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Company Spotlight: Sip and Learn – the wine tasting box



Sip and Learn is the new way to learn more about wine tasting whilst drinking great wines we specially picked for you.

Our customers receive a Sip & Learn wine tasting box every month. Each box contain 2 carefully selected bottle of wine and an education booklet.
We have built a comprehensive program that will take you on a full learning journey, from the basics of wine tasting to the specifics of the bottles in your box. You will also learn about food & wine pairing, the key wine regions in the world and much more.

Our mission is to make you discover great wines and teach you how to enjoy them best.
The more you know about wine, the more you'll enjoy drinking it.





How Does it work


Follow the program

We have created a 12-month program that will take you on a journey to discover the basics about wine. Each month the content will be divided in 2 section:

Learn the basics

That can be applied to all sort of wines. For example, how to taste wine, which glasses to chose or where aromas come from in wine.

Learn while sipping

The 2 bottles in each box have been carefully selected to help you discover critical things about wine, through wine tasting: develop your palate and learn about the main characteristics of wine.



More about Sip and Learn:

Sip & Learn was founded in 2014 by Marie-Anne and Sylvain and is bringing a complete new way of consuming wine and learning about wine.

For us it's all about making it easy for our subscribers as well as friendly and fun.

Each month the 2 wines selected are demonstrating in the best way possible the main theme of the month (for example in the box number 5 we are presenting 2 bottles of Chardonnays, one oaked and one un-oaked to demonstrate how wine making affects the aroma).

Our subscription, for a full wine-tasting programme and specifically selected wine comes at an attractive price with full flexibility as you can pause and restart your subscription at any time.

We deliver to homes and offices which makes Sip & Learn fully adapted for busy workers living in city areas.

Sip & Learn was created by a wine novice and a wine expert achieving the perfect balance between providing simple basic information and more in-depth articles.

We are planning to create more programmes in the future to cater for more specific needs but for now we are working on our Learn the basics programme and hope you will like it as much as we do!


The Wine Tasting Box makes for a very special gift and gift cards are available at the link below




Company: Sip & Learn
Brand: The Wine Tasting Box
Slogan: Become a wine expert Sip and Learn
Origin: UK
Category: Wine
Price: £30 per month
Where to Buy: Subscribe, Shop Online
Website: sipandlearn.co.uk




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