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Alcohol Spotlight: SVEDKA Vodka Launches SVEDKA Pure Infusions



The new expressions come in three bold flavors just in time for summer

SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SVEDKA Vodka, the number-one imported vodka in the United States2, today announced the launch of SVEDKA Pure Infusions, the brand's latest innovation in flavor. The new expressions come in three natural and bold flavors, Strawberry Guava, Ginger Lime and Dragonfruit Melon, that contain zero grams of sugar, zero grams of fat, zero grams of carbs, and just 70 calories per 1.5 ounce serving.

SVEDKA Pure Infusions is a perfect addition to at-home bars, allowing the bold flavors of summer to shine through in easy to make cocktails at-home. This new range of naturally flavored vodkas offers consumers that live a balanced lifestyle an original, delicious way to enjoy their favorite flavors without sacrificing taste.

"SVEDKA Pure Infusions zero sugar1 content does not compromise on the bold and innovative flavors core to SVEDKA Vodka's DNA," said Jaymie Schoenberg, Vice President of Marketing for SVEDKA Vodka. "Pure Infusions combines SVEDKA Vodka's leadership in flavor innovation with natural flavors to offer consumers a unique, sugar-free1 way to enjoy their flavored vodka no matter the occasion."

SVEDKA Pure Infusions is available nationwide in 750ML bottle for a suggested retail price of $14.99 and 1L bottle for a suggested retail price of $15.99. Each flavor is best enjoyed with soda and has its own unique recipe:

  • Tropical Cooler
    • 2 parts SVEDKA Strawberry Guava
    • 2 parts soda
    • Enjoy over ice with fresh strawberry slices to garnish
  • Skinny Mule
    • 2 parts SVEDKA Ginger Lime
    • 1 part soda
    • 1 part ginger beer
    • Squeeze of lime
    • Enjoy over ice with fresh lime to garnish
  • Dragon-Ade
    • 2 parts SVEDKA Dragonfruit Melon
    • 1 part soda
    • 1 part lemonade
    • Squeeze of lime
    • Enjoy over ice with fresh mint to garnish

About SVEDKA Vodka
SVEDKA Vodka is the number-one imported vodka brand in the United States, #4 selling vodka, #3 unflavored vodka and the fastest growing flavored vodka in the category3. Since its founding in 1998, SVEDKA Vodka has received numerous category awards and accolades, including most recently being named a Blue Chip Brand in 2018 by IMPACT Magazine and a Growth Brand in 2017 and 2019 by The Beverage Information Group. SVEDKA Vodka's "Bring Your Own Spirit®" message encourages individuality, authenticity and diversity, and celebrates the consumer of today – one that is fearlessly original, has a distinct point of view, and makes no apologies for who they are or what they do. SVEDKA is distilled five times and made from Swedish winter wheat, resulting in a smooth, clean taste. SVEDKA is available in 80-Proof, 100-Proof, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, Cucumber Lime, Peach, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Cherry, and Vanilla, and Rosé.

For further information on SVEDKA Vodka and to learn where you can purchase, please visit www.SVEDKA.com, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. © 2020 Spirits Marque One, San Francisco, CA.

1 Avg analysis per 1.5 fl oz: 70 cals, 0g carbs, 0g protein, 0g fat 
2 2018 Beverage Information Group Liquor Handbook, 9LE case volume sold. 
3 IRI latest 52 weeks ending 5-17-20


SVEDKA Vodka releases Pure Infusions

SVEDKA Vodka releases Pure Infusions


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Spirits Spotlight: Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ Launches in the United States


S.J Tasmanian Pure Vodka, LLC Brings New Class of Pure, Gluten-Free, Small-Batch Vodka from Tasmania to the U.S.

LONG BRANCH, N.J., June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- S.J. Tasmanian Pure Vodka, LLC has announced the launch of Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ (TPV™), a first-of-its-kind, uniquely crafted vodka set to bring the allure of Tasmania, Australia, to consumers in the United States. Sourced directly from the cleanest air and purest water, TPV™ will be initially available in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas and Florida beginning in June of 2020.

Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ is unlike anything on the market. Our pure, gluten-free blend serves to meet the demand of consumers, including the likes of millennials and generation Z, who are increasingly seeking natural and more artisanal products," said Joe Orrico, TPV™'s Founder and Principal. "And while TPV™ addresses and exceeds the latest consumer consumption trends for uniqueness and superior quality, the product is here to stay and is carving out a niche category of naturally pure vodka that has yet to exist."

TPV™ is derived from Tasmanian Mountain Waters® Natural Spring Water, which provides a well-balanced base of natural and essential minerals, ultimately delivering a clean, crisp taste. The water is extracted at Scott's Rising, South of Mole Creek Karst National Park, after running through a series of 300 limestone caves, dating back over 30 million years. The pristine water is then gently treated using a natural sterilization method free from chemicals and artificial components, adding to its purity and unrivaled taste.

"Purity is the key differentiator in the development of TPV™, as is the deliverance of the mystique of Tasmania, a land of far away and seemingly make-believe; one that many perceive as mysterious and fantastical," added Ross Sheppard, TPV™'s consulting production partner.

TPV™ is delivering a new standard of purity, as the distillation process has resulted in the product exceeding the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' (BATF's) standards for gluten-free certification. TPV™ is also kosher certified.

For more information, contact: Joseph Orrico, jorrico@tpvodka.com

For press inquiries, contact: Paige Taylor, ptaylor@tpvodka.com

About Tasmanian Pure Vodka

Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ (TPV™) is derived from 30 million years of CraftTM. Its small-batch, premium recipe is produced from the purest water and air of Tasmania, Australia, and is rolling out across the United States. The premium vodka's core ingredient, water, is supplied by Tasmanian Mountain Waters, the purest on the planet, which runs through a series of 300 limestone caves to the point of extraction. TPV™'s mission is to transform nature's purest water into vodka in its most natural form.

40% ABV. 4X Distilled. 80 Proof. Imported by SJ Tasmanian Pure Vodka; Long Branch, NJ, Tasmanian Pure: Pure Air. Pure Water. Pure Vodka™



S.J. Tasmanian Pure Vodka LLC

S.J. Tasmanian Pure Vodka LLC



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Drink Spotlight: Square One Organic Spirits Launches Organic Ready to Drink Cocktails


Ultra-premium organic spirit portfolio unveils its own branded line of original cocktails and encourages consumers to #TakeMeWithYou

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of Square One Organic Spirits – who pioneered the concept of organic vodka and botanical spirits more than 15 years ago – today continued that drive for innovation with the release of a collection of handcrafted certified organic ready-to-drink cocktails.

"Consumers – particularly Millennials and Gen Z – are increasingly conscious about what they are drinking, and they are attracted to the certified organic ingredients and lack of artificial flavorings that are core to the DNA of all Square One products," said Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO, Square One Organic Spirits. "With the addition of these delicious sparkling ready-to-drink cocktails, Square One now has a variety of options for discerning cocktail sippers – whether they prefer the base spirit, organic cocktail mixer or the convenience of a can. No other ultra-premium vodka brand has this breadth of offering."

Apart from being one of the originators of the organic spirits movement, Evanow is also one of the first women in the industry to found, fund and manage her own spirit brand.

Like the line of spirits and cocktail mixers that precede them, Square One Organic Cocktails have been carefully crafted from the purest ingredients. Square One Organic Cocktails use all organic ingredients: vodka, real juice, botanical extracts and no artificial preservatives, creating a much better cocktail experience than other canned cocktails that use a simple, and often artificial, flavoring.

"Our consumer wants a light but complex tasting cocktail, not a hard seltzer with one flavor, and certainly not a flimsy diet version of an original," said Evanow. "Our unique cocktails feature beautiful packaging and clever names – a craft cocktail experience with less alcohol but more flavor. Convenience doesn't have to be boring."

Square One Sparkling Cocktails will initially be available in California and then expand across the country during the rest of the summer. The Square One Organic Cocktail RTD portfolio includes:

Pear of Roses: Organic vodka, pear, rose, lavender, rosemary, lemon

Basil Berry Fizz:  Organic vodka, basil, strawberry, lemon

Mediterranean Pearl: Organic vodka, bergamot, orange, pomegranate, coriander, star anise, lime

Cucumber Therapy:  Organic Vodka, cucumber, rose, ginger, lime

Square One Organic Cocktails are USDA Certified Organic and heat pasteurized. They are lightly carbonated, ABV of 7.5% and are available in a pack of 4-12-ounce cans with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

About Square One Organic Spirits

Square One Organic Spirits, a pioneer in organic spirits, is a female-owned and WBENC-certified boutique spirits company founded with the sole mission of creating innovative organic spirits and cocktail products with an eco-conscious mindset. Featuring a USDA certified-organic portfolio of spirits, cocktail mixers and ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, Square One is the only ultra-premium vodka brand with this breadth of offering.  Square One's business philosophy includes seeking out eco-friendly choices in all parts of the business, including using soy inks, FSC certified and carbon neutral face labels, wind-power at the distillery and designing bottles that is stylish enough to be reused.



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Alcohol Spotlight: Absolut® Vodka Sodas And Absolut Cocktails Are Now Ready To Drink




With no preparation needed, the new offerings are made with original Absolut Vodka and natural flavors

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Absolut introduces Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails, a range of vodka sodas and cocktails crafted using original Absolut Vodka and made with natural flavors—delivering all the fizz, but none of the fuss.

Inspired by the iconic, go-to cocktail, Absolut Vodka Sodas are lightly sparkling, ready-to-enjoy mixed drinks in three delicious flavors – Lime & Cucumber, Grapefruit & Rosemary, and Raspberry & Lemongrass. With 97 calories per serving, the original Absolut Vodka-based sip offers a crisp, carbonated taste with no added sugar or carbs1.

Those who enjoy a premium classic cocktail experience are covered with the addition of the Absolut ready-to-drink Cocktail line. The trio of beverages – Mango Mule, Berry Vodkarita and Grapefruit Paloma – are a well-balanced blend of original Absolut Vodka and fruity sweetness that delivers a refreshing flavor.

"Made with original Absolut Vodka, the new line of ready-to-drink vodka sodas and cocktails meet a consumer demand for convenience without compromising quality," said Regan Clarke, Vice President of Millennial Connector Brands, Absolut, Pernod Ricard USA. "While perfect for the summer season, these sparkling sips, made with natural flavors, are ready to enjoy all year long – no fuss required."

Absolut Vodka Sodas & Absolut Cocktails Are Now Ready to Enjoy
Whether it's a spur of the moment celebration or a toast to the start of the weekend, Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails are ready to be enjoyed when the moment strikes – no mixing required! The lightly sparkling Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails can be enjoyed straight from the can or served in a cocktail glass with garnish.

Absolut Vodka Sodas:

  • Grapefruit & Rosemary: Lightly sparkling with the crisp and refreshing taste of grapefruit, accentuated by the bright notes of rosemary. (5% ABV)
  • Lime & Cucumber: Lightly sparkling with the crisp and refreshing taste of lime, accentuated by the bright notes of cool cucumber. (5% ABV)
  • Raspberry & Lemongrass: Lightly sparkling with the crisp and refreshing taste of raspberry, accentuated by the bright notes of lemongrass. (5% ABV)

Absolut Cocktails:

  • Berry Vodkarita: Lightly sparkling with the intense and refreshing flavors of strawberries, raspberries and citrus fruits.  (10% ABV)
  • Grapefruit Paloma: Lightly sparkling and bursting with the delicious flavor of grapefruit, sherbet sweetness and tropical fruits. (7% ABV)
  • Mango Mule: Lightly sparkling, perfectly balancing the taste of tropical mango with citrus and spicy ginger. (7% ABV)

Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails continue our commitment to high-quality products – featuring the perfect balance of Absolut Vodka and made with natural flavors. Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails are available nationwide for an MSRP of up to $12.99.

Follow @AbsolutVodka_US on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation using #AbsolutCans. Visit Absolut.com/AbsolutCans for more information, product availability and to learn more about Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails

Absolut® Vodka Specialties.  Product of Canada.  5%-10% ALC./VOL. © 2019 IMPORTED BY ABSOLUT SPIRITS CO. NEW YORK, NY

Pernod Ricard USA is the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard SA., the world's second-largest spirits and wine company. Pernod Ricard employs approximately 19,000 people worldwide, is listed on Euronext (Ticker: RI) and is part of the CAC 40 index. Pernod Ricard USA is headquartered in New York, New York, and has more than 800 employees across the country. The company's leading spirits include such prestigious brands as Absolut® Vodka,  Avión® Tequila, Chivas Regal® Scotch Whisky, The Glenlivet® Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Jameson® Irish Whiskey, Kahlúa® Liqueur, Malibu®, Martell® Cognac, Olmeca Altos® Tequila , Beefeater® Gin, Del Maguey® Single Village Mezcal, Monkey 47® Gin, Plymouth® Gin, Seagram's® Extra Dry Gin, Malfy® Gin, Hiram Walker® Liqueurs, Midleton® Irish Whiskey, Powers® Irish Whiskey, Redbreast® Irish Whiskey, Aberlour® Single Malt Scotch Whisky; Lillet®; Smithworks® Vodka, Jefferson's® Bourbon, Smooth Ambler® Whiskey, Rabbit Hole® Whiskey, Pernod® and Ricard®; such superior wines as Jacob's Creek®, Kenwood® Vineyards, Campo Viejo® and Brancott Estate®; and such exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines as Perrier-Jouët® Champagne, G.H. Mumm™ Champagne and Mumm Napa® sparkling wines.

As "creators of conviviality," we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices in service of our customers, consumers, employees and the planet.  Our products bring people together and serve a valuable role in society. We encourage responsible consumption of our products and fight alcohol misuse in society by evolving our business and our marketing, taking action on harmful drinking and engaging with our stakeholders for real change. As a founding member of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org), we are proud to be a part of the campaigns that have worked to produce a 29% reduction in underage drinking over the past 10 years.



Absolut® introduces Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails, a range of ready-to-drink sparkling sips made with Absolut Vodka and natural flavors.

Absolut® introduces Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails, a range of ready-to-drink sparkling sips made with Absolut Vodka and natural flavors.



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Spirits Spotlight: Trinchero Family Estates Partners With Hanson Of Sonoma® Organic Grape-Based Vodka



ST. HELENA, Calif., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Trinchero Family Estates today announced a partnership with Hanson of Sonoma® Organic Grape-Based Vodka. Trinchero will be the sales, marketing and distribution partner for the craft organic grape-based vodka with distribution rights for North America. The partnership is a significant addition to the Trinchero Spirits and Specialty Beverage division, which was founded in 2012. The Trinchero Family Estates and Hanson of Sonoma strategic partnership taps into shifting alcohol beverage growth trends. Notably, the spirits industry – up 2 percent1 – has grown for 24 consecutive years, with support from vodka – up 1 percent and the largest spirits category by far1. The $20+ craft vodka segment where Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka resides has seen impressive growth – up 9 percent at retail2 – and craft cocktails have gained and maintained strong consumer interest on-premise.

Launched by the Hanson family in 2013, Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka is a grape-based, USDA-certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO line of artisan vodkas that includes Original Vodka and Meyer Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Cucumber, and Habanero flavored vodkas. The small-batch vodka retails at $30 and is distilled seven times in a hybrid pot and column still, infused with hand-peeled and hand-chopped organic fruits and vegetables, and bottled at a craft distillery in Sonoma, California. The Hanson family consists of Scott and Judy Hanson and their four adult children – Brandon, Darren, Chris and Alanna Hanson – all of whom will remain actively involved in the Hanson of Sonoma Vodka business, operations, and two tasting rooms. The family's primary tasting room is located at the Hanson of Sonoma distillery in Sonoma; in the spring of 2019 they opened a second tasting room above Hanson Gallery Fine Art in Sausalito.

The addition of Hanson of Sonoma Vodka to the Trinchero Family Estates portfolio underscores TFE's commitment to expanding its partnerships with like-minded family businesses that will continue to elevate its offerings. Now the second-largest family-owned alcohol beverage company in the United States, the Trinchero family's history is rooted in spirits, as founder Mario Trinchero began his career as a bartender at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria and Barbizon Plaza hotels in New York City when he first immigrated to the U.S. from Italy, prior to making his way further west and founding Sutter Home winery in 1948.

Trinchero Family Estates President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Torkelson commented, "Hanson of Sonoma Vodka will be one of the key pillars of our Spirits portfolio. We greatly admire the quality, authenticity and breadth of offerings that the Hanson family have created, and we look forward to working with them to further grow and build their brand."

Hanson of Sonoma Founder Scott Hanson adds, "We are thrilled to partner with Trinchero Family Estates. TFE provides sales, marketing, distribution expertise, a family-owned perspective and a collaborative team spirit that we know will take Hanson of Sonoma Vodka to the next level."

About Trinchero Family Estates Wine & Spirits

The world's second-largest family-owned winery and fourth-largest overall, Trinchero Family Estates (TFE) comprises more than 50 award-winning wine and spirits brands distributed in nearly 50 countries around the globe. Founded in 1948—when Italian immigrant Mario Trinchero brought his young family from New York City to Napa Valley and purchased an abandoned Prohibition-era winery called Sutter Home in St. Helena—Trinchero Family Estates has been an innovator for seven decades. Today, Trinchero Family Estates remains deeply rooted in Napa Valley, encompassing a broad portfolio of global offerings, including flagship brands Sutter Home Family Vineyards and Ménage à Trois; luxury brands Trinchero Napa Valley, Napa Cellars and Neyers Vineyards; partner brands Joel Gott Wines, Charles & Charles and Bieler Père et Fils; import brands Angove Family Winemakers, Avissi Prosecco, Echo Bay, Finca Allende and Terras Gauda; and Spirits and Specialty Beverage brands Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka, Tres Agaves Organic Tequila, Tres Agaves Organic Cocktail Mixers, Amador Whiskey, Trincheri Vermouth, Sugar Island Rum. Learn more at www.tfewines.com

About Hanson of Sonoma Organic Grape-Based Vodka

Hanson of Sonoma® is a family-owned, small-batch organic vodka distillery. Owned and operated by four siblings – Chris, Brandon, Alanna and Darren – and their parents Scott and Judy, Hanson of Sonoma makes 100 percent organic vodka from grapes and uses only real ingredients to infuse each flavor which currently includes Original, Meyer Lemon, Mandarin, Cucumber, Habanero and other limited releases. In July 2018, four years after their launch, Hanson opened up a tasting room in the Los Carneros Appellation of Sonoma. A first of its kind in Wine Country, the tasting room offers a unique experience to visitors that, in addition to vodka flights and expertly-crafted cocktails, also offers educational courses like martini and caviar pairings or vodka infusion courses. Hanson of Sonoma's distillery is located at 22986 Burndale Road in Sonoma, CA. The tasting room is open every day from 11 a.m.5 p.m. In spring 2019, Hanson of Sonoma opened their second tasting room in Sausalito, CA. This tasting room, located within the Hanson Gallery Fine Art at 669 Bridgeway, is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12 – 6 p.m. More information can be found at HansonofSonoma.com

1. Shanken's Impact Databank 2019 edition
2. Nielsen, Total US xAOC, 24 Weeks Ending 6/15/19, Dollar Sales

SOURCE Trinchero Family Estates

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Hanson of Sonoma Organic Grape-Based Vodka

Hanson of Sonoma Organic Grape-Based Vodka



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Spirits Spotlight: CÎROC Celebrates Global Launch of CÎROC French Vanilla




AMSTERDAM, August 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

CÎROC ultra-premium vodka is today celebrating the arrival of its newest luxury addition to the global collection of CÎROC flavours: CÎROC French Vanilla.

The new variant pairs the rich and creamy taste of French vanilla with the impeccably smooth texture of CÎROC, to create the perfect foundation for a celebratory cocktail occasion.

CÎROC Global Brand Director Natalie Wills said, "We're always seeking to bring new, fun and luxurious celebratory experiences to our consumers. CÎROC French Vanilla is going to do just that - its intensely indulgent and versatile flavour profile lends itself incredibly well to the hottest trending cocktails, perfect for celebrating."

The all-year celebration flavour is being launched with a hero CÎROC-Star Martini serve, tapping into the ever-growing popularity of the Porn Star Martini.

Wills continued, "The Porn Star Martini is hot, climbing fast on the ladder of the top trending cocktails and we're seeing it being asked for more and more across our markets. Its combination of smooth vanilla vodka mixed with an array of vibrantly tangy ingredients, topped off with a dash of champagne, makes it the ultimate celebration cocktail.

"CÎROC French Vanilla offers an intensely luxurious route to creating the ultimate Porn Star Martini, which is why our new hero serve for French Vanilla is the CÎROC-Star Martini."

CÎROC French Vanilla and the CÎROC-Star Martini will be rolled-out in the on and off trade across global markets - including the US, the UK and Global Travel - from October 2017.

The launch of French Vanilla is the latest news from the CÎROC #ONARRIVAL campaign, putting CÎROC at the heart of celebratory 'arrival' moments within fashion and popular culture.

The brand recently strengthened its position in the super deluxe vodka category, with a 5ppts share gain globally (IWSR, 2016).

Wills concluded: "CÎROC French Vanilla taps into the developing consumer interest in luxury and meets the growing consumer demand for ultra-premium flavoured vodka, while capitalising on the growing popularity and dynamism of CÎROC."

CÎROC French Vanilla has a RRSP of £38.67 / $33.99 for 70cl and has an ABV of 37.5%.



35ml CÎROC French Vanilla

15ml Passionfruit Syrup

10ml Rhubarb Aperitif

25ml White Peach Puree

5ml Lemon Juice

50ml Champagne (on the side)

Martini glass/ straight up / shake and fine strain

Garnished with half a passionfruit floated in the drink.

All ingredients except for the champagne are added to a Boston tin with ice, shaken and fine strained into a large martini glass. The champagne is then poured into a shot glass which is served alongside.



New CIROC French Vanilla (PRNewsfoto/Diageo)

New CIROC French Vanilla (PRNewsfoto/Diageo)


The CIROC-Star Martini made with CIROC French Vanilla (PRNewsfoto/Diageo)

The CIROC-Star Martini made with CIROC French Vanilla (PRNewsfoto/Diageo)





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Spirits Spotlight: Vrai Vodka Drinks Offer Organic Excellence



CHICAGO, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vrai Vodka Drinks is bringing its selection of organic craft alcohol beverages to the masses.

Vrai Tangerine, Vrai Green Tea and Vrai Paloma are now available across select retail outlets in the Midwest, Florida, California, Texas and New Jersey. Vrai Vodka Drinks is carving out its own niche on crowded retail shelves by offering a great-tasting, all-organic, natural ingredient option in the fast-growing packaged spirits beverage category. These products are packaged in eye-catching Ardagh 12 oz. Sleek beverage cans, taking advantage of the best in environmental considerations as cans are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package.

Nicholas Piekoszewski, Managing Partner, Vrai Drinks, says it was time for consumers to be offered a truly organic spirit beverage with full ingredient disclosure. "Most other drinks in the flavored malt beverage or spirits category contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors and preservatives," he asserts. "Our vodka drinks are certified organic, gluten-free and all natural, with full disclosure of our ingredients on every product. The result is exceptional taste as well. It's like ordering a fresh craft cocktail at your favorite bar and then having it packaged in great looking cans."

Nicholas says the company's choice to package Vrai in aluminum beverage cans is to take advantage of the inherent benefits of the package, including portability as cans are allowed at pools, beaches and golf courses. "And we can use the entire surface of the can to showcase our brand and ingredients in a colorful way, where other pack types are limited in terms of space," he says.

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America, says the company is excited to support Vrai as it extends its reach across the country. "Vrai is a great example of a growing brand gaining increasing acceptance from a consumer base more concerned about exactly what ingredients are in the products they choose," he said. "And beverage cans are a great way to reach these consumers in a very efficient way as cans deliver the best in filling, distribution and retail display economics."

It's extending the availability of Vrai that Nicholas says the company is focused on now. "We'll be adding many more states in the next few months, with full coverage of the US by next year," he says. "We'll then look to international distribution as we continue to grow the Vrai brand and business as reaction to our products continues to be extraordinary."

To find where to buy Vrai Vodka Drinks, please locate the company's website at www.drinkvrai.com.

About Vrai

Vrai is a Chicago-based packaged spirits distiller. The company's mission is to create craft alcoholic beverages that are every bit as good as what one would order at a high-end cocktail bar. The company's products are all-natural, gluten-free and organic certified, with full disclosure of ingredients on every can. For more information, please visit www.drinkvrai.com.

About Ardagh

Ardagh Group is a global leader in glass and metal packaging solutions, producing packaging for most of the world's leading food, beverage and consumer care brands. We operate 109 glass and metal facilities in 22 countries, employing approximately 23,500 people and have global sales of approximately Eur €7.7 billion. For more information, please visit www.ardaghgroup.com


Vrai Tangerine, the latest specialty craft vodka drink offering from Vrai Drinks, is now available in Ardagh Sleek beverage cans. (PRNewsfoto/Ardagh Group)

Vrai Tangerine, the latest specialty craft vodka drink offering from Vrai Drinks, is now available in Ardagh Sleek beverage cans. (PRNewsfoto/Ardagh Group)





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Spirits Spotlight: MerryGo Spirits and Foundations Marketing Group Announce the Launch of Blazing HEEET Cinnamon Vodka



NEW YORK, March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2016, New York based MerryGo Spirits was created by entrepreneur Marc Goldberg. The company's first release is HEEET Hot Cinnamon vodka, which is a nuanced and evocative spirit, carefully blended from all natural ingredients. With a spicy flavor, HEEET delivers a smooth mouthfeel and a fiery experience.

HEEET is the perfect blend of sweet and heat for the discerning consumer. Ideal for mixing into cocktails or warming up the night, HEEET is an adventure in a bottle for anyone from maverick to mixologist. "MerryGo Spirits is all about introducing exciting categories and innovation to the spirits industry," commented founder, Marc Goldberg. "HEEET is the first example of our upcoming product line. I couldn't be happier with it and believe this is about the best a spicy cinnamon spirit can get."

MerryGo Spirits partnered with New York based Foundations Marketing Group (FMG) for activations, including Strategic Marketing, PR, Digital Design and Social Media. "In our view, HEEET is an innovative brand with unlimited potential," stated FMG's CEO Monika Elling. "We are thrilled for the trade and consumers to experience the journey of discovery, which is the core essence of MerryGo Spirits."

ABOUT FMG: Foundations Marketing Group (FMG) is a New York based, professional knowledge firm focused on the global wine and spirits sector. FMG's leadership consists of experienced, international executives with diverse industry backgrounds providing clients with comprehensive market strategies for success. Offering marketing strategies to help brands succeed, FMG anticipates new trends and opportunities in today's rapidly evolving global wine and spirits marketplace.

Visit MerryGo Spirits: www.merrygospirits.com






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Spirits Spotlight: Got Attitude Vodka



GOT ATTITUDE VODKA tells the world you are confident, self-assured and will walk, run, dance and march to the beat of your own tune.

GOT ATTITUDE VODKA is not meant for those who follow the crowd. It’s for the bold, speak-their-mind, fearless people who let their conscience be their guide. They dare to walk where others fear to go. GOT ATTITUDE VODKA is a celebration of YOU—
because no one does YOU better than YOU…

…and you’re DAMN SPECIAL.




About Got Attitude

The future belongs to those who have GOT ATTITUDE.   The rebels. The divergent.  The square pegs in the round holes.  The ones who see things as they're meant to be.  Rules don't apply to them.  They don't accept the status quo.

You can fear them. You can admire them.  You can criticize or praise them.  The one thing you can't do is ignore them.  They are the catalyst that change things and push mankind forward.

Society may say they're crazy but they are the Einsteins', the Picassos',  the geniuses who have GOT the ATTITUDE to change the world.



Company: Jailhouse Spirits, LLC
Brand: Got Attitude
Origin: USA
Category: Vodka
Claims: for fearless people
Where to Buy: Distributors





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Spirits Spotlight: SVEDKA Vodka Blue Raspberry



Number-One Imported Vodka[i] Expands Award-Winning Portfolio With Electric New Flavor

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, SVEDKA Vodka announced SVEDKA Blue Raspberry, the dynamic new addition to its award-winning portfolio. Continuing SVEDKA's focus on flavor innovation, SVEDKA Blue Raspberry delivers on the extreme flavor trend with an explosive sweet berry and tart lemon profile. SVEDKA Blue Raspberry will be available nationwide beginning March 2017 (varies by market), in 50ML (Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $1.99), 375ML (SRP $6.99), 750ML (SRP $12.99), 1L (SRP $16.99) and 1.75L (SRP $21.99).

"SVEDKA constantly looks to break the mold by introducing bold flavors to the vodka category, and we're excited to unveil SVEDKA Blue Raspberry as the newest dynamic addition to our award-winning portfolio," said Diana Pawlik, SVEDKA Vodka's Vice President of Marketing. "SVEDKA Blue Raspberry is an electric, sweet and sour flavor combination, offering Millennials an adventurous new meta-flavor to match their exhilarating approach to life."

SVEDKA Blue Raspberry targets the palate thrill seekers who crave extreme flavors, a trend seen across the food and beverage space in sour candies, spicy snacks and electric energy drinks coveted by Generation-Y. With raspberry and blue raspberry being the most sought-after vodka flavors among LDA consumers[ii], SVEDKA Blue Raspberry answers the Millennial call for all things bold and audacious.

SVEDKA Blue Raspberry opens with bright raspberry and berry notes that build to an energetic, hard lemon twist. SVEDKA's iconic, shelf-popping, two-tone packaging further communicates the bold flavor blend with vibrant fuchsia raspberry tones transitioning to an electric blue hue.

SVEDKA Blue Raspberry is the most recent stateside launch from the Swedish-imported vodka brand, which boasts other innovative flavors that include SVEDKA Cucumber Lime, SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño, SVEDKA Mango Pineapple, SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade, SVEDKA Strawberry Colada, SVEDKA Colada, SVEDKA Orange Cream Pop, in addition to SVEDKA's core flavors: SVEDKA Cherry, SVEDKA Citron, SVEDKA Clementine, SVEDKA Raspberry, SVEDKA Vanilla and SVEDKA Peach.

Blue Heaven



1½ parts SVEDKA Blue Raspberry                              

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker over
ice. Shake and strain into a shot glass. Garnish
with a lemon wedge.

½ part Blue Curaçao

¼ part fresh lemon juice




1½ parts SVEDKA Blue Raspberry                             


¾ part fresh lime juice

Muddle blueberries, raspberries and mint in a
shaker. Add remaining ingredients over ice and
shake. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice.

¾ part simple syrup

Pinch of mint

3 blueberries

2 raspberries


About SVEDKA Vodka

SVEDKA Vodka is the number-one imported vodka brand in the United Statesi. SVEDKA has won numerous category awards and accolades, including a Gold Medal for SVEDKA 80-Proof in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (2014), Impact's "Blue Chip" Brand Award (2012, 2013), the Fast Track Award at Beverage Information Group's 2011 and 2010 Growth Brand Awards as well as Impact's "Hot Brand" award in 2012. Additionally, SVEDKA received a Gold Medal for Exceptional Taste and Best Buy (BTI, 2008), and a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2005, 2008, 2011). Intangible Business also named SVEDKA the #4 Most Powerful Vodka Brand on their 2011 Power 100 List. SVEDKA is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), distilled five times and made from Swedish winter wheat, resulting in a smooth, clean taste. SVEDKA is also available in 100-Proof (50% alcohol by volume), Cucumber Lime, Grapefruit Jalapeño, Peach, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Cream Pop, Colada, Strawberry Colada, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Cherry, and Vanilla, each 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). Constellation Brands, SVEDKA's parent company, is the number-one multi-category supplier for beer, wine and spirits in the United States[iii]. For further information, please visit www.SVEDKA.com, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @SVEDKAVodka and on YouTube @SVEDKAofficial.

[i] 2016 Adams Liquor Handbook, 9L volume sold 2015
[ii] IRI Multi-Outlet + Conv + Liquor 52wk 1.8.17
[iii] IRI, Total U.S. Multi-Outlet + Convenience 52wk 1.3.16 and NABCA, 12 months through 12.31.15


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