMO soy protein isolate. With added Folate, Biotin, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Iron and Phosphorus for a lean and toned body and healthy skin, hair and nails, Aria offers holistic benefits that nourish the body inside and out. Gluten-free, kosher, with no artificial growth hormones, flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, and no added sugar, it is perfectly designed for women’s wellness.  



  • Natural whey and plant-based proteins
  • For use in shakes, smoothies, cooking and baking
  • 15g of protein, and only 90 calories per serving
  • Heart-healthy
  • Folate to support cell and tissue growth
  • Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus to support bone heath
  • Prebiotic fiber for digestive health
  • Biotin and Vitamin C for healthy, youthful-looking hair, skin and nails
  • No artificial hormones (rBGH-free whey), non-GMO soy
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Certified gluten-free. Certified Kosher
  • Made in the USA



Vegan ARIA Women's Protein Supplement



About the company

Designer Protein is a leader in high quality products that support healthy nutrition, fitness and overall well-being. Our range includes whey & plant-based proteins designed for health, strength, power and performance. Our family of brands includes Designer Whey, Aria Women's Wellness Protein, Designer Protein LITE, Essential 10 100% Plant-Based Protein, Sunshine Protein, and Designer Whey Sustained Energy.



Company: Designer Protein
Brand: Vegan ARIA Women's Protein Supplement
Origin: US
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 340g
Claims: Gluten-free, kosher, no added sugar and no artificial hormones.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $14.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://designerprotein.com/



Vegan ARIA Women's Protein Supplement



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gaia feat2

Supplement Spotlight: Gaia Daily Wellbeing for Women



Daily WellBeing for Women provides a convenient, once-daily blend of pure herbal extracts and plant-sourced Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D3 to help you maintain whole-self wellness.* Four unique herbal combinations— Inflammatory Response, Immune Health, Stress Management and Women’s Health—offer foundational support in key areas of life.* Taken each morning, Daily WellBeing for Women is an intentional step on your wellness journey.*



Suggested Use

Adults take two capsules with water, once daily with your first meal of the day.

May also be taken as one capsule twice daily with meals. Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before using this product. Rhodiola should not be taken by individuals with bipolar disorder. Keep away from children. Use only as directed on label. Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool dry place.





About the company

Our process is defined by the equation “Purity + Integrity = Potency.” These are the pillars that support our beliefs, our actions, and our commitment to providing herbal remedies that offer optimal vitality. Purity Each herb must be cultivated in accordance with Nature’s intent. Integrity As we create herbal medicines, we must ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb.

Our mission is to create and nurture healthy connections between plants and people. We do that through finding and maintaining strong global relationships in addition to championing personal and environmental sustainability here at home, on our own organic farm.



Company: Gaia
Brand: Daily Wellbeing for Women
Origin: US
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 60 capsules
Claims: Contains pure herbal extracts and plant-sourced magnesium.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $39.99 each
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.gaiaherbs.com/





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art of tea feat1

Tea Spotlight: The Art of Tea Tea for Her



Whether it's a boost of energy that is needed or a tranquil breath of fresh air, we've designed this exclusive blend to support every woman by restoring balance in the body, mind & soul. By adding Osmanthus to the blend, its floral aroma and flavor are complemented by a subtly sweet and creamy finish. A favorite in the Art of Tea office! Tastes great hot or iced. 15 sachets per tin.

Caffeine Content: Caffeine-Free
Tasting Notes: Floral, Round, Creamy




Organic Shatavari, Organic Fennel, Organic Roses, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Lavender, Chrysanthemum, Organic Osmanthus, Organic Hibiscus, Natural Flavors
Origin: Art of Tea Blend



About the company

Art of Tea is a tea importer and wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California. We hand blend and custom craft the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. Our teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story.

The seeds that formed the foundation of Art of Tea were first planted in 1996 when Steve Schwartz began his journey of extensive study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Art of Tea has become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas. Each year Steve travels extensively, returning with rare and unique teas from around the world.

Steve Schwartz is known by many authoritative figures in the tea industry as a Master Tea Blender. He has blended award winning teas under our Art of Tea brand and his blends have won awards offered under our private label program for tea companies around the world. His drive and passion for expanding people’s knowledge and history of tea is captivating. Steve has lectured sold out tea blending classes for World Tea Conventions and frequently travels to offer educational programs on tea and tea blending.

Through his travels in Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East, Steve and Art of Tea have developed close relationships with farmers and distributors. These personal relationships, a hallmark at Art of Tea, make possible the offering of top tier organic teas and select botanicals, while ensuring that both employees and teas are treated with great respect. At Art of Tea, our intensive care program combines aesthetics with passion, flavor and high quality control.



Company: Art of Tea
Brand:  Tea for Her
Slogan:  Blooming, Expanding, Connecting
Origin: US
Category: Tea
Packaging:  45g
Claims:  Restores women's balance in body, mind and soul; caffeine free.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $16.00
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.artoftea.com/



art of tea 1a




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pretty pills feat1

Supplement Spotlight: DoVitamins Pretty Pills



The first women's multivitamin plus hair, skin & nails support in one.


PrettyPills® includes important nutrients for women, like Calcium and Vitamin D, and it's packed with nutrients for healthy hair growth, strong nails, and beautiful skin, too.*

In addition to our regular one-for-one program, every bottle of PrettyPills® also donates $1 to breast cancer research.



Complete daily multivitamin for women*

Promotes healthy hair growth*

Nourishes thinning hair*

Grows stronger, healthier nails*

Includes Vitamin D and Calcium*



PrettyPills Ingredients



About the company

Most supplement companies will use this page to tell you about their "Mission(!)." "Missions" are really trendy right now, but "mission" is just another marketing buzzword. Supplement companies are businesses, and all businesses have the same mission: to make money. It's how we *do* that, that makes us an anomaly in the supplement industry.

Until Do Vitamins, there were no boutique supplement manufacturers. The entire cost-driven supplement economy is (was) dictated by a complex chain of middlemen, ultimately ending up with a consumer purchasing at retail. Even online sales are about low prices first, quality second. Corners are cut, and ingredient sources are sketchy at best. We knew there was a market for people who wanted better stuff – the best stuff – because we wanted the best stuff. It was time to pull back the curtain; We wanted to know where the Vitamin C in our multivitamin came from – and we wanted to know about the bull that sired the cow that made the milk that made our whey protein powder. So we decided to Do Vitamins ourselves.



Company: DoVitamins
Brand:  Pretty Pills
Slogan:  DoVitamins
Origin:  US
Category:  Supplements
Packaging: 90 capsules
Claims: Promotes healthy hair growth, includes Vitamin D and Calcium
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $29.95
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://dovitamins.com/



pretty pills




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Drink Spotlight: Oshee Pink Collagen Drink


The women have become a huge consumer group, presently they are the ones who make purchase decisions.

The women have become a huge consumer group, presently they are the ones who make purchase decisions.

Women are looking for dedicated products and precisely suit their needs. To emphasize the uniqueness of women, we have created a product line OSHEE PINK, which provides the necessary vitamins and unique components (collagen and L-carnitine) and support the body during exercise.

Types available in PINK range od products: OSHEE Vitamin Energy Formula PINK can 250 ml, OSHEE Vitamin H2O PINK bottle 555 ml, OSHEE Isotonic Sports Drink PINK bottle 0,75 L


The OSHEE Company is a team of professionals who treat work with passion and customer satisfaction is the main goal of company’s development. Our team is varied – as varied as the world that surrounds us – it is formed by people with years of experience in managerial positions in big FMCG corporations and by young people who begin their professional careers. As a young team we put on the great product which meets expectations of most demanding customers. We carefully select the range of our products and focus on high quality and a unique design. As the enthusiasts of modern trends, we always offer new ideas whose boundaries are set by imagination. Our products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as traditional stores. We respect the fact that people are diverse and have different needs, therefore we would like for our products to be available at every possible place where they may be found by our customers, another words – everywhere. We cooperate with key distributors on the food market. We would like to thank our customers for their trust – thanks to them we are the Polish leader in the Isotonic drinks category and our shares have the highest growth rate.

As a Polish market leader in the isotonic sports drinks category, we feel compelled to expand into international markets. Currently we are present in 12 countries on three continents, but this is just the beginning of our journey.



Company: Oshee
Brand: Oshee
Category: Vitamin Drink
Origin: Poland
Packaging: 250ml, 555ml, 750ml
Claims: Zero Sugar, Zero Calories
Variants: Vitamin Energy Vitamin H20, Isotonic Sports Drink
Website: oshee.eu








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Advertising Spotlight: Walmart Introduces “Made by Women” Labeling


Walmart is about to launch a new labeling that will mark the products made by women-owned companies. The new sign will be appearing on a range of products, from lingerie to food stuff, starting September. This logo, inspired by the gender equity movement and the action to support women in business, will join the collection of other value-driven marks.

The new marking logo, developed by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), WEConnect International and Walmart, joins the range of signs that inform the consumers on various properties of the product related to health, social or ethical standards—they say if it’s Fairtrade, gluten-free, veg, kosher, Made in America and more. This new labeling is the first of the kind indicating the gender-related origin.

“People are looking for reasons to feel good about the company they’re buying from,” commented Pamela Prince-Eason, chief executive officer of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, whose group deals with women-owned businesses.

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Health Spotlight: Bellybar Prenatal Chocolate Vitamins



Ditch the “horse pills” of the past and get your complete pregnancy nutrition from the first ever chocolate prenatal vitamin, with DHA. By women, for women, they’ve got everything your doctor recommends. Delicious chocolate packed full of prenatal vitamins with DHA make getting your daily dose an indulgent moment.



Doctor Recommended

“I recommend the Bellybar Prenatal to my patients because it is easy-to-take and a complete multivitamin solution.“
- Dr. Jan Rydfors

We worked with healthcare practitioners, researchers and experts to create quality prenatal vitamins with DHA you can feel good about taking. Our continued research of women’s health and nutrition drives the evolution of our entire line of chewable complete prenatal vitamins

The Power of Two

Bellybar Chocolate Vitamin Balls have all the nutrients pregnant women need. While other brands leave out important, doctor-recommended vitamins like calcium, iron and folic acid, we put just the right amount into your daily dose. Besides being your source for complete prenatal nutrition, they’re also a delicious treat!

Your baby relies on you to give them nutrients they need for a happy, healthy start. When you take a DHA supplement during your pregnancy, you’re helping brain, eye and central nervous system development in your baby. You’re also reducing the risk of postpartum depression for yourself. It’s a win-win essential nutrient doctors recommend.






 About the Company
Back in 2005, we were two great friends getting ready to start our own families. Excited and hopeful, we started looking into what we should do to prepare. Prenatal vitamins were of course on our minds, so we began the research. Completely overwhelmed with so many options, we compared notes. But found ourselves really disappointed with nothing but horse pills available. So, we started chatting with our girlfriends, and it became obvious to us that we were not alone in our dissatisfaction. Everyone we knew complained about the horse pills! We knew there must be a better way — and that is how Bellybar began. First a nutrition bar, then a chewable prenatal vitamin, Bellybar has evolved but the foundation remains the same — a delicious, easy-to-take solution for all the prenatal vitamins, minerals and DHA we need before, during and after pregnancy. We wake up every day wanting to make life just a little bit easier for pregnant women — raising the bar on prenatal nutrition! We hope you enjoy our products. Read More






Company: Nutra Bella
Brand: Belly bar
Slogan: Raising the Bar on Prenatal Nutrition
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 30 (4g) 60mg Vegeterian DHA Chocolate Balls
Claims: Prenatal
Price: $21.29
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Finder
Website: bellybarproducts.com, nutrabella.com











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Supplement Spotlight: Smoothie Essentials Add a Scoop Women’s Blend

Source of essential aminio acids for the maintenance of good health. Protein helps build and repair body tissues. Source of protein for the maintenance of good health.


Nutritional Information
20 Calories
0 Total Fat
0 Cholesterol
4 gms Carbohydrates
0 Fiber
0 gms Protein
0 Sugars

Serving Size: 1 Scoop = 6 Grams


Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol)
Vitamin E (D- Alpha tocopheryl Succinate)
Vitamin K ( Phytonadione)
Vitamin B1 ( Thiamin Hydrochloride)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hcl)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
Pantothenic Acid
Borage Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Aloe Powder
Sea Buckthorn
Co-Enzyme Q10









Company: Smoothie Essentials
Brand: Add a Scoop
Slogan: Powdered Nutritives for Maximum Health
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 1lb (454g) 16oz
Claims: Kosher, Vegan, Halal, GMO Free, Gluten Free
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Website: smoothiessentials.com






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