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Skin Care Spotlight: Marie France Kojic Soap





This is a professional-strength kojic acid soap that contains pure kojic acid, which promises a fairer and even-toned skin if used daily. The difference between this kojic acid soap and the other kojic soaps in the market is the formulation. Not all kojic soaps are the same. Most kojic soaps have very little kojic acid in it and this is why you’re not seeing any significant effect. Marie France uses high concentration of kojic acid to help make the skin look even, fairer, smoother and younger with daily use. The process is gradual, it doesn’t happen overnight. It normally takes 8-12 weeks before you see the maximum results – this really depends on your skin sensitivity. This soap can be used on both face and body.


What are the benefits of kojic acid soap?
•Helps make the skin look even and fairer when used daily.
•Formulated for the darkest skin.
•It helps even skin tone and make it look fairer and even-toned.
•Works for all skin types and ethnicity.
•90% of customers who bought this kojic soap have reported significant results within 2 weeks of use.
•Helps even skin tone in areas that are prone to darkening such as buttocks, underarms, inner thighs and bikini area.
•Effectively makes intimate areas like butt cheeks, underarms, bikini area and inner thighs look fairer gradually.


Why you should try and why this kojic acid soap is for you:

There are three main reasons why:

1. It works. We get it - you want something that works for your skin and will resolve your skin problems. This is why we put you in mind when this soap was created. Our R&D team made sure that your soap contains the maximum amount of kojic acid to show significant results in eight to twelve weeks.

2. It's made with the finest ingredients. All of the products that we make for you is made in Europe. Why is the origin of the ingredients important? One word - potency. Most of the ingredients that you find in skincare products are made in China. Chinese-made ingredients are not potent at all.

3. You know who made it. You've probably done your research and found that there are lot of kojic acid soaps out there. We're assuming that you also noticed one thing that these soaps have in common: they don't come in a box. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, as amended 21 U.S.C. 321-392 states: "The cosmetics marketed in the United States, whether they are manufactured here or are imported from abroad, must comply with the labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, the Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act, and the regulations published by the Food and Drug Administration under the Authority of these two laws. The FD&C Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from unsafe or deceptively labeled or packaged products by prohibiting the movement in interstate commerce of adulterated or misbranded food, drug devices and cosmetics." The USFDA requires proper labeling for every product that comes in to the US. It must state the manufacture's name, address, origin, product name and weight. If the soap doesn't have a label or box that tells you these information, then how would you know who made it and where it came from?

WARNING: This kojic soap might cause irritation for individuals with sensitive skin. A heavy moisturizer is required while using this product.


What to expect and other drawbacks:
•Your skin is going to look like it’s dry.
•Your skin might feel tight and itchy. What to do: add more moisturizer to your skin – preferably a heavy moisturizer.
•Your skin may look red – If your skin turns red, this is either because you leave the soap longer that the recommended time frame or you have a sensitive skin. We do not recommend this soap on individuals with sensitive skin. If you have a combination skin type and experience redness while using the kojic soap, then please use the soap three times a week for no more than 15 seconds until you build tolerance to kojic acid.
•Burning/tingling sensation – this is normal for the first week of use, however, you need to temporarily use this soap every 3 days until your skin gets used to the kojic acid. Also, do not leave the soap on for more than 15 seconds. If burning sensation persists, discontinue use permanently.
•Breakout – breaking out the first couple of days while using the product is normal. Breaking out or getting pimples is more than likely going to happen especially if you have blackheads, whiteheads or if you’re acne-prone.


When will you see results: Please be realistic with your expectation. This kojic soap can help your skin if you use it the right way and if you use it continuously. If you are trying to even out your skin tone, it will take time before you see it happen. The average time frame before seeing any significant result is between 6-12 weeks of daily use. This kojic soap is not a magic soap. It will NOT make your skin tone fairer in a few days. It will take time, so please be patient.

For best results: Use Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme or Lotion. We recommend using the Tone Perfecting Crème for face and the Tone Perfecting Lotion for the body.


First Step: ****Always remove makeup first using a gentle facial cleanser prior to using this soap. ****

Wet skin with warm water and gently massage soap on the skin for no more than 15 seconds on your first week of use. DO NOT RUB. Avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth. Use this soap only once a day (preferably at night) for the first week. Wash thoroughly with cold water.

NOTE: After the first week, you can use the soap twice a day for no more than 30 seconds.

Second Step: Apply the Tone Perfecting Crème (for face) or Tone Perfecting Lotion (body) or any heavy moisturizer after washing your face with the kojic soap.

NOTE: It is required to use a moisturizer after using the soap. If you do not use a moisturizer after using the kojic soap, your skin may look and feel dry, feel itchy and tight – all because of its peeling effect. Do not stay under the sun while using this product.

Storage: Put inside a plastic bag and keep away from the sun and the shower. Store in a cool, dry place.

Caution: Not for sensitive skin. Avoid sun exposure while using this product and use sunscreen when outdoors.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera (recently added), Glycerin, Pure Kojic Acid Extract, Papaya Extract, Vitamin E

Disclaimer: * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



About the Company
Lack of high-quality skincare products in the U.S. market led to Marie France's inspiration to import high-quality and highly effective skincare products to the United States.

Despite our belief black is beautiful; dark spots, hyper pigmented and blemished skin remain unwanted. An individual's self-confidence degrades when you look at yourself in the mirror and sees dark spots like dark underarms, inner thighs, bikini line and buttocks. Everyone should be able to wear a bikini or a sleeveless dress without getting conscious on other people criticizing their dark areas. We made it our mission to bring you nothing but the most effective skincare products that will help make your skin beautiful with an even skin tone.

Marie France believes that aside from feeling good inside, all men and women should also feel and look good with their own skin. Therefore, we made it our mission to make you look flawless from head to toe.






Company: The Opulent Corporation
Brand: Marie France
Slogan: Skin and Body Care
Origin: USA
Category: Skin Care
Packaging: 150g
Claims: Pure
Variants:  View Range Here
Price: $14.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online








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Drink Review: Lennox Firm Up Beauty Drink



Get all the skin-beautifying ingredients in one bottle of Lennox FirmUp+, which is a natural & potent beauty essence and rich in synergistic food based ingredients like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, OPC (Grape Seed Extract) & Vitamins for a firmer and more radiant looking skin.

The Aqueous Marine Collagen used in FirmUp+ is 100% water soluble with low molecular weight and excellent digestibility. Unlike Conventional Collagen which has high molecular structure that will not easily dissolve completely and not well-absorbed by the body.


The ultimate Multi-Action of FirmUp+

Improve make up application
Anti UV protection
Hydrating / skin nourishing
Reduce formation of wrinkles
Skin cell renewal






CoQ10 is sometimes called a "biomarker of aging" because it's level correlates so well with aging. In most people over twenty five, levels of CoQ10 in the skin are below optimum, resulting in a lesser ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules therefore our skin started its aging process and therefore necessary supplementation is essential for skin maintenance. FirmUp Low Molecular Collagen drink which formulated with CoQ10 which able to slow down the agingprocess and remain the healthiness of the skin.
Protects skin cells and collagen from damages of oxidization, improves energy of cells and promotes skin metabolism which helps to reduce or delay the appearance of wrinkles, varicose veins, cellulite, scars, age spots, edema and bruises

Low Molecule Collagen
Firm, radiant and bouncy looking skin is possible only because of this vital protein called "collagen". Collagen is found in our bones, teeth and muscles, and it supports cellular activity. The majority of collagen is in the skin as 70% of it consists of collagen. Recent research has proven that we start to lose collagen even in our twenties. Those tiny yet irritating fine lines around your eyes are caused by dryness of the skin's surface. Those more deeply etched lines at the corner of our eyes and mouth are caused by a more serious lack or imbalance of collagen.
In comparison to conventional collagen in the market, it has finer moleculs that can be easily absorbed by our body hence providing visible results in a shorter time span



Vitamin C ~ Vitamin C plays a crucial role in diminishing the effects of free radical damage. It is also an effective protector of the skin from ultraviolet rays' damage. Besides that, Vitamin C alsopromotes the synthesis of collagen.
Vitamin E ~ It forms a shield that actively protects the skin from the destructive actions of oxidization.
Combat free radical damage to delay aging
Locks and strengthens skin collagen to keep it firm




New Benefits of FirmUp+

New formulation
Combine liquid and powders
High potency and fast absorption
Extra "Whitening effect" with Whitening Essence




About the Company
Lennox – A nutritional supplement brand that was created by Leton Products (M) Sdn Bhd, to give consumers the best and safety nutritional supplements. A young and committed brand that focusing on beauty, health and detox products which possess all natural-based ingredients. Lennox products offer safe and effective consumption for consumers to stay healthy and maintain regular lifestyle.


Brand Mission
We will become the world's most valued brand to our consumer and the communities where we work and live. We committed to provide the best modern nutritional supplements to consumer.

Company: Lennox
Brand: Firm Up
Origin: Malaysia
Category: Functional Beverage
Packaging: 50ml
Claims: Beauty
Price: MYR145.00 (25 x 50ml)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: lennox.com







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