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Supplement Spotlight: Pharmafreak Protein Freak



PROTEIN FREAK® is formulated with top-quality whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate to help meet your daily protein needs and support your body composition goals. PROTEIN FREAK is a great complement to any muscle-building, fat-loss or performance-enhancing nutrition plan!





Whey Protein

Whey protein is fast acting and ideal post-workout or first thing in the morning when your muscles need a quick supply of amino acids.



Milk Protein Isolate

Milk protein isolate releases slowly, ensuring that your body has a steady supply of amino acids for at least several hours!



About the company

Founded in 2008 by Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau, PHARMAFREAK® offers some of the most potent and effective sports supplements anywhere. PHARMAFREAK® is a dedicated industry leader in researching, developing and creating the world’s strongest supplements – made with premium, clinically-validated ingredients and the highest level GMP quality control standards.

Savva and Gauvreau, each have 10+ years of extensive dietary supplement industry experience to their name. They founded PHARMAFREAK® in response to the consumer’s desire (and their own desire) for more potent products. By formulating front line supplements they themselves would want to use, Savva and Gauvreau created and propelled PHARMAFREAK® to the very forefront of the industry. Today, Savva and Gauvreau remain at the very core for all-things PHARMAFREAK®.



Company: Pharmafreak
Brand:  Protein Freak
Slogan:  Pharmafreak
Origin: US
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 2.27kg
Claims:  Fast & slow-release protein powder, quality source of whey & casein.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://pharmafreak.com/



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Daily Insight: Protein – What’s the Difference?




Proteins are the basic building blocks that serve the purpose of building, maintaining, and growing the body. In essence, protein is made up of amino acids that are held together through peptide bonds and are then broken down inside the body to increase function.

There are 9 essential amino acids that the human body needs to function, all of which have to be taken in through foods. These are included into every-day foods like meats, dairy products, fruits, etc. The actual protein, which is made of various combinations of amino acid chains, is popularly used as a supplement to increase muscle strength, muscle size, leanness, and protein intake.




Supplement Spotlight: Onnit The Dolce Whey Grass Fed Protein Isolate


Whey Protein
The most popular protein is whey, derived from cow’s milk, and the reason for that is that all the essential amino acids required in the human body can be found there. Hence, whey protein is often used as a supplement of protein intake as well as for gaining and maintaining muscle. Onnit has launched some incredible innovative whey protein products.




Drink Spotlight: Silk Plant Based Protein Soy Milk
Soy Protein
Similar to whey, Soy protein comes from the soy bean and is also regarded as a complete protein, benefiting the user with all 9 essential amino acids. Since the protein is derived from a plant, the soy plant, it is widely used among vegetarians as the best source of protein and muscle building. A reliable brand for soy protein is Silk, plant based beverages.




Supplement Spotlight: Protein World Pea Protein Isolate
Pea Protein
Pea protein comes from the yellow pea and as such it is an easily digestible protein. Unlike whey and soy, pea does not offer all 9 essential amino acids while it has advantage for users who have digestion problems and a sensitive stomach. Protein World is a good brand that provides all-natural pea protein products.


Other proteins
There are also other types of proteins such as ones derived from egg whites and hemp seeds, though they are less popularly used as supplements. One should consider their own needs before choosing the right kind of protein provider while keeping in mind their goals and body tolerance.



View Protein Products on TrendMonitor


By Farah Jawad







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Supplement Spotlight: Bulk Powders Banana Fudge Nuts About Whey





What is Nuts About Whey™?

Nuts About Whey™ is another exciting addition to BULK POWDERS™ extensive and ever-growing range of foods. Quite simply, if you love nuts and you love whey, then Nuts About Whey™ is the product for you.

Whilst it can be described as a nut butter at heart – there is a twist. Nuts About Whey™ contains added Whey Protein Isolate and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – all wrapped up in delicious, mouth-watering flavours such as Banana Fudge and Chocolate Cookies.

Nuts About Whey™ contains an incredible and market-leading 53g protein per 100g. This derived from high quality, European Whey Protein Isolate, plus the natural protein content of nuts themselves. It is also packed with healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats along with high levels of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which provide a source of energy and increase fat metabolism. MCTs are derived from the addition of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – often referred to as the world’s healthiest cooking oil.

What Nuts About Whey™ does not contain is almost as important as what it does. It contains absolutely no additives, preservatives, added salt, sugar or palm oil. Nuts About Whey™ is also low in carbohydrates and saturated fat.

Nuts About Whey™ is an exciting new way to increase your protein intake. It is a healthy, protein-packed product that can be enjoyed straight from the tub, as a spread, in baking, or even added to shakes to increase calorie content and improve taste.



Why Use Nuts About Whey™?

•Delicious high protein nut butter

•Fortified with Whey Protein Isolate

•Your favourite BULK POWDERS™ flavours

•Packed with good fats

•Massive 53g protein per 100g

•Calorie dense food source with 532kcal per 100g

•6g Fibre per 100g

•No added salt, sugar or palm oil

•Added Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

•MCTs from Coconut Oil for instant energy

•Only 4.5g sugar per 100g

•Tasty flavours that make you will find hard to resist




Who is Nuts About Whey™ Suitable For?

BULK POWDERS™ Nuts About Whey™ is perfect for anyone who loves nut butters, but also wants to increase their protein intake. This all in one food source provides high levels of healthy fats plus added benefits from the inclusion of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.







About the Company
BULK POWDERS™ began trading exclusively online in 2005. Since then the company has grown from a small unit in a self-storage facility to a state of the art 16,000 sq ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility based in Colchester, Essex. We’re certainly not a company that stands still, and as part of our mission we are striving to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive range of health and performance nutrition supplements available – at the lowest prices and the highest quality! Read More




Company: Sports Supplements
Brand: Bulk Powders
Slogan: Performance Delivered
Origin: UK
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 500g
Claims: Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free
Variants: Banana Fudge, Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies, White Chocolate
Price: £9.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: bulkpowers.co.uk









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Supplement Spotlight: NoGii Whey & Quinoa Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

NoGii delivers a unique combination of two of the most nutritionally "perfect and complete" dietary protein sources; WHEY & QUINOA. WHEY powder is the most biologically available and highest quality source of lean protein, yielding a complete profile of amino acids and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). QUINOA [Pronounced: KEEN-wah] is an amino-acid rich seed that contains more protein than any other grain, and is higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates.



INGREDIENTS: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Quinoa, Sodium Caseinate), Prebiotic Fiber, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin (From Corn), Xanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Citrate, Stevia Extract, Bacillus Coagulans. Allergens: Contains Peanuts, Soy and Milk.

About the Company
The creation of the NoGii brand has been a total passion project for Elisabeth, from being involved with the original logo and packaging design to product formulations. With her family and friends as a focus group, the NoGii brand of nutrition bars has been formulated for the entire family. Gluten-Free dieting should not be a burden for anyone, but should be a lifestyle to enjoy. There are so many creative ways to structure your food choices and there is so much to gain in terms of improving your health and refueling your lifestyle. Add NoGii bars to your shopping list today! Read More




Company: NoGii
Brand: NoGii
Slogan: Gluten Free Solutions for Healthy Families
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 630g
Claims: Gluten Free, Probiotic
Variants: Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Chocolate
Price: $49.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: nogii.com









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Supplement Spotlight: Organi Growth Organic Caramel Whey Protein

26g of Organic Whey Protein. 100% Organic Ingredients. What more can you ask for?

It’s Certified Organic, Gluten Free, and GMO Free.





Whey Protein Benefits

Whey Protein is considered the premier source for protein in the sports nutrition industry. Here are a few benefits of taking OrganiGrowth’s Organic Whey Protein with your regular diet:

◾Increases muscle mass and muscle strength
◾Builds and repairs muscle
◾Boosts your immune system
◾Reduces recovery time between training
◾Fights cancer
◾Aids in weight loss efforts
◾Disease prevention and increased well-being




In order for OrganiGrowth to be labeled as “Organic”, our products must be produced through approved methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.

Our USDA Certified suppliers and manufacturers pass through strict regulations by the USDA in order to give you the highest quality protein powder in the world.

Here are some differences between Conventional farming practices and Organic practices:




About the Company
Our mission was to create a great tasting whey protein powder made from the highest quality ingredients for professional and amateur athletes. Today, most products are processed, loaded with synthetic and toxic chemicals, or grown with unhealthy fertilizers. So we took it upon ourselves to create the healthiest nutritional supplement on the market using nothing but Organic ingredients.

And just like that, OrganiGrowth was born. The first Certified Organic, high protein, low carb, and low calorie protein powder made by athletes for athletes. Whether you are looking to get in shape and build lean muscle or need a nutritious snack in between meals, OrganiGrowth is the ideal product.

We know Ingredients Matter to you. That’s why Ingredients Matter to us. Enjoy!





Company: Organi Growth
Brand: Organi Growth
Slogan: Ingredients Matter
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 16oz (453g)
Claims: Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free
Variants:  Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla
Price: $35.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: organigrowth.com









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Drink Spotlight: Whey Up Protein + Functional Energy Drink



WheyUP combines 20g of whey isolate protein and 150mg of caffeine. A great tasting beverage supplement to drink throughout your day as a way to add valuable protein to your diet and energy to your day. It is recommended to consume a minimum of 20g of whey protein before you workout. We add caffeine and b vitamins so you in one convenient drink you get both whey protein and energy. Drink it on your way to the gym and while you workout. Don’t just get up for your workout…Get WheyUP!

Any nutritionist will tell you to start your day by consuming protein. Protein is harder for your body to breakdown and by starting your morning with some protein you are firing up your metabolism for the day. How many people start their day with some form of caffeine? Quite a lot! WheyUP gives you both in one great tasting ready to drink beverage! Wake up with a WheyUP!


20g of Whey Protein
2g Carbs
90 Calories
Sugar Free
Fat Free
150mg caffeine
B – Vitamins







About the Company
WheyUP is a unique blend of whey protein plus an energy formula of Caffeine and B Vitamins – Protein with Purpose that powers you from WakeUP to WorkOUT. WheyUP is the ideal pre-workout protein drink. WheyUP is great for men and women as they taste great and are very effective in the battle against weight loss. It is distributed by Shadow Beverages and Snacks. Shadow’s mission is to build an innovative portfolio of nutritional and functional products in the beverage and snack industry while providing a range of services from design and formulation to consumer positioning and marketing. With its team of seasoned industry experts, Shadow has created a distribution network of direct-to store and direct-to-customer relationships ensuring best-in-class execution to consumers and retail partners. Shadow’s beverage and snack brands include, WheyUP, No Fear Energy, MOR Beverages and Smoke E Bones meat snacks. To learn more about Shadow Beverages and Snacks, visit www.shadowbev.com.


Company: Shadow Beverages
Brand: Whey Up
Origin: USA
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging: 16fl oz (473ml)
Claims: Protein, Fat Free, Sugar Free,
Variants: Berry, Orange, Grape
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Buy Online
Website: wheyup.com







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Supplement Spotlight: Rule One Whey Isolate Amino Acid Protein Powder


Ultra Pure Whey Isolate/Hydrolysate Formula
Fortified Amino Acid Protein Powder

Pretty obvious what you put into your workout is big. But what you put into your body before, during & after workouts is even bigger.

Better input = better output. That’s what our formula of all-Whey Isolates, Hydrolysates, Fortified BCAAs (over 6 grams – one of the highest available), and L-Glutamine is all about.

And what we took out is equally as important as what we put in.
• ZERO sugar
• ZERO lactose
• ZERO gluten

What’s more, R1 Protein™ can stand up to everyone else’s premium protein – at about the same price as their base products! And a better supplement at a better price? Well, that’s just plain smart.




Exactly What Goes into a Better Protein Supplement?

We spared no expense when formulating our R1 Protein™, sourcing only the finest, purest raw materials available. All of our proteins are truly instantized (fully agglomerated) to ensure easy mixing, even in the coldest of liquids. Plus, our flavors are spray dried, which means deeper, richer flavors that won’t dissipate, even with extended shelf life.

With virtually no fat, carbs, or cholesterol – and ZERO added creamers or gums that other protein products tend to use as thickeners – you’re getting one of the purest premium isolated products on the market.

Remember, the best input = the best output.



About the Company
We are Athletes, Bodybuilders, Crossfitters, and Powerlifters. Guys who’ve lifted a few million lbs and downed a few thousands scoops of protein. We’re also supplement pros who’ve done this before. Guys who know the difference between the good stuff and the over-hyped wannabes.

The Rule One Proteins executive team combines over 100 years of development and formulation experience. We offer a unique combination of skills and experience, but most of all, we offer an unmatched passion for the sports nutrition industry.

Read More




Company: Rule One Proteins
Brand: Rule One Proteins
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 2.4lb (36 servings)
Claims: Zero Sugar, Fat, Gluten, Lactose
Variants: View Range here
Price: $43.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: ruleoneproteins.com









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Supplement Spotlight: Source Organic Classic Whey Protein


Source Organic Classic Whey contains only one ingredient, organic whey protein. Each 25 gram serving contains 21 grams of protein and 4.9 grams of BCAAs which aid in recovery and muscle building. The creamy and milky flavor of Source comes directly from the grass-fed milk of Jersey cows in Northern California.

USDA organic whey protein, non-denatured using low-temperature ultra-filtration, acid-and bleach free processing
Pure whey from the milk of grass-fed Jersey cows
Complete protein rich in branched-chain and essential amino acids
21 grams of protein per serving, with naturally occurring lactoferrin and immunoglobulins
Mixes instantly, no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors
Independently tested and verified: 150mg of glutathione/serving
The only Non-GMO Project verified and American Humane Association certified whey protein
Soy-free, gluten-free, and hormone-free



About the Company
Convenient, wholesome protein is one the most difficult things to incorporate into a busy and active lifestyle, but is also one the most important.

Where your food comes from is important, and what goes into making the purest whey protein available is just as important as what does not. Source Organic Whey Protein starts with the finest raw ingredients and does as little to them as possible.

We start by working with farmers who believe in the welfare and humane treatment of their animals. Our farmers' cows are a heritage breed called Jersey cows. These cows graze year-round on fresh pasture of clover, rye, and other native grasses.

The milk they produce is naturally high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA's), lactoferrin and immunoglobulins. Our USDA Organic Certification is our guarantee to you that our cows have never been given hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or genetically modified feed (GMO).

For the process to convert liquid whey to a powdered form, we use industry leading techniques of cold-processed microfiltration and small batch drying to ensure the most nutrient dense protein. Read More




Company: Source Organic
Brand: Source Organic
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 12oz, 2lb
Claims: Organic, Lecithin Free
Variants: Original, Lecithin Free
Price: $31.99 (12oz bag) $64.99 (2lb bag)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: sourceorganicwhey.com



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Supplement Spotlight: Protein Works Diet Whey Protein Smoothie


Introducing DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE™ - the brand new and innovative whey protein smoothie designed to support your diet and weight loss goals. Incorporating TPW™ trademark all natural flavours and real fruit pieces, it has been scientifically engineered with the finest quality active ingredients to help prevent fat storage and promote fat loss. What's more, a single serving contains only 99 calories for the ultimate in weight loss taste sensation. Available right now in THREE brand new all natural flavours:


Wild Strawberry & Mango - A vibrant flavour of wild strawberries blended with natural berry and mango pieces for a subtle exotic twist
Blueberry & Vanilla Twist - A heady blend of sweet aromatic blueberries blended with soft creamy French vanilla, for a delicious fruity smoothie
Double Choc Bliss - A decadent rich and creamy chocolate smoothie crushed with flecks of dark chocolate pieces and natural cocoa



Only 99 Calories Per Shake
A single supercharged serving of DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE contains just 99 calories and is low in sugar, making it ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight.

With real fruit pieces for the ultimate taste sensation and engineered with THREE brand new TPW™ trademark natural flavours: Wild Strawberry & Mango, Blueberry & Vanilla Twist and Double Choc Bliss.



High in Protein, Low in Sugar
DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE boasts over 19g of protein per serving from a unique blend of ultra pure whey protein isolate (97% pure protein) and premium grade whey protein concentrate.

It is also very low in carbohydrates and sugars. Coupled with a high protein and fibre content, this serves to regulate blood sugar levels which makes your body less prone to storing fat and helps control cravings.


Designed for Weight Loss
As well as the impressive macronutrient profile, our DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE has also been enhanced with some of the most proven active fat loss ingredients in sports nutrition today.

It contains optimal doses of active ingredients research proven to support your fat loss goals. These include microencapsulated CLA, Acetyl L Carnitine, Psyllium Husks and an array of phytonutrients.



Helps Keep Hunger at Bay
DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE contains pure Psyllium Husks - a quality source of fibre. The combination of high protein and fibre has been shown to keep you satiated for longer and helps to curb cravings.

Very few foods and even fewer supplements have this level of nutrient to calorie ratio and this is why this new TPW™ innovation is so versatile and can be used with pretty much any other combination of supplements.






Company: The Protein Works
Brand: The Protein Works
Origin: UK
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 500g pouch, 1kg, 2kg
Claims: Protein, Vitamin Enriched
Variants: Wild Strawberry & Mango, Blueberry & Vanilla Twist, Double Choc Bliss
Price: £12.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: theproteinworks.com


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Supplement Spotlight: Beast Whey Protein Complex

Low-carb whey protein complex that uses three specific forms of whey to stimulate new muscle and maximize lean body mass
25 Grams of Protein, Only 4 Grams of Carbs

100% Beast Whey Protein is a powerful fuel to help increase mass and strength. This enhanced Beast formulation packs even more protein and is designed with the highest quality Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. At the same time, the new powder formula only contains 4 grams of carbs - that’s a 50% reduction over the previous formula.

100% Beast Whey delivers added benefits for increased fitness and strength. The three proteins are digested at different rates for better results. These proteins allow nutrients to repair, rebuild, and strengthen muscle tissue. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes fortify the formula with additional health benefits. The formula also helps the body retain nitrogen, which initiates protein synthesis to develop new muscle, lean mass, and maximum strength.

100% Beast Whey Protein is 100% power. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors and available in 2, 4 and 10 pound sizes.

"Beast Whey™ and our entire lineup of supplements were designed to work together as a team of products that are ready to help anybody who is serious about getting big, being strong, keeping fit and staying healthy."








About the Company
Beast Sports Nutrition has established itself as the fastest growing company in the sports nutrition industry. BEAST has won the Bodybuilding.com Breakout Brand of the Year in both 2012 & 2013 which attests to the company’s dramatic growth. BEAST’s mission is to bring to market the highest quality products that are innovative in nature, manufactured under the strictest protocols and affordable to all. Read More



Company: Beast Sports Nutrition
Brand: Beast
Slogan: The Strongest Name in Sports Nutrition
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 2, 4 and 10lb
Claims: Protein
Price: $29.99 (2lb bag)
Where to BuyBuy Online
Website: beastsports.com

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