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Knowledge sharing for your startup with Crowdbase



Crowdbase. Dubbed as a centralized way to organize and share knowledge, the app acts as a private social network, allowing you to build your own wiki with your team to make learning collaborative. For our staff that gives us the opportunity to share brand guidelines, social voices and company protocols, but also a chance to share on strategies, goals and stay-up to date with what everyone is learning in one place.

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Instant aperitif service delivers in 45 minutes



L’appero is an on-demand apéritif delivery service in Paris that promises customers no more than a wait of 45 minutes.

Startups such as Postmates have aimed to provide quicker local delivery by taking advantage of idle couriers. Based in Paris only, L’appero is an on-demand apéritif delivery service that promises customers no more than a wait of 45 minutes.

Users can download the L’appero app from both the App Store and Google Play, which enables them to select the items they want delivered. L’appero currently offers a choice of two boxes. La Box is suitable for two to four people and includes cured ham, Ossau-Iraty cheese, tapenades, olives, bread and a bottle of wine or water for EUR 30. La Box Moustache on the other hand is for one to two people and includes a bottle of beer, chips and Mimolette cheese for EUR 15. The customer’s location is tracked via GPS and payments are made through their smartphone. L’appero uses bicycle couriers to quickly get the boxes to customers, wherever they are, within 45 minutes.

L’appero’s success is based on the localized nature of its service, enabling it to deliver goods across the city in a convenient timeframe for customers. Are there other unusual takeaway options that could be given this kind of treatment?

Website: www.lappero.com

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Social Dining with Blend About


What is Social Dining?
Have you ever gone to brunch or dinner with a group of friends? If you answered “yes”, then you’ve participated in Social Dining.

Social dining is when a group of people meet at someone's home or at a restaurant to enjoy a meal together. It is the use of meals specifically as a means to connect with others: eat to socialize. Brunch, dinner, and supper parties are popular examples of Social Dining events. The location is as important as the quality of conversation, people, and food. A friendly atmosphere and a good meal enrich the social networking experience.

Social dining differs from a dining club in the sense that it is not exclusive, but promotes an inclusive atmosphere. Friends and strangers alike can share the social dining experience either at someone's home or at a restaurant.




What is BlendAbout?
In a nutshell, BlendAbout is Social Networking – offline. BlendAbout’s Social Dining service matches people with common interests into small groups for meals at restaurants.

BlendAbout will schedule group meals for you and 5 other people that share your interests, at restaurants in your area. A small intimate group allows everyone to comfortably connect and make new friends, meet potential business partners, or maybe even find that special someone. There's no limit to the number of group meals you can attend in your area. If you are traveling for business or for fun, we can arrange group meals for you in your destination city.

We aren’t a typical social networking service. You can invite your existing friends to BlendAbout to join you in your social dining adventures. However, our primary goal is to help you build a network of new friends from the people you meet at your group meals.

The core BlendAbout experience is meeting REAL people in person and sharing a REAL meal together. We feel that the internet is an incredible tool that allows people to connect in so many ways. However, it seems that people are connecting more often in a virtual environment and less often in-person. We strive to bring back the ancient art of human connection.

Great Food + Great People = the Ultimate Pairing.


How to Make New Friends using BlendAbout
Creating an account takes less than a minute. With a few simple clicks of the mouse you'll be on your way to starting your REAL social dining experience. It begins similarly to any other social network: by entering basic information your account has been created.

Then just tell us a little about yourself, such as the type of food you like and what types of things interest you. The more specific you get the better we can match you to other users for group meals.

If you don’t want to attend group meals alone, you can invite a friend and create a Blended Profile with them, so you can attend group meals together.

If you’re only available on certain days, you can visit the Group Meals section to let us know when you’re available.

See a specific user that you’d like to meet? Add them to your wishlist. If they wishlist you as well, you could meet them at your next group meal.


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yWorld is a social platform for your profession with influence and prestige rankings

We use LinkedIn for our professional endeavors, creating connections and an open space to share in discussions. But its level of interaction is minimal and the type of content that can be shared is also restricted. yWorld is a new professional social platform by 2Dots Inc. from Vancouver building toward a better professional social experience that enables you to post, display, share, and connect with others, but also collaborate with meaningful discussions without the noise.

On yWorld, the main focus is not to land a job, but to express yourself, and let your voice be heard under the umbrella of a career-focused network. With a suite of real-time collaboration tools on board such as yEdit and yBoard to work-together with the professionals you connect with instead of just communicating. Founded by Rahul Singh and Kehar Gill the site uses a ranking engine that distributes content to your platform feed by eliminating the noise or better put: removes the posts from those that have rarely anything of importance to share. Everyone wants to share, but sometimes those that are sharing aren’t worth flooding your content feed with, yWorld takes a proactive response to that to prevent those messages of un-interest to you from being seen.

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Airline lets fliers pre-order in-filght meal on its website using virtual tray

While it’s fair to say airline food has improved markedly in recent years, for many of us there’s still a moment of nervous hesitation as we pull back the foil lid on the meal to reveal the contents within. We might spend the first minute or so poking and prodding the steaming morsels in an attempt to correctly identify them, or we might simply decide to forgo the food and swiftly return the lid to its original position. Yes, in-flight meals can still be a confusing, mystical affair.

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South Korea Mobile Messagers

Millions Of Teens Are Skipping Facebook And Using A New Breed Of Messaging Apps

Create personal profiles. Build networks of friends. Share photos, videos and music.

That might sound precisely like Facebook, but hundreds of millions of tech-savvy young people have instead turned to a wave of smartphone-based messaging apps that are now sweeping across North America, Asia and Europe.

The hot apps include Kik and Whatsapp, both products of North American startups, as well as Kakao Inc's KakaoTalk, NHN Corp's LINE and Tencent Holdings Ltd's WeChat, which have blossomed in Asian markets.

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Meet like-minded people who are also new in town

Built by a team of three passionate people, who recently moved to London. Being newcomers to a big international city, they found that connecting with strangers and discovering the city on ones’ own can be challenging. That is why they believe that it should be shared with like-minded people.


Pokke is their solution to solve that problem and help users with their journey in the cites they moved in recently. The Pokke team tells us: “What makes our application different are the matching algorithms and filters we use to showcase only relevant results – like mutual interests, nationality and music taste. We also enforce people to meet in real life, visit an event and generally spend less time online.”

pokke meet people new in town

pokke interface

Currently in beta, the application, as we mentioned yesterday, builds on our need to meet new people and discovery. Connecting with people whom have shared interests helps ensure that those you meet offline will bring an experience that can be adventuresome, laid back or a non-stop party (all determined by your personality). Request an invite for when the startup launches on their teaser page.

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Dish.fm helps you discover the best dishes at any restaurant

Having analyzed over 3,000,000 reviews for San Francisco and New York, pulled from Yelp, Foursquare and other sites, in one quick glance you can learn what is the best dish, drink or dessert to order.

The free iPhone app came out in mid-December using their own algorithm to process reviews in natural language and returns analysis for dishes that are noted to signal to users what menu items are rated the highest. The team is now working on releasing the app for more cities in 2013 including: Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. Since launching the app has seen 30% weekly growth and could quickly become the app of choice to discover good eats.


dish fm

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SnapDish app makes your food prettier

SnapDish’s ability to make food photos look better is a feature that its competitors don’t have, but does that make it worth having another food app on your device?

There’s been a bit of buzz on Twitter today about the SnapDish app, a food photo-sharing app, so I thought I’d check it out. According to The Next Web, the Japanese app recently moved into new markets by adding seven new languages and adding an app for the Kindle Fire.
It looks like SnapDish is a direct competitor to Foodspotting, but it also does some of the same things that FourSquare and Evernote Food do.
The first thing I wondered was, “Do I need yet another food photo sharing method?” No, I don’t. I used Foodspotting for a while, but it got old quickly for me. It also got old for my dining companions, many of whom don’t care about cherishing the memory of every single meal by looking at photographs of it for years to come.
I’ve been using FourSquare a lot recently for quick food photos and to learn how it works simply for business purposes. It gets the job done if I want to take a photo of a specific dish and add a few notes, then share it with others.
So, if SnapDish was going to be a keeper, it would have to function for me in some way that meets my specific needs at the time. Here’s how SnapDish works:
The app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices. I downloaded it to both my iPhone and my Kindle Fire. After creating a free account, I started to play around on my Kindle Fire. Every time I tried to take a photo of food, the app would crash. It’s useless on my Kindle.
I had more luck on my iPhone. I was able to take photos and import photos from my iPhone library of previous dishes I’d taken at restaurants. Here’s where I found one feature that none of the competing apps has. Before hitting done and uploading the photo I’d taken or uploaded from my library, I could use the blur feature to make items in the background blury and have the app automatically make the photo look sharper using the “rare, medium or well-done” feature.
Take a look at the following three photos.
This is a photo I took at a Philadelphia tapas bar a couple of weeks ago of some incredibly delicious bacon and date empanadas. It’s blah, like most food photos taken in restaurants with an iPhone.
This is the same photo when after I clicked on the “medium” button in SnapDish, and it was automatically altered a bit. The colors are brighter and the food really does look more delicious, which is what the app says it will do for your food.
This is the photo after the original had been imported into iPhoto on my computer, and I used the automatic “enhance” feature. I tried it just to see how well it worked, and I don’t think the enhancement is as much as the SnapDish improvements.
If you take quick photos of the food you eat with your phone and you want to share them with a social network AND you want those photos to look as good as possible, SnapDish seems like it’s the best app for that. It doesn’t, however, give you the ability to crop photos.
Other than the “rare, medium, well-done” feature, SnapDish seems to have one other feature not common on other apps. You can put in recipes of the food in your photos, but the app advises you not to share someone else’s recipes, only your own. So if you make a recipe you found on someone else’s website, you can post of a photo of it, but not a copy the recipe.
With SnapDish you can connect with others who use the app, make comments about their photos and share them, and, as the SnapDish website says, “record your dishes as a life log with elegance and style.” Other apps allow you to do the same.
I don’t think I’ll be leaving the SnapDish app on my iPhone and using it regularly, but I can see why some people who are interested in recording every dish they eat might want to. I do think that I’ll be re-installing it from time to time simply to use the photo-fixing feature that’s one of the better free ones I’ve seen.
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Tech Spotlight: Neighborhood data with Sitegeist

Sitegeist is new iPhone and Android app that helps you learn about your surroundings with visually uplifting and stunning graphs and details. Drawing in localized information from the U.S. Census, Yelp, Foursquare, and weather information the app helps you learn about your neighborhood in regard to average age, climate or average income in certain areas.

Developed by the Sunlight Foundation, the app is categorized into People, History, Housing, Fun and Weather, but they are working on more, much more. They plan on adding data to the app regularly, giving users the chance to learn more and more everyday about their surroundings.

sitegeist weather and average age

From age distribution to recommended restaurants, the app is a clever production to help us understand what is possible with free APIs and great design, which was done in consultation with IDEO.

sitegeist foursquare and income average

You can get the app for free at the App Store and Google Play. The app only provides information to for the U.S. but hopefully that changes as more government APIs are utilized by Sitegeist.

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