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Drink Spotlight: Drink Simple Blackberry Lemon Sparkling Water



Drink Simple Sparkling Maple Water is delightfully sippable, totally organic, nutrient-packed, tree-based hydration with naturally occurring electrolytes, prebiotics, and no added sugar.

- GMO, gluten, and dairy-free
- No added sugar or sweeteners: No stevia, no monkfruit, no erythritol
- Plant-Powered Nutrients: Antioxidants and electrolytes straight from the tree to you






Company: Drink Simple
Brand: Drink Simple
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Packaging: 12oz
Claims: GMO, gluten, and dairy-free
Variants: View Here
Price: $29.99 (pack of 12)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: drinksimple.com






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Drink Spotlight: Cloud Water Grapefruit & Mint & Basil + Immunity

Tart and tangy grapefruit meets cool and refreshing mint and basil.

Formulated with 100% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of Vitamin D3 and Zinc, Cloud Water + Immunity was created to provide daily immune support when you need it most. Cloud Water + Immunity does NOT contain hemp extract.

100% RDI of Vitamin D3 & Zinc
Sweetened with Organic Wildflower Honey
All-Natural Ingredients
Gluten Free
Certified Kosher
Eco-Friendly Packaging
20 Calories / 5g of sugar per can
12 cans per case

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Organic Wildflower Honey, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin D3. Does NOT contain hemp extract.

Nutrition Facts: 20 Calories per 12 fl oz Bottle, 0g Total Fat, 0mg Sodium, 5g Total Carbs, 5g Natural Sugar (honey).


About the Company
We have made it our mission to empower people to take health into their own hands through evidence-based functional products that support both physical and mental health needs.

We believe that wellness starts from the inside out; that everything we put into our body should be done with purposeful intention. All of our sparkling beverages are made with premium botanicals and all-natural ingredients that were carefully selected to add balance among the stresses and strains of modern life.

By choosing Cloud Water, you have chosen intuition, ambition and wellness. Recharge, refuel, relax …whatever you need to think, feel or do to get back to living your best life. Cloud Water is your ticket back to you.


Company: Cloud Water
Brand: Cloud Water
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Claims: Non GMO, All Natural Ingredients
Variants: View Products Here
Packaging: 355ml
Price: $39.95 (12 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.cloudwaterbrands.com










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Company Spotlight: FreeWater, The World’s First Free Beverage Company Launches


FreeWater is a paradigm-shifting, philanthropic marketing startup that is implementing an innovative, Eco-friendly, BPA-free product as a new type of advertising medium; 10 cents from each beverage will be donated to charity to build water wells for people in need

AUSTIN, Texas, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FreeWater Inc., a philanthropic marketing channel that is implementing an innovative, paradigm-changing product as a new type of advertising medium, launches with a foundation and focus in philanthropy. The product is eco-friendly and BPA-free, and is paid for by the ads printed directly onto the aluminum bottles and cartons. Advertisers have the option to distribute the water for free or sell the beverage for profit. For more information on FreeWater, go to www.freewater.io.


Founder Josh Cliffords created FreeWater after volunteering with refugees who had revealed the water scarcity issues they had faced. At present, 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water while slightly less than one half of the global population, 3.6 billion people or 47%, live in areas that suffer water scarcity at least one month each year. Cliffords sought out a for profit solution to provide free, clean water and build infrastructure for communities to obtain water.

FreeWater is paid for by ads that are printed directly onto paper cartons and aluminum bottles. With their B-to-B model, some advertisers may choose to distribute the product for free while others may choose to sell it. With their B-to-C model, the water is always free. Part of the company's mission is to pay its members to consume free products in the future. FreeWater is currently granting all its donations to a variety of nonprofits that are building water wells and systems in Africa.

Advertisers can make use of FreeWater's physical packaging by connecting QR codes for consumers to scan in order to collect coupons, watch videos and breaking news, order food, take surveys, register to vote, download music, movies, tv shows, video games, and software, Augmented Reality and more.

FreeWater aims to be a positive and prominent advertising channel that doesn't annoy or harass its audience. Instead, they want to make people happy by saving them money, saving lives and helping the environment. Additionally, FreeWater advertisers get 10 times the impressions of direct mail; the company's potential profit margins are also much higher than traditional food and beverage companies, being a media and e-commerce platform.

Now based in Austin, Texas, the company has created a paradigm-shifting marketing concept aimed to evolve into the world's first free supermarket and to disrupt the food and beverage industry. Water is just the first of many products that Josh plans to make free and supported by advertising.

FreeWater will also construct special partnerships for other 501(c)(3) organizations or any other positive community outlets such as church groups, sports programs, and schools. Partners who are using FreeWater as a fundraiser must be able to sell all the ad space themselves and FreeWater will grant between 10 and 25 cents per beverage to the partner depending on the quantity and the price at which the ad space is sold.

SOURCE FreeWater Inc

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Check out freewater.io for more information

Check out freewater.io for more information



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Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water

Baby Spotlight: Gerber® Organic Fruit Infused Water Provides Summertime Hydration Toddlers Will Love


On-the-Go Hydration Beverage Aims to Establish Healthy Water Consumption Habits at an Early Age

ARLINGTON, Va., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Early childhood nutrition leader Gerber introduces Organic Fruit Infused Water to provide toddlers with on-the-go hydration in natural flavors little ones will love. Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water is a convenient and delicious way to keep kiddos hydrated with the benefits of water and yummy taste of real organic fruit puree—without any added sugars, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. Perfect for summertime, this refreshing beverage comes in a spill-proof pouch with a resealable spout that's convenient for on-the-go activities—making it simple to keep your little one hydrated, no matter where the day takes them.

Educating little ones on healthy food and beverage habits is not only a top priority for Gerber, but also for today's parents. According to a 2020 Gerber sponsored survey of 2,000 parents in the U.S., more than three-quarters (77%) of parents find it very important to speak to their children about health and nutrition from a young age. Gerber is always aiming to meet parents where their needs are by providing innovative products that foster healthy habits.

"Beverage habits are an important part of the nutrition discussion between parents and their little ones. While we often think about what foods a child is fed, beverages contribute 27% of a toddler's daily calorie intake," said Erin Quann, Ph.D., R.D., Head of Medical Affairs at Gerber/Nestlé Nutrition. "According to Nestlé's latest Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study, more than 20% of toddlers drink fruit flavored drinks, which contribute calories and added sugar to their diet but very few nutrients. Swapping fruit flavored drinks for Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water could help to improve your little one's diet and keep them hydrated throughout the day."

Healthy beverage choices are important for growing toddlers, and nutrition experts recommend water, milk and no more than four ounces of fruit juice per day for children 1-3 years of age. Made up of 94% water with a splash of organic fruit puree and natural flavors, Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water has zero grams of sugar, zero calories per serving and is a tasty way to make water a favorite beverage for your little one. This beverage option encourages healthy water consumption habits and provides hydration for growing bodies.

"There are no other products like Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water in the baby aisle. At Gerber, we know it's important to provide ways for growing little ones to stay hydrated and establish healthy beverage habits early," said Yanit Belachew, Brand Manager at Gerber. "We were inspired to add this innovative beverage to our product portfolio to provide parents with another tasty and convenient beverage option to include in their toddler's drink rotation."

Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water includes four pouches per box and is currently sold at Walmart and Amazon but will become available at HEB, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Weis, Wakefern this summer. For information on how to recycle this product after use, visit Gerber.com/Sustainability.

Gerber Products Company was founded in 1928 in Fremont, Mich. Gerber joined the Nestlé family on September 1, 2007. Gerber is a leader in early childhood nutrition. At Gerber, research informs everything we do – from the products we make, the nutrition education we deliver and the services we offer. Gerber provides resources from the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) for health care professionals at Medical.Gerber.com/FITS and for parents at Gerber.com.


Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water

Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water







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Water Spotlight: Oxigen Water



OXIGEN was created to give you more from your water. With real science behind the oxygen-boosted, functional water brand, OXIGEN helps you to not only get back on your feet, but reach a higher level (Wesee you 3pm work day slump, post workout exhaustion and general daily drain!). Recover and rise from what life takes out of you. OXIGEN is available in standard water, which deliver 100x the oxygen for faster recovery and OXIGEN Shots, which deliver 500x the oxygen for instant focus

Water with an O4 edge
You want to get the most out of each day. But your life doesn’t take a break to let you recover. We’ve got you. We’re OXIGEN. Water with an O4 edge. Two O2 molecules fused together to create our proprietary O4 molecule. Extra oxygen that stays stable in water until you drink it. So once you do, you can get back to conquering your day.


What makes OXIGEN different
OXIGEN contains O4 – two O2 molecules fused together using a proprietary 120-step manufacturing process to create one oxygen super molecule that remains stable in water. That O4 super molecule is bioavailable, which means it enters your bloodstream upon consumption.

Extra oxygen in your bloodstream means extra oxygen for your mind and body. Oxygen that helps your muscles recover faster. Oxygen that gives your brain clarity. Oxygen that gives you the boost you need to face your day, beyond the benefits of hydration.


The daily recovery boost your mind and body need
When you exercise, your muscles can’t get enough oxygen. That causes lactic acid to build up, leading to muscle fatigue. Increasing the oxygen in your bloodstream with O4 helps your body break down lactic acid 2x faster.

Increasing the oxygen available to your brain helps it function more efficiently. Especially during moments of increased stress. Studies have shown additional oxygen (like O4) lets you perform at your peak by increasing focus, improving stamina and accelerating muscle recovery.


Electrolytes for hydration, not just taste
Many waters claim to have electrolytes. But you might want to check their labels. Don’t see it? Maybe that’s because the FDA determined their water had such insignificant “trace amounts” of electrolytes they weren’t allowed to list it. If you check an OXIGEN label, you’ll see electrolytes listed right there. Because OXIGEN water actually contains enough to make a difference. Refreshing, huh?





Company: Oxigen
Brand: Oxigen
Country: USA
Category: Water
Claims: 100 times the oxygen for faster recovery
Packaging: 20oz
Price: $45.36 (24 x 20oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.drinkoxigen.com











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Aura Bora

Water Spotlight: Aura Bora Lauches a line of Sparkling Water Products


Herbal Beverage Brand Launches and Expands Distribution, from the Land to Your Hand, With Over 300 Natural Retailers

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Can you imagine drinking a cactus or a freshly picked bouquet? How about sipping on the most aromatic herbs and plants on the planet? An herbal sparkling water is finally here, bringing clean labels, good feelings, and delightful tastes to consumers across the country. Meet Aura Bora, a craft sparkling water made from real herbs, fruits, and flowers, rejecting the conventional flavors of mainstream seltzers.

The San Francisco-based brand was created by sparkling water fanatics, Paul and Madeleine Voge. In their search for soda alternatives, they realized the market was filled with mediocre flavors, tired branding, and artificial ingredients. So, they began experimenting with a home carbonator and some crushed herbs to create truly unique flavors.

"It all started when my wife, Madeleine, and I were just messing around with our SodaStream," said Paul, now CEO and Co-Founder of Aura Bora. "We happened to have all these herbs and botanicals in our pantry. One thing led to another, and Aura Bora was born. It turns out when you combine real herbal extracts and sparkling water you get vivid flavors, floral aromas, and a more natural taste. Finally, consumers can enjoy beverages tailor-made to their palates. Sparkling water aficionados find solace in an escape from the norm."

The brand's pairing of herbs and fruits sets Aura Bora apart from other sparkling waters. The first five varieties are Cactus Rose, Lavender Cucumber, Peppermint Watermelon, Basil Berry, and Lemongrass Coconut. On top of the glorious tastes, Aura Bora is sugar-free, calorie-free, and sodium-free. Each plant-based variety is made with Non-GMO ingredients for an elevated sparkling water experience.

In addition to the appeal of innovative flavors, Aura Bora's branding has been a massive draw for consumers. Aura Bora partnered with Boulder-based creative agency Moxie Sozo to craft their unique look. Co-Founder and Creative Director, Madeleine Voge, drew inspiration from the Earth's natural wonders for their breathtaking packaging. Each can features whimsical illustrations including owls, crocodiles, porcupines, sloths, and chameleons to emphasize the earth-inspired ingredients and playful brand personality. "Having worked in the creative field for years, I knew our cans could be tributes to the ingredients inside them. The colors, landscapes, and cheeky haikus on each can help Aura Bora jump off the shelves the first time, and the taste sells the product each time thereafter."

Since its launch in January 2020, the brand has expanded to over 300 natural retailers across the country. The brand is sold via local DSDs in Colorado and Northern California, as well as national distributors, KeHE and UNFI. "We're blown away by how much Aura Bora has grown just in its first six months," said Paul. "As we expand into other retailers, we know Aura Bora will continue to stand out in new markets, even in this competitive arena."

Aura Bora's five varieties, Cactus Rose, Lavender Cucumber, Peppermint Watermelon, Basil Berry, and Lemongrass Coconut are available at select retailers and range in price per location from $1.99 to $2.29 per 12 fl oz can. Aura Bora 12-count single flavor and variety packs are also available for $30 with free shipping through their website.

About Aura Bora
From the land to your hand, meet Aura Bora. Aura Bora is a line of sparkling waters made from real herbs, fruits, and flowers for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings. All five varieties are sugar-free, calorie-free, and sodium-free. Using all-natural ingredients, the products are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. To learn more about Aura Bora, visit ww.aurabora.com.





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Drink Spotlight: Miracle Seltzer Carbonated Water


Lower your brainwaves and open your eyes really wide. There are Miracles all around you. Miracle Seltzer is 12oz of pure carbonated water that will make all of your dreams come true. Miracle Seltzer is for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each can is your one-way ticket to a new dimension.

Company: Miracle Seltzer
Brand: Miracle Seltzer
Country: USA
Category: Water
Packaging: 12lf oz
Price: $24.99 per case
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: miracleseltzer.com








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Drink Spotlight: Lemon Perfect Cold Pressed Lemon Water



Putting a new squeeze on hydration, Lemon Perfect is here to make people drink more lemons! Providing replenishing electrolytes and essential antioxidants at only FIVE calories and ZERO sugar this lemon-powered beverage is also a great source of immune-boosting Vitamin C. Not to mention, each bottle contains half a squeezed organic lemon and is keto-certified and fast-friendly.


Flavors include Just Lemon, Blueberry Açaí, Dragon Fruit Mango and Peach Raspberry. Each 12 fl oz bottle retails at $1.99 and can be purchased on Amazon, Whole Foods and more.

Lemonize your life.TM
With essential electrolytes and a blast of antioxidant vitamin C, Lemon Perfect is a deliciously hydrating and naturally energizing cold-pressed superfruit beverage that helps you live your perfect day, every day.


Why Lemons?
Superfruit hydration is more convenient and blissful than ever. Sustainably-farmed and hand-picked in sunny Southern California, our organic lemons boost a body in motion.


Benefits of Lemons
- Essential Electrolytes
- Collagen Synthesis
- Natural Energy
- Increased Metabolism
- Antioxidant Power (Vitamin C)
- Digestive Support
- Recovery
- Stress Relief
- Clearer Skin

Pressed to perfection.
We gently cold-press half an organic lemon, then use high pressure processing — never heat — to naturally and deliciously maintain the hydrating superfruit benefits of freshly squeezed lemons.



Blissfully refreshing.TM
Lemon Perfect is a remarkably flavorful cold-pressed superfruit beverage that delivers all-natural hydration with zero sugar and only five calories.



Company: Lemon Perfect
Brand: Lemon Perfect
Slogan: Cold Pressed Lemon Water
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Claims: USDA Organic, High Pressure Certified, Non GMO Verified, Vegan, Gluten Free
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: lemonperfect.com



















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Drink Spotlight: Sanzo Sparkling Water




Traditional Asian flavors. Modern taste.
The 1st Asian-inspired sparkling water, Sanzo uses real fruit + no added sugars to deliver refreshing taste. Whether these flavors are a taste of home or a source of discovery, we’re excited to bring you authentic flavors in the most delicious way we know how.



Calamansi (LIME)


The “golden lime” from the Philippines, calamansi is the perfect balance of tart lime with hints of tangerine.
The perfect go-to refreshment, it’s what New York Magazine dubbed “the cure for seltzer fatigue”.



LYCHEE (Berry)


Is it a raspberry? A grape? A sweet flower? Kind of all three.
Lychee are floral, fragrant and just the right amount of sweet.
If you've previously found lychee too sweet or syrup-y, you'll be refreshed by our lightness.





Dubbed the “king of mangoes”, the Indian alphonso mangoes are often considered the best on Earth.
Radiant orange, sweeter and less fibrous than its counterparts, you'll taste Southeast Asia in one sip.








Company: Sanzo
Brand: Sanzo
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Packaging: 12fl oz (355ml)
Claims: Made with Real Fruit, No Added Sugar
Price: $8.99 (6 pack)
Where to buy: Buy Online
Website: drinksanzo.com






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Product Spotlight: MAD TASTY Launches New Flavor & Donates 100% of Profits to American Red Cross


This National Unicorn Day (April 9), MAD TASTY is launching their new mystery flavor – Unicorn Tears. Unicorn Tears is the latest flavor in their 20 MG hemp-extract, 0 sugar, pure sparkling water lineup. For every online purchase of Unicorn Tears, MAD TASTY will donate all profits from online sales for the first six weeks to the American Red Cross.


MAD TASTY was created by one of the music industry’s leading singers, songwriters, and producers, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and NBC’s “Songland,” and:

  • Contains 20 milligrams of pure broad-spectrum hemp extract per can.
  • Offers calming benefits that help you zone in.
  • Contains no added sugars or sweeteners.
  • Is available in three delicious flavors: Watermelon Kiwi, Grapefruit, and new mystery flavor Unicorn Tears.
  • Is indeed MAD tasty.

I wanted to give people some magic and spark their creativity and this new flavor, Unicorn Tears, does just that – not to mention it’s also MAD tasty.  It’s always been important to me to support those in need, and the world can use our help more than ever right now.  So, we are donating 100% of our online profits of Unicorn Tears to The American Red Cross during this launch.” – Ryan Tedder on the Mad Tasty Unicorn Tears launch.








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