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“Sip in Style”: Limited Edition Diet Pepsi Mini Can by Vern Yip

Limited Edition Diet Pepsi Mini Can by Vern Yip (HGTV Star/Interior Designer) The design was inspired this spring's latest trend which is dusk blue (nicely complements the Pepsi colors) as well as the Peacock element which is on trend this spring.




"Vern Yip is an American interior designer based in Atlanta Georgia. He is known for his appearances on TLC's Trading Spaces through and serve's on the judges panel on HGTV's Design Star.

Why Vern Yip?

We are very thoughtful in who we partner with to ensure they align with the key passion points of our consumers and we know they love home and design. We also feel it’s incredibly important to tap personalities who are not only relevant and attainable for our consumers, but who also keep the focus on the product versus overshadowing it.

We know consumers love to see Vern on TV and that he’d be a great partner to add some extra flair to brand just in time for spring.

Vern’s Inspiration?

Vern Yip’s vision to transform spaces with current colors accented with softer elements make him the perfect partner to design our latest limited-edition packaging. We knew he could create a design that is both on-trend and on-brand and that speaks to the lifestyle of Diet Pepsi drinkers who Love Every Sip of life.

Design Concept…Why a peacock?

The mini cans feature Pantone’s spring fashion and color report’s dusk blue to complement the Diet Pepsi logo. The trellis design leverages the on-trend peacock, which can be found everywhere this spring, from the set of the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie to the latest home décor accents.

Like those who Love Every Sip of Diet Pepsi, the peacock represents confidence, vibrancy, positivity and strength. We think our consumers will love the unique design.

The limited-edition Diet Pepsi mini-cans designed by Vern Yip are available now! "

Designed by Vern Yip and Pepsi Co.


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