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Supplement Spotlight: Optimum Nutrition Introduces PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ Red Velvet Flavor

Exciting new flavor innovation from "most advanced," fast-digesting whey protein

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., July 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Optimum Nutrition ("ON") today announced the arrival of the newest flavor addition to its celebrated PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ line – Red Velvet Cake. The product offers ON's hydrolyzed whey protein formula in a delicious, on-trend flavor for athletes seeking the most advanced fast-acting whey protein for muscle building and recovery.

"Red velvet cake is an in-demand flavor – but it wasn't enough for ON just to jump on the bandwagon," said Stuart Heflin, director of North America marketing for ON. "Our iteration had to meet our high ON standard for innovation and the result is a formulation that captures the taste of red velvet cake perfectly – including the hint of cream cheese frosting."

ON's PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ delivers fast-digesting whey protein that provides essential nutrients to help support muscle recovery after an intense workout. Each serving contains 30 grams of protein, 15.5 grams of naturally occurring essential amino acids and nearly nine grams of naturally occurring and added BCAA's, including leucine, isoleucine and valine. The powder is instantized to mix easily with a spoon and can be combined with water, milk or milk alternatives like soy or almond milk.

"By hydrolyzing whey protein isolates to break larger proteins down into smaller pieces, these ultra-pure whey isolates in our PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ get into your system rapidly, helping the muscles to start recovering from heavy training," said Heflin.

Red Velvet Cake joins six other PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ flavors, including: Turbo Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream Overdrive, Supercharged Strawberry and Velocity Vanilla.

Red Velvet Cake PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ is now available wherever ON products are sold, including sports retailers, gyms and online. For more information on PLATINUM HYDROWHEY™ Red Velvet Cake, please visit http://www.optimumnutrition.com.

About Optimum Nutrition
ON was established in 1986 to satisfy consumer demand for consistent quality in sports nutrition. The company is also known for anticipating ever-changing customer needs and meeting the demands of a dynamic market with innovative products.  With five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities based in the United States and in the United Kingdom, ON is the only sports nutrition company to manufacture items in every product category, including nutritional bars, protein powders, ready-to-drink shakes and beverages, energy products, multi-vitamins and other health & wellness items that support a healthy lifestyle.  The brand's Gold Standard 100% Whey™ is universally recognized as one of the world's best-selling whey protein products. ON products can be found throughout the United States in close to 10,000 independent natural product and specialty retail stores, gyms, and fitness centers, and most online retailers. ON products are also sold in 130 countries around the world.






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secret feat5

Energy Spotlight: Stealth Whey Protein Cherry Flavored Drink Mix



  • 1 x 660g
  • With Real Fruit, electrolytes, vitamins, natural flavouring and natural sweetener.
  • Intended for after sustained intense muscular activity.
  • Contains 20g of fast acting protein per serving

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Directions for use

Add a rounded scoop (33g) or 4 heaped table spoons to 300ml of water in your Secret Training drinks bottle, and shake vigorously, ensuring the lid is firmly closed. For best results consume within 20 minutes of finishing hard exercise.


Nutritional Information

per 100g/33g serving Energy 1574kj 364kcal/511kj 120kcal. Fat 0.3g/0.1g, of which saturates 0.2g/0.1g. Carbohydrate 30g/9.8g, of which sugars 10g/3.3g. Fibre 2.1g/0.7g. Protein 61g/20g. Salt 1.5g/0.5g. Per 100g/33g RDA: Electrolytes (Calcium: 760mg/251mg (31%), Phosphorus: 135mg/45mg (6%), Magnesium: 201mg/66mg (18%), Zinc: 6.2mg/2.0mg (20%), Potassium: 417mg/138mg (7%)). Vitamins: B3: 36mg/11.8mg (74%), B5: 13.6mg/4.5mg (75%), B2: 3.2mg/1.1mg (75%), B6: 3.2mg/1.1mg (75%).



PROTEIN Blend (Whey Protein Isolate (from Milk)(62%), L-Leucine), Whole pitted cherry powder (5%), Maltodextrin (from maize), Fructose, Electrolyte mix (Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Zinc citrate), Sticky Rice Starch, Stabilisers (Gum Arabic, Xanthan gum, Lecithin (From Soya)), Natural Flavouring, Acidity regulators (Citric acid, sodium citrate), Elderberry extract, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Vitamins (B3, B5, B2, B6).

Allergen information – Contains milk protein and soya lecithin



About the company

Secret Training is the brainchild of European Champion Track Cyclist, Tim Lawson. An elite masters athlete, with over twenty years’ experience in developing the best sports nutrition products, working with athletes from beginners, right up to Olympic medalists and Pro Tour winners.

Produced with a clear purpose to look after your personal care and nutrition, drilled down to the fundamental need of each of these products and using appropriate technology to provide effective race day solutions, prioritising the health and performance of the athlete. Developed and tested with highspeed track cyclists, in the mud of the world cup cyclo-cross circuit and on endurance rides, Secret Training was born.



Company:  Secret Training
Brand:  Stealth Whey Protein Cherry Flavored Drink Mix
Origin: UK
Category:  Energy
Packaging:  660g
Claims:  Contains real fruits, electrolytes and vitamins.
Variants: View Range Here
Price:  £35.00
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online
Website:  http://www.secret-training.cc/





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nuts n more feat3

Food Spotlight: Nuts n More Almond Infused Whey Protein – Chocolate Crème



Our Almond infused whey protein is an industry first! Each serving is packed with 17 almonds and 23 grams of protein! Great for protein supplement, meal replacement and pre-post recovery drink.


Gluten Free!

Serving Size 1 Scoop (40g)
Servings Per Bag Approx: 23
NET WT. 2.0 lbs (909g)


Ultra Whey Complex (Cross-Flow Micro-Ultrafiltration), Difiltration Instant Whey Concentrate, Blanched Almonds, Cocoa, Natural Flavor, Stevia.



nuts n more 3a



About the company

We started Nuts ‘N More 4 years ago looking for other healthy alternatives of getting protein into our diets without having to eat another bar or drink another shake. We created the first high protein spreads to hit the mass market and with the help of our two partners, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec we’re focused on doing it in a big way.

Most natural butters can be chunky and hard but our all natural, high protein spreads were created in a unique way giving you double the amount of protein with a smooth consistency and texture. Simple ‘n natural!

We’re quickly expanded from high protein peanut butters and almond butters to other nut based products like our Almond Infused Protein and our NEW Peanut Powder line.



Company: Nuts 'N More
Brand:  Almond Infused Whey Protein – Chocolate Crème
Slogan:  Nuts 'N More
Origin: US
Category:  Supplement
Packaging: 909g
Claims:  Gluten free, each serving contains 17 almonds and 23g of protein.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $42.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website:  http://www.nuts-n-more.com/



nuts n more 3




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Supplement Spotlight: GoNutrition® Whey Protein 80 SF Pure



Whey Protein 80 SF Pure is an ultra-pure soy free whey protein concentrate powder. We've used our premium whey protein base from free-range grass-fed cows and replaced soy lecithin with allergen-free sunflower lecithin, obtaining the highest level of purity. Our soy free whey protein shake comes in the GN™ renowned natural flavours.


• Ultra premium soy free whey protein
• Over 20g protein per 25g serving
• Rich in BCAAs and glutamic acid


What is Whey Protein 80 SF Pure?
Whey Protein 80 SF Pure is a new ultra premium quality 80% soy free whey protein powder. This is produced exclusively from free range, grass fed cows and sunflower lecithin is used as the emulsifying agent, resulting in a premium shake that’s completely free from soy. Whey Protein 80 SF Pure packs in over 20g protein per 25g serving and is unparalleled for value in the UK market. If you find a comparable quality soy free whey protein on sale elsewhere in the UK then we’ll be happy to beat the price by 5%.





Company: GoNutrition®
Brand: GoNutrition®
Slogan: go further
Origin: UK
Category: protein shake
Packaging: 500g
Claims: Soy free whey protein from free range, grass fed cows
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £9.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: gonutrition.com








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protein wrap feat

Protein Spotlight: P28 Foods Protein Wraps



The best choice for your health and your body.

With P28 High Protein Wraps, you’ll never get less than the best. Take charge of your health and fitness goals by choosing the foods that will get you there. Our wraps are formulated to provide you with 28 grams of protein and fiber-rich whole wheat to keep you energized all day long. Our unique blend of ingredients features whey protein isolate, the highest-quality source of protein you can buy.

Not all proteins are the same. At the apex of the pyramid is whey protein isolate (WPI), the primary protein source of P28. Made from whey protein that has been stripped of lactose, fat, and carbohydrates, WPI is the fastest-absorbing protein available. It consists of branched-chain amino acids, which are immediately used up by skeletal muscles during intense physical activity. They need to be replenished during and after exercise to optimize workouts and avoid fatigue. WPI also contains essential amino acids, making it a complete and superior protein for building muscles, losing weight, and getting healthy.


  • 28 grams of protein per wrap
  • Made with Whey Isolate - The highest quality source of protein
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Whole Wheat - Made with Oat, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, and Millet
  • A rich source of 8 essential Amino Acids
  • Cholesterol Free
  • A source of Fiber
  • Contains Omega 3's



protein wrap





About the company

P28 was developed by three brothers in the bakery business and their personal trainer/nutritionist. The three of us were overweight and out of shape. We wanted to lose weight and get back into shape quickly.

The first thing we did was join a local gym and hire a personal trainer. Our personal trainer sat us down before we started our workout program and explained that nutrition was just as important as working out. We started working out regularly and made some changes in our diets. After months in the gym, we were not seeing the results we expected.

We began formulating products with proper nutrition in mind. In 2008, after a year of development, we introduced P28. P28 is the first Original High Protein Bread on the market. We now offer this quality product to you as part of your family’s healthy lifestyle.




Company: P28 Foods
Brand:  Protein Wraps
Slogan:  P28 Foods
Origin:  US
Category:  Protein
Packaging:  6 pack, 12 pack. (4 wraps per pack)
Claims:  28 grams of protein per wrap, made with Whey Isolate,
Variants:  View product range here
Price: 6 pack $38.94, 12 pack $70.68
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.p28foods.com/





protein wrap



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icon nutr feat

Supplement Spotlight: ICON Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Evolution





100% WHEY PROTEIN EVOLUTION is the purest form of muscle recovery and performance protein powder on the market coming from hormone free Irish cows that are grass fed year round thus yielding significantly more naturally occurring branch chain amino acids (BCAA's) per serving than other whey protein powder products.

100% WHEY PROTEIN EVOLUTION is a non-GMO, non-denatured, non-acid treated, cold pressed whey protein powder that is designed to target type II muscle fibers and improve a person's size, strength and lean body mass gains.100% WHEY PROTEIN EVOLUTION also has a thermogenic effect on the body through facilitating protein synthesis, meaning your body will burn more calories through the consumption of 100% WHEY PROTEIN EVOLUTION over other fuel substrates such as carbohydrates or lesser absorbing quality proteins.


✓    Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder
✓    No Added Gluten
✓    Acesulfame Potassium & Aspartame Free  
✓    Contains just 0.1% Sucralose
✓    Banned Substance Free
✓    No Fillers or 'Protein Blends' used
✓    No Milk Protein added
✓    Soy Free




About the Company

As an evidence-based sports nutrition brand ICON Nutrition is about consistently helping athletes, teams and individuals perform at maximum capacity every time they train or compete and recover as efficiently as possible.




Company: ICON Nutrition
Brand:  100% Whey Protein Evolution
Slogan:  ICON Nutrition
Origin:  UK
Category:  Supplement
Packaging:  2.27kg
Claims:  Grass fed Whey Protein powder, no milk protein, soy free
Variants:  View product range here
Price: £47.95 GBP
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.iconnutrition.co.uk/





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pro works feat

Supplement Spotlight: The Protein Works Diet Protein Pancakes




Diet Protein Pancakes are the leaner, diet-friendly counterpart to our best-selling Protein Pancake Mix. High in protein and naturally flavoured to ensure they’re low in sugar, each Diet Protein Pancake is then fused with research-backed ingredients like Clarinol® CLA and Prolibra®.

Diet Protein Pancakes are made with our award-winning premium grade Whey Protein 80 and boast an amazing nutrient profile. But what’s even more unique is the addition of Glucomannan. A soluble fibre that in the context of an energy restricted diet has been shown to contribute to weight loss*.


    • Scientifically driven high protein pancake
    • Made with low GI carbs & low in sugar
    • Contains Clarinol® CLA and Prolibra®




pro works nutr2




About the company

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an innovative and completely original sports nutrition brand that is committed to offering a superior level of products and service for our customers. We innovate, formulate and manufacture in-house to ensure exceptional quality, constant innovation and most importantly, lower prices for our customers.

Everyone at TPW™ is passionate about sports nutrition and committed to raising the bar for customers. We innovate at a pace that the competition cannot match and always put customers at the heart of our business.

An example of this innovation is our Create Your Own Formula feature that gives customers the opportunity to design and buy their own exclusive formula. We are the only brand in Europe that currently offers this service which takes personal sports nutrition to a new level.



Company: The Protein Works
Brand:  Diet Protein Pancakes
Slogan:  The Protein Works
Origin:  UK
Category:  Supplements
Packaging:  500g, 1kg
Claims:  Award winning premium grade Whey Protein 80
Variants:  View product range here
Price: £11.49 500g, £17.99 1kg
Where to Buy:  UK, Buy Online
Website: http://www.theproteinworks.com/





pro works1


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Bar Spotlight: Detour Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Whey Protein Bar




Real ingredients covered in a creamy chocolate coating and a rich salted caramel layer on top of a delicious chocolate chip cookie dough core.

20g of protein
6g of Fiber
7g of Sugar
Nothing Artificial
Gluten Free


Detour Whey Protein Blend [Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Isolate], Milk Chocolate Flavored Coating [Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Inulin, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Processed With Alkali, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin (an Emulsifier), Vanilla], Glycerin, Caramel [Soluble Fiber, Inulin, Water, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Butter, Non Fat Dry Milk, Sunflower Lecithin, Salt, Natural Flavor, Stevia], Chocolate Chips [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Milk, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavor], Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolate, Gelatin, Water, Non-GMO Soy Protein Crisps [Soy Protein Isolate, Rice Flour], Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, Salt, Stevia.

Contains soy and milk ingredients and may contain peanuts or tree nuts







About the company:

Detour is owned and manufactured by Forward Foods LLC, which produces and markets high protein bars and shakes. Detour was launched in October, 2002, with the goal of revolutionizing the world of high-protein snack bars.

We began with whey protein, the highest-quality protein available, which contains all the essential amino acids for muscle recovery and repair. And, then we focused on making the most delicious bars and drinks possible. The results are award-worthy!

Our Original Detour Protein bars, Lower Sugar bars, and Lean Muscle bars & shakes all prove that you can have it all: outstanding performance and great taste.






Company: Forward Foods LLC
Brand: Detour
Origin: USA
Category: Bars
Packaging: 60g
Claims: Gluten free, Non GMO, Protein
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $24.99 (12 x 60g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Finder
Website: detourbar.com












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Supplement Spotlight: Gatorade Whey Protein Bar


Pro-Caliber ProTein

The protein bar used by the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB is now available to you. With 20g of protein mixed with carbs, Gatorade Whey Protein Bars fuel muscle recovery to help you come back strong tomorrow.



Protein - 20g
Recover Whey Protein Bars contain high-quality whey and milk protein. When eaten right after a game or practice, they give your muscles essential amino acids needed to help rebuild and recover.

Carbs - 42g
During exercise, you burn through fuel stores in muscles and energy reserves in the liver. Replenishing these carbs is a critical step to being ready for tomorrow's workout.

Calories -350g
Two sources of calories offer one complete recovery. The calories from carbs refill depleted energy stores in muscles and the calories from protein help rebuild them.


Company: Gatorade
Brand: Gatorade
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 2.8oz bar
Claims: Recovery
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: gatorade.com







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Snack Spotlight: Oatmega Vanilla Almond Whey Protein Bar





Crunchy, roasted almonds with a touch of creamy vanilla will satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your wellness.


Ingredients: Grass-Fed Whey Protein (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Crisps (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Tapioca Starch)), Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Gluten-Free Oats, Inulin (Chicory Root Fiber), White Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Lecithin, Vanilla), Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Pure Fish Oil (Anchovy, Sardine, Tilapia), Organic Compliant Flavors, Milk Minerals, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Antioxidant Blend (Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Lou Han Fruit Extract), and Sea Salt..

Allergen Statement: Contains Milk, Fish, and Nuts. Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and soy.




About the Company
Boundless Nutrition is a natural healthy food manufacturer and distributor based in Austin Texas. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business. We currently offer the Oatmega 3 Wellness bars and the Perfect FIT Protein Cookies.

Boundless Nutrition started as a small home grown business in Austin Texas. Trevor created the bars as part of a diet and exercise program for himself. As his diet plan started working well his friends and coworkers wanted to know his secret; aside from regular exercise, small frequent meals that contain high quality proteins, healthy fats and antioxidants were the key. Since it isn’t always easy to eat frequent meals, Trevor created a nutrition bar that had all of the essential aspects of a small healthy meal. He dubbed the bars the Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars after the omega 3 fatty acids and whole grain oats contained in the bars. Read More




Company: Boundless Nutrition
Brand: Oatmega
Origin: USA
Category: Bars
Packaging: 1.8oz (50g)
Claims: Omega, Gluten Free, Whey Protein, Gluten Free, Green Tea
Varieties: Mocha, Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Peanut
Price:  $23.88 USD (4 bars)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: boundlessnutrition.com






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