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Food Spotlight: VICE Organic Superfood Paleo Ice Cream



Get into the swing of the latest superfood from Africa - Baobab! Try this deliciously smooth and refreshing VICE today!


Made with certified organic ingredients:

  • Fresh Young Thai Coconut Meat
  • Palmyra Jaggery
  • Baobab fruit powder
  • Lingonberry Powder



About the company

ANYTHING BUT SALADS (ABS) is a multiple award-winning Hong Kong based health foods company specializing in premium quality gourmet superfoods. We tailor each product to suit the lifestyle and nutritional needs and demands of a busy urbanite.

We always say ABS was born out of necessity. Calista suffered major digestive issues and hormonal imbalances inspite of a “healthy lifestyle”, e.g. eating salads, exercising regularly etc. Soon after, at age 24, she discovered a tumour in her large intestine. Her life took a drastic change and after discovering the wonders of superfoods and “clean eating”, she decided to dedicate her life to replenishing home pantries with easy, nutritious, delicious health foods staples. ABS is dedicated towards empowering people in Asia with knowledge about health foods and nourishing lives with a variety of nutritious superfood options.

Today, ABS brings you a selection of gourmet health foods that combines Western technology with ancient Oriental healing wisdom. We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of food quality, food safety, integrity, transparency, openness and courtesy so that YOU get what you mind, body and spirit needs and deserves. We never cut corners in anything we do. All of our foods are blessed and activated before they are packed and bagged to you.

You see, we're not just another health food company. We're not just selling you a product.

What we are offering you, is a peace of mind.



Company: Anything But Salads
Brand:  VICE Organic Superfood Paleo Ice Cream
Slogan:  Anything But Salads
Origin: Hong Kong
Category:  Ice Cream
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Certified organic ingredients
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: Hong Kong
Website: http://anythingbutsalads.com/







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