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Industry News: MAD TASTY Launches New Website


MAD TASTY – an all-natural, low calorie beverage with 20mg of pure broad-spectrum hemp extract – is excited to debut its new website featuring an enhanced user experience and Direct-to-Business program.


The new website has the same great MAD TASTY look and feel with the following features:

  • A NEW Direct-to-Business program, allowing retailers and foodservice entities to easily buy wholesale.
  • A NEW affiliate program, making it easier than ever for our partners to earn referral fees.
  • A smoother navigation and purchasing experience.
  • Increased functionality around creating and updating subscription preferences.
  • Coming Soon: An integrated product locator with a comprehensive list of retailers nationwide.


“As we scale our business it’s important that MADTASTY.com not only serves our direct customers, but our retail partners as well,” said Dan Holland, COO of MAD TASTY. “In addition to creating a more seamless experience overall, we are thrilled to implement a Direct-to-Business channel, which will make it easier for retailers across the country to bring product into their stores and sell MAD TASTY to their customers.”



MAD TASTY was founded in Santa Monica in 2018 by Ryan Tedder – cannabinoid-enthusiast, singer, songwriter, producer and the lead singer for the band OneRepublic – when he was searching for the ULTIMATE functional and hydrating beverage. Ryan wanted to drink more water, but water is boring. He wanted an effective dose of hemp extract (which includes the cannabinoid CBD), but hemp extract can taste bitter. After much searching and research, he and his team cracked the code. They can now proudly say that no sparkling water tastes better, has less calories, or is more functional than MAD TASTY.









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Industry News: All-State Brokerage, Inc. Reveals New Website, Highlights Industry Leadership


Leading Food Broker Revamps Web Presence and Brings Heightened Awareness to

The Firm’s Industry Knowledge

COLUMBUS, CO All-State Brokerage (ASB), a leading food brokerage serving confections, sweets and grocery products, is proud to unveil its newest digital initiative, a refreshed website. This website is a visible representation of the brand’s presence as a true leader within the industry. ASB’s responsive website, which launched this month, offers a clean, uncluttered layout and streamlined navigation, making contact with the company and the ability to learn more about its capabilities, easier than ever. The website also serves as a resource for both customers and manufacturers, as they seek out brokers they can trust.


ASB’s website is now a fuller representation of who the company is at its core. Featuring a wide spectrum of current customers and manufacturers that rely on ASB for its industry leadership, prospective brands and retailer outlets have the ability to recognize the company’s know-how in the food industry. Beyond a more streamlined look and feel, the website also functions as an introduction to the people behind ASB. Team member introductions offer a more in depth understanding of the years of skill and experience that help to make up the ASB team.

“We’re proud to be able to launch the new site and bring our web presence into alignment with who ASB is,” shares Jim Szabo, Chief Financial Officer at ASB. “It’s exciting to be able to share it with our customers and manufacturers, ultimately presenting our brand in the light it deserves.”


For nearly 30 years, ASB Team has been the leading food brokerage for the snack food and sweets category. As a brand, it leads the C-Store, Dollar, Specialty, Discount, Alternative and Private Label channels through unprecedented tenacity and discipline, and by utilizing expert data and analysis. ASB Team is committed to excellence and achieves such through decades of experience and applied knowledge, paired with a comprehensive approach that cuts straight to a solution for each brand.


About All-State Brokerage, Inc.

Since ASB’s founding in 1986, the brokerage has grown to become a leading national broker with a strategic focus on confection, snacks and grocery products. In partnering with a nationally-recognized team, customers and manufacturers experience the expert implementation of programs geared for emerging markets, such as: Dollar, Non-Traditional Retail, Deep Discount and Convenience.









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Company Spotlight: Punchh – offering solutions for better customer engagement


Punchh, the restaurant industry's leading mobile loyalty and insights platform, drives customer engagement through fully integrated private-label mobile apps, and equips brands with a data driven marketing platform to target guests with the right offer, at the right place, at the right time.



The most comprehensive set of tools all within one platform



Punchh provides the industry's most comprehensive mobile engagement product suite in conjunction with a best-in-class data management platform. Our platform ensures that your brand's unique solution will have room to grow and evolve with your needs.




Easy to use
Punchh is with you every step of the way, from customizing the program design, to development, on-boarding, and providing corporate/franchisee training for our user-friendly dashboard.






Works with any POS system
Punchh's flexible, turn-key integration can support your existing POS software/hardware, and can deploy multiple integrations across fragmented systems.






Proven results
Our customers have reported same-store increases of 7% to 10%, and Punchh has an amazing 100% retention and renewal rate with our customers.


Learn more about Punchh and How it Works at www.punchh.com







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Company News: Celestial Seasonings Launches New Website



Celestial Seasonings launched a brand new website to go with some slick new packaging as well.  The new site is clean and refreshing and we like the packaging as well.

Visit celestialseasonings.com



About Celestial Seasonings
In 1969, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs founded Celestial Seasonings upon the belief that their flavorful, all-natural herbal teas could help people live healthier lives. They harvested fresh herbs from the Rocky Mountains by hand, and then dried, blended and packaged them in hand-sewn muslin bags to be sold at local health food stores. By staying committed to their vision, the founders of Celestial Seasonings turned their cottage industry into an almost overnight success. Today, Celestial Seasonings is one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in North America. We serve more than 1.6 billion cups of tea every year, and we source more than 100 different ingredients from over 35 countries to create our delicious, all-natural herbal, green, red, white, chai and wellness teas. But most importantly, we're still about people and passion.





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Tech Spotlight: Hotelied – The Luxury Hotel Booking Site


What is Hotelied?

Hotelied is a hotel booking site that offers a different approach to pricing and booking lifestyle and luxury hotels. Hotelied recognizes the fact that not all travelers present the same value to hotels, and provides hotels with a platform to specifically target and customize their offerings to their most desirable traveler segments, while allowing travelers to access unpublished discounts at some of the world’s best hotels. This innovative approach benefits both the traveler and the hotel.


How do I use the website for reservations?

Unlike other hotel booking sites, Hotelied asks its users to create a travel profile, which involves linking your social media accounts and travel loyalty programs. We then use the information you provide us – such as your travel status with airlines and hotels, what industry you work in, and your social media following – to match you with the most relevant hotel discounts available.



About Hotelied

Co-Founders Zeev Sharon and Nick Colletti introduce Hotelied, a “dating site” for hotel stays that matches travelers with a curated selection of hotels and discounted rates. As an alternative to the overwhelming travel booking landscape, Hotelied offers exclusive rates tailored to each member’s profile. Inspired by a deep-rooted passion for travel and hospitality, Zeev and Nick created Hotelied to fill a gap in the travel industry and impart personalization into the booking experience.

Hotelied gives its members the opportunity to be rewarded for being themselves. With tailored offers, exclusive discounts, strategic partnerships, and emphasis on luxury lifestyle, Hotelied offers a personalized and curated booking experience. With a carefully selected network of hotels for its members to choose from, Hotelied’s database at launch includes hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Palm Springs, with a national and international rollout taking place over the next year. Read More








Visit hotelied.com

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Tech Spotlight: Ello – The Ad Free Social Network


Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.

We originally built Ello as a private social network. Over time, so many people wanted to join Ello that we built a public version of Ello for everyone to use.



Ad Free

Ello doesn't sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties.

Virtually every other social network is run by advertisers. Behind the scenes they employ armies of ad salesmen and data miners to record every move you make. Data about you is then auctioned off to advertisers and data brokers. You're the product that's being bought and sold.

Collecting and selling your personal data, reading your posts to your friends, and mapping your social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical. Under the guise of offering a "free" service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy.

We also think ads are tacky, that they insult our intelligence and that we're better without them.

Read more about our no-ad policy here.


Support Ello

Ello is completely free to use.

We occasionally offer special features to our users. If we create a special feature that you really like, you may choose to support Ello by paying a very small amount of money to add that feature to your Ello account.

You never have to pay anything, and you can keep using Ello forever, for free. By choosing to buy a feature now and then for a very small amount of money you support our work and help us make Ello better and better.




When you use Ello we collect some information related to your visit. This information helps us understand in a general way how people are using Ello, so we can make our social network better.

Unlike virtually every other social network, on Ello you can opt out of information sharing. Read How Ello Uses Information to learn how.



Join Ello

Ello is currently invitation-only. To join Ello, you need to know someone that is already on the network. Alternatively, you can request an invitation by visiting the Ello Home Page.






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App Spotlight: Meditate on the Go with Buddhify


Stress, relentlessness and a sense that everything around is just too overwhelming. That’s how the video for Buddhify starts off to share why their app is so important—to keep balance and peace of mind. Meditation on the go to bring mindfulness, concentration and calm to your busy daily life is why the new application is worth giving a try.

Continue Reading @ New Startups

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Tech Spotlight: PINCHme – First Free ‘Sample-Box’ Site Launches Today


New York, NY (November 12, 2013) – A revolutionary digital platform is hitting the U.S. that will give Americans the chance to try products for free. The only catch? Consumers simply have to let brands know what they think about their products. Launching today, PINCHme (www.pinchme.com) is the first-ever product sampling site that allows consumers to choose samples from some of the world’s leading brands for free in exchange for their feedback. For its U.S. debut, PINCHme has signed a diverse range of America’s favorite brands including Pantene, Rimmel, Special K and Gevalia, that are offering consumers their newest and most popular products to sample.

Unlike others in the sample-box category, PINCHme puts the power in the hands of the consumer by allowing them to choose which products they want to try on a bi-weekly basis at no cost. Consumers can sign-up for free and become PINCHme members at www.pinchme.com.



· Members sign-up and build their profile

· Members are offered a selection of leading products for free

· Members can sample up to 1/3 of the products that are offered at a time (again, for free)

· Once delivered, members simply provide feedback via a mini survey within 30 days

· Members can share with others via social media. If they love a product, they can conveniently purchase products through the “Buy Now” feature, which redirects them to retailers where the products are sold

Through the PINCHme platform, brands can develop more strategic, “smart” sampling programs that target the right demographic, build mass awareness on new products and facilitate/track purchase conversion. In addition, the PINCHme “Buy Now” feature creates a benefit for retailers as it redirects members who wish to purchase products they’ve sampled directly to retailer sites.

PINCHme was founded in July 2012, in Australia, and has since achieved much success partnering with more than 50 CPG brands and attracting more than 500,000 members. The company is part-owned by New York’s leading creative agency, Droga5, and several Australian families, as well as senior management of PINCHme, led by founder and Executive Chairman, Jeremy Reid.

“With the explosion of social media and mobile technology, consumer behavior has changed significantly. Therefore, there has been a massive shift in the way leading brands are interacting with their consumers,” said Jeremy Reid, founder of PINCHme.

“PINCHme is leading this transformation with an innovative digital platform, where consumers now have the power to try leading brands, in exchange for their insights. Imagine that – people can try products for free and tell the companies that make them what they think. For the first time, brands can speak directly to their consumers and get their product insights in real time. It’s a powerful analytical tool that promotes better understanding of consumers’ needs and ultimately helps brands grow product sales,” he added.

Other key aspects of PINCHme’s platform include:

· PINCHme promises to surprise – giving consumers products that are relevant to them, that they have never tried, tasted or touched before; and rewarding them for their natural, social behavior.

· PINCHme members will be invited to join the Pinching Rewards Program, allowing members to earn Pinching Points for claiming products, completing feedback, sharing and liking products on social media and referring friends to the PINCHme site.

· Rewards… and more rewards -- PINCHme will reward the monthly top five members with grocery vouchers for those who earn the most Pinching Points.

· PINCHme provides brands a direct line to relevant potential consumers, delivering efficient, clear data reporting.

· PINCHme is a new way to engage with consumers.


About PINCHme

PINCHme (www.pinchme.com) is an innovative digital marketing platform that allows members to sample products in exchange for their feedback, giving consumer brands the opportunity to increase sales by delivering mass awareness, targeted trial and valuable insights. For more information, please visit www.pinchme.com.





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Tech Spotlight: Leftover Swap App

For Leftover Takers
You're hungry. And cheap. We understand.

You also care about reducing waste, eating locally, and want to build relationships within your community. We also understand those things.

Simply fire up LeftoverSwap, view the available leftovers around you, make your selection, and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Your cheap, local, and community-oriented meal is waiting.

For leftover givers
You're stuffed. You can't take another bite, but there's so much left on your plate.

You hate the idea of throwing out food, but also don't want to be eating the same leftovers for the next few days. We understand. You want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and fertilizer as well. We also understand that.

Snap a picture of what you can't eat, name it, and share the rest of your meal. Your neighbors are hungry.


40% of the food we produce goes to waste.
25% of us don't know our neighbors' names.
70% of us are overweight.
16% of Americans lack enough food for a healthy lifestyle.
99% of us don't need a second helping of the beef lo mein.

LeftoverSwap solves all of these problems.

LeftoverSwappers don't feel the need to eat an enormous restaurant portion, and instead pass it on to a hungrier neighbor, in turn learning their name and avoiding excess calories. Through increasing the efficiency of each plot of land dedicated to food production, we can reduce our intensive use of natural resources, and reduce our expansion into sensitive environmental areas.


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SpoonRocket Trying to Revolutionize Fast Food


Based in the Bay Area, the startup has a simple menu – one dish for vegetarians and one for meat eaters, both priced at USD 6. The company gets its food from local organic, free-range and growth hormone-free sources such as San Francisco’s Greenleaf grocers, and uses gourmet recipes that are switched each day dependent on the ingredients available. Due to this flexibility, customers can expect their food to be delivered to their door within ten minutes, with a text sent to let them know when the driver will be outside.

View Full Article @ SpringWise


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