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Condiment Spotlight: The New Primal Wasabi Coconut Aminos



Wasabi Coconut Aminos

For a spherical fruit, the coconut is a bit square. Sure, its resume is pretty impressive, with healthy oil, allergen-friendly milk, and versatile flour garnering it more than a moment. But when we mingled its functionally fermented aminos with a fiery little wasabi root, the resulting sauce changed the way the coconut flavored the world around it. Don’t be surprised if it gets a tattoo and starts listening to loud music.

  • Whole30 Approved®
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Soy Sauce Alternative
  • Dairy Free



About the company

As a kid growing up in Tampa, Florida, Jason figured it was normal to have extended family and, at times, half the neighborhood drop by for dinner on the regular. It didn’t occur to him to wonder why the Burkes weren’t guests around someone else’s table… his mom was always the best cook in the room. And why mess with the best, especially at mealtime?

After college, a move to the burgeoning food mecca of Charleston, South Carolina proved a decent sub (but never a replacement), for Mama Burke’s Cuban-influenced recipes. The vending machine at work, however, was a different story. Health-minded but ever-carnivorous, Jason began making his own jerky – with grass-fed beef, simple spices, and a countertop dehydrator – to keep in his desk drawer. Officemates took notice (by sight and by smell), and when a handful of favors turned into dozens of orders, the seeds of a bona fide start-up were planted. Enriched with a crackerjack team, clever branding, and a test kitchen the stuff of food-taster dreams, The New Primal launched in 2012. In short order, the meat-eating masses were devouring its humanely-sourced, insanely-good jerky.  Read More



Company: The New Primal
Brand: The New Primal
Origin: USA
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 8 lf oz (237 ml)
Claims: Soy Sauce Alternative. Soy Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $7.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator





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Food Spotlight: Chosen Foods Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo



Wasabi adds a fiery flavor to our traditional Avocado Oil Mayo. Spread it on grilled seafood, steak and sushi to turn up the heat. Our Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo has a clean ingredient profile, and is approved by Paleo & Primal diets. Non-GMO verified, dairy free, naturally gluten-free, and free from soybean & canola oil.

To celebrate "Wasabi Wednesday" and the launch of our insanely delicious new flavor, we're offering 40% off your first jar - TODAY ONLY.  Exclusively available on Amazon.

Use code WASABI40 at check-out

  • PALEO DIET APPROVED & GREAT TASTE: Wasabi adds a fiery flavor to our traditional Avocado Oil Mayo. Spread it on grilled seafood, steak and sushi to turn up the heat. Our Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo has a clean ingredient profile, and is approved by Paleo & Primal diets. Non-GMO verified, dairy free, naturally gluten-free, and free from soybean & canola oil. Refrigerate after opening; do not freeze. As a natural product, our mayo may not reconstitute if frozen.
  • INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Egg Yolks, Organic Whole Eggs, Filtered Water, Organic Horseradish (Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Horseradish roots, water, Salt), Organic Distilled White Vinegar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Horseradish Mustard Powder Blend, Spinach Powder (For Color), Mustard Oil, Dried Wasabi, Organic Rosemary Extract. Contains: Egg
  • THE AVOCADO OIL DIFFERENCE: Most conventional mayonnaise contains genetically modified, industrial seed oils like soy, corn & canola. We would never do you dirty like that. We only use 100% Pure Avocado Oil in our Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo.
  • HEART HEALTHY FATS: Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo is high in Omega-9 fatty acids, the heart healthy kind that are also found in olive oil. Our Avocado Oil is a high quality oil with a mild, buttery flavor - which makes the perfect base for mayo.
  • HOW TO USE: Give your grilled seafood, steak and sushi a kick in the pants by adding a dollop of Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo. Explore your culinary wild side by spreading Chosen Foods Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo as you would its classic cousin –on sandwiches and hamburgers, in tuna salads, potato salads, deviled eggs, and as a base for sauces and dips. Our wasabi mayo tastes so good; we even dip our French fries in it!





About the company

Chosen Foods is a San Diego based company taking a clean and simple approach to real food. The company was founded by a Naturopathic Doctor on a mission to bring the healing power of superfoods to the world. A few years and several products later, the integrity and core values remain the same. Chosen Foods aims to promote optimal health by making wholesome and healthy ingredients available to everyone. Read More



Company: Chosen Foods
Brand: Chosen Foods
Origin: USA
Category: Dressing
Packaging: 12oz (355ml)
Claims: Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Dairy Free
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $10.99
Where to Buy: Direct on Website, Amazon, Store Locator





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Snack Spotlight: Itsu Wasabi Seaweed Thins



Eat beautiful
Itsu is dedicated to butterfly light, low fat, delicious food.

Our award winning shops & restaurants are dotted across London & beyond, paving the way for Asian inspired food & drink on the go.
Seaweed, known for its high mineral and vitamin content is the perfect eat beautiful snack. Our crispy seaweed thins are harvested from the crystal clear seas around South Korea. Delicious, satisfying and 22 calories per pack.

Itsu has a growing cupboard of Asian inspired, heavenly light food & drink available in delicatessens, health food shops & supermarkets. Miso soups, chocolate edamame, rice cakes, seaweed thins, noodle pots... & more on the way.

Seaweed (Laver) (65%), Corn oil, Sesame Oil, Sea Salt, Wasabi Powder (Salt, Flavour Enhancers (E621, E635), Glucose, Spice Extracts (contains Mustard), Hydrolysed Protein, Yeast Extract Powder, Wasabi Stem, Spinach Powder, Palm Oil)

Dietary Information
Contains Mustard
Contains Sesame Seeds,
Contains Yeast

Allergy Advice: For allergens see highlighted ingredients







About the Company

eat beautiful. eat lighter. eat itsu.

Years listening to customers persuaded us to create itsu, a new type of food place, dedicated to lower fat, lower calorie, delicious food.

We are here with a purpose : to help you eat beautiful.

The early pioneers of Pret are the creative force behind itsu. Butterfly light, wonderful flavours, green and good, no more gloom & gloop for you. Protein packed, low carbohydrate salads, hearty & low fat chicken noodle soups, fields of crunchy vegetables, delicious hot brown rice potsu & ‘on a beds’... from 180 calories with just 1.3 grams of fat; almost entirely dairy, wheat, fat & mayonnaise free. Even our drinks are low sugar. Talented chefs at itsu [dining], our award-winning Chelsea and Notting Hill restaurants, inspire an evolving, low fat seasonal menu, made on the hour, every hour, in each itsu.

In or out, home and away, early or late.



Company: Itsu
Brand: Itsu
Slogan: Eat Beautiful
Origin: UK
Category: Healthy Snacks
Packaging: 5g
Claims: 22 calories per pack
Price: £1.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: itsu.com








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Snack Spotlight: Ten Acre Ambrose Popperley’s Wasabi Popcorn


Wasabi Flavored Popcorn.


Popped Corn, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Wasabi Flavouring (rice flour, salt, sugar, onion powder, parsley, yeast extract powder, natural flavourings (containing MUSTARD), chickpea flour citric acid E330, natural colour: turmeric E100). Sunflower Lecithin.

Store in a Cool Place away from Bright Light


We take great care however be careful as may still contain unpopped kernels.








About the Company
Yumsh Snacks Ltd is a UK snacks company who manufacture an assortment of artisan style snacks products including potato crisps, popcorn and vegetable crisps, under the brand name “Ten Acre”.

Ten Acre is a new range of premium hand cooked crisps offering eight delicious flavours that are all gluten free, dairy free and MSG free, as well as being Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan.

The brand’s delicious flavours include “The Secret of Mr Salt”, “When Bombay Got Spicy”, “The Story of When Cheese Met the Onion”, “How Chicken Soup Saved the Day”, “When Hickory Got BBQ’d”, “The Amazing Adventures of Salt and Vinegar”, “When The Chilli Got Sweet” and “The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends”.

The premium packaging, distinctive colours and fun flavour names have been designed to differentiate from the competition and look striking on the shelf whether in pack or SRP. There are 40g of crisps in every bag ensuring consumers have a top quality and fun experience at an affordable price.  Read More



Company: Yumsh Snacks
Brand: Ten Acre Crisps
Slogan: The Popcorn Orchards
Origin: UK
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 28g
Claims: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No MSG, Vegan, Kosher, Halal
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: yumshsnacks.com, tenacrecrisps.co.uk









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Snack Spotlight: Brown Rice Triscuit Thin Crisps Wasabi & Soy Sauce



Wasabi & Soy Sauce Brown Rice Triscuit Thin Crisps are perfect for a deeply intense flavor experience. Go ahead and savor the delightful crunch anytime, anywhere!








Company: Nabisco
Brand: Triscuit
Slogan: Real Food Crackers
Category: Snacks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 7.6oz
Claims: 100% Whole Grain Rice
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: $2.54
Website: triscuit.com



thins crisps wasabi




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Snack Review: Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn Wasabi Glaze


Metcalfe skinny’s new and improved Wasabi Glaze Topcorn is freshly popped butterfly popcorn with a unique Asian twist. The wasabi flavour adds a tangy, sweet, mustardy kick to the popcorn; mild but enjoyably confident.

With all natural ingredients and only 118 calories per bag, it is the ultimate alternative to crisps. It comes in snack-size bags which are perfect for on the go… at lunch, after the gym, anytime!

Allergen Advice: This product contains mustard. This product is popped in a kitchen where milk-based products are present.


Popped Butterfly Corn (60%), Vegetable Oil, Wasabi Pea Flavouring (Sugar, Dried Glucose Syrup, Yeast Extract Powder, Salt, Yeast Powder, Natural Flavourings (Containing Mustard), Natural Colours: Cholorphyll and Tumeric, Herb, Green Pea Extract Powder, Wasabi Powder), Sugar.

About the Company
Metcalfe’s skinny is on a mission to rustle up healthier alternatives to crisps, cakes and cookies. A growing range of delicious and light corn-based healthy snacks made with top quality ingredients and limitless love and care.

It all started with a POP. As the Co Founder of Pret & itsu, Julian Metcalfe is obsessed with delicious and healthy food. Back in 2009 he was fed up of stodgy snacks that weighed him down and he wanted to create something that was light yet tasty to replace the bog standard crisp. Popcorn was the perfect fit & Metcalfe’s skinny Topcorn was born. Read More




Company: Metcalfe's
Brand: Corn'ers
Slogan: The Lighter, Bouncier Skinny Snack
Origin: UK
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 25g
Claims: Low Calorie Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly
Variants: Wasabi Glaze, Heat n Sweet,
Price: £9.36 (12 x 25g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists





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Snack Review: inSpiral Wasabi Flavored Raw Crackits



Artisan Raw Almond Crackers with wasabi, sesame and ginger, enhanced with the Shatavari herb.

These sumptuous organic Raw Crackits are crunchy and crumbly like true baked grain crackers. They are made from raw almonds, flax and chia seeds, soaked to release enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid (contained in all nuts and seeds). We then dry them at low temperatures to maintain their optimum nutritional potency. Decorated with arame and sesame seeds.

• organic • GM free • vegan • raw • gluten/wheat/soy/lactose free • 0% cholesterol/trans fat free • no added sugar • low G.I • no msg/artificial additives • 100% natural • contains nuts



Ingredients: (organic*)
sunflower seeds*
flax seeds*
horseradish powder*
mustard powder*
extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil*
chia seeds*
sesame seeds*
Himalayan crystal salt
nothing else

Nutritional Information
per 50g serving per 100g
Energy (kcal) 276 552
Energy (kJ) 1140 2280
Total Fat (g) 23.05 46.1
saturates (SFA) 2.49 4.98
mono-unsaturates (MUFA) 10.67 21.34
poly-unsaturates (PUFA) 8.84 17.69
Carbohydrate (g) 1.06 2.12

total sugars 3.1 6.2
Protein (g) 11.1 22.2
Fibre 10.05 20.1
Sodium (mg) 0.189 0.378




Company: inSpiral
Brand: inSpiral
Slogan: Visionary Raw Nutrition & More
Category: Cakes
Location: UK
Claims: Organic, Raw, Vegan, Non GMO
Packaging: Coming Soon
Price: £4.49
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website:  inspiralled.net, inspiral.co





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Product Spotlight: The Food Doctor Hot Wasabi Corn & Soya Crisp Thins



Popped rather than baked or fried The Food Doctor Crisp Thins contain less than 99 calories per bag whilst also delivering high levels of protein (25%) & fibre. 80% of people eat too little fibre in their diet, so this is a delicious and healthy answer to that problem. Our Crisp Thins are also 50% lower in saturated fat than standard fried potato based crisp snacks.

As with all The Food Doctor products these Crisp Thins are a delicious addition to any snacking occasion for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and complement The Food Doctor’s Wholesome Pots healthy snacks.

Our Crisp Thin flavours are all 100% natural without artificial additives, responding to the demands of those looking for more excitement and a challenge in the somewhat tame offers in the potato crisp market, and without any of the normal guilty health connotations!





Company: The Food Doctor
Brand: The Food Doctor
Slogan: Eat Better Forever
Category: Healthy Snacks
Origin: UK
Packaging: 23g bag
Claims: Gluten Free, Non GMO, Fiber, Protein
Variants: Sweet Chili Corn & Soya, Mild Korma Corn & Soya, Spicy Chipotle Corn & Soya, Hot Wasabi Corn & Soya
Price: £0.69
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: thefooddoctor.com



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Product Spotlight: NaGo All Natural Wasabi Miso Dressing


Nago All Natural Wasabi Miso Dressing is a family recipe that uniquely blends miso and wasabi to create a powerful taste that awakens the senses. It offers an original flavor that begins with an initial cool nasal bite and ends with a pleasant sweet after-note. Our customers also enjoy it as a dipping sauce or marinade for meat items like grilled fish or chicken. It is a Japanese restaurant secret and a constant favorite of wasabi lovers.

This particular dressing is great as a marinade for fish and chicken.

Ingredients: Rice Vinegar, Water, Miso Paste, Organic Agave Nectar, Onion Flakes (Dehydrated), Pure Olive Oil, Wasabi Powder, Garlic Powder, Sesame Oil, Spice. Contains: Sesame and Soy.



The company is founded by a father and son team who wish to share their unique line of gourmet miso dressings. The product is made with all natural ingredients most of which are carefully selected and imported from Japan. Every batch is taste tested by the chef to ensure quality before bottling and is locally made by hand in San Francisco, CA at La Cocina, a green commercial kitchen. The label was designed by a local artist who specializes in high-end packaging designs. All products contain 0g trans fat, no artificial additives or preservatives, and retain full flavor after cooking.

The dressings were first introduced to the public at Newark farmers markets in June 2009. Since then, they have expanded to several farmers' markets in the Bay Area and began selling to gourmet grocery stores. All products can also be purchased online.


Company: NaGo Foods
Brand: NaGo
Slogan: NaGo Makes Miso HAPPY!
Origin: USA
Category: Dressings
Claims: All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Low Calories
Packaging: 10oz
Varieties: Classic Miso, Ginger Sesame Miso, Spicy Miso, Garlic Onion Miso, Japanese Plum Miso
Price: $5.49 USD
Website: nagofoods.com




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Introducing Wasabi Vodka

As if vodka and wasabi by themselves weren’t nostril-flaring enough, the mad scientists from Polish vodka brand Wyborowa have just released a line of five bizarre ‘Oddka’ vodka flavors, including Apple Pie, Fresh Cut Grass and yes, that green horseradish-ey Godzilla of a sushi-condiment, Wasabi.

According to the company’s website, the “fiery” flavor was inspired by ninjas and is designed to creep up on your poor and unassuming taste buds.

Just don’t mix it with your soy sauce and stir it into a paste. Apparently, that’s a big sushi etiquette no-no.


Wasabi and other Oddka vodka flavors, 750ml for $15 in select states; to be distributed globally by Spring 2013.

[Photo via Oddka]

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