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Industry News: CVS Pharmacy Thinks “Outside the Box” with Introduction of Health and Wellness Vending Machines


Automated retail vending machines will be placed at select landmark locations across the Northeast, including Boston's South Station and New York City's LaGuardia Airport

Company continues to innovate and to meet customers where they are with unparalleled access to on-the-go solutions

WOONSOCKET, R.I., Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health (NYSE: CVS), today announced that the company is introducing automated retail vending machines stocked with convenient, on-the-go necessities including over-the-counter health products, "better-for-you" snacks and popular personal care products typically sold at CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. The new vending machines are designed to help maximize convenience and meet customers where they are with on-the-go wellness solutions outside the traditional retail space.

"We are always looking for new ways to combine convenience and innovation to help better serve our customers," said Judy Sansone, Senior Vice President of Front Store Business & Chief Merchant at CVS Pharmacy. "Our new CVS Pharmacy vending machine program allows us to extend that convenience beyond our brick-and-mortar locations to offer customers on-the-go essentials in the locations where they often need them most, like airports, hotels and other transportation hubs."

Each vending machine will be customized with offerings to fit each location with more than 70 products to choose from, including many from exclusive CVS Pharmacy store brand lines like CVS Health, Beauty 360, Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound. Products available in the vending machines include:

  • Over the counter remedies for allergy, pain relief, digestive health, and cough and cold
  • Beauty and personal care products like shaving cream, deodorant, makeup remover
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Eye care and oral health care products
  • Solutions for healthy sleep such as melatonin
  • Children's health and on-the-go first aid items such as bandages and antiseptic cream
  • Healthy snacks and beverages
  • Home and office essentials such as batteries, phone chargers, earbuds, lint rollers and stain removal sticks

The first 25 CVS Pharmacy vending machines will be unveiled throughout New England and New York between now and the end of October in targeted areas including:

  • Airports including LaGuardia in New York City
  • Public transit stations such as South Station Bus Terminal in Boston
  • Office parks
  • College campuses

These machines enhance customer convenience with strategic placements in areas well-trafficked by local residents and travelers alike who may need products in a pinch, eliminating the need to make a special trip to a retail location. CVS Pharmacy is also considering an additional 50+ locations throughout the country including college campuses, corporate offices, hotels and other transportation hubs to host vending machines in the future.

"These new vending machines allow us to make our innovative CVS Brand products available to customers outside of our store locations for the very first time," said Cia Tucci, Vice President of Store Brands and Quality Assurance at CVS Health. "The CVS Pharmacy vending machines will be located in places where we can bring our customers smart solutions and convenient access to the products they trust when they are on-the-go."

To help customers navigate this new shopping experience, the vending machines, will feature a 22" multi-touch screen, high resolution images with expansive product information and a QR code reader to read barcodes and promotional codes. The machines will be ADA compliant, allowing those in wheelchairs to fully access the touchscreen and its functionality, and will accept all major credit and debit cards.

CVS Pharmacy is a trusted health and beauty destination for more than 5 million shoppers every day. The new vending machines, along with recent nationwide store design enhancements and expanding digital programs, represent the company's ongoing efforts to evolve the retail customer experience in stores and beyond. With this pilot program, CVS Health adds to a growing portfolio of innovative services including CVS Curbside Pickup, CVS Pay and digital pharmacy tools available through the CVS Pharmacy app, that together build on the company's enterprise mission to help people on their path to better health.


(PRNewsfoto/CVS Pharmacy)

(PRNewsfoto/CVS Pharmacy)





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Vending Machine Spotlight: WeGoBabies Baby Essentials


Oops! Forgot the diapers and formula

WeGoBabies Vending Machines enables venues to provide a service for their guests. Our machines provide baby and child essentials to parents on the go. We offer a variety of products, ranging from pacifiers and diapers to formula and snacks, and they are available 24/7 from our automated machine.

Large user-friendly touch pad selection screen
Custom branded
Credit card swipe for quick, hassle-free purchase
Receipt printer for proof of purchase and easy exchange/refund options
Large advertising/product promotion LCD display
Dual system vending: refrigerated and nonrefrigerated, all-in-one
Mechanic elevator to safely deliver all products
Inventory, advertising, and machine functionality monitored from remote location
Large vending capacity with moderate footprint


WeGoBabies Vending Machines runs with one electrical outlet (110v) and one phone line
Approximate Dimensions: Width: 70” Height: 88” Depth: 40”
ADA Compliant


Our Solutions
Family friendly automated store for quick purchases
Provides nutritional, safety & entertainment solutions
Modern design with advanced technology
Place machine in target specific areas: children’s play area, close to restrooms or nursing rooms, high traffic areas, etc.

The Need for WeGoBabies

Parents often forget or run out of baby essentials while traveling or on trips
WeGoBabies Provides access to baby necessities anytime, anywhere
Our Machines encourage families to enjoy more time at children’s venues instead of having to leave because of a missing neccesity
increasing sales for the venue (gift shops, restaurants, exhibits)
Helps families relax while traveling


Our Mission

Enable venue to provide a service for their guests
Make the “on the go” experience more enjoyable (for everyone!)
Provide baby essentials to parents on the go with babies and
small children
Offer a variety of products 24/7 from our automated store
Establish a global presence in airports, zoos, cruise lines,
amusement parks, museums, shopping malls and online




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Tech Spotlight: World’s First Burrito Vending Machine


The world of vending machines knows no boundaries and this has been proven yet again.  Introducing the World's First Burrito Kiosk ( really just a fancy word for vending machine).  Whatever you want to call it this is pretty ingenious.  Personally I don't care for frozen foods or even burritos for that matter but I would be willing to give this machine a try.  We are not quite sure about the mechanics of the machine, nor how often it is restocked and such but one thing we can say is it looks pretty cool.

See more on their website, tastetheburritobox.com



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Tech Spotlight: Farmer’s Fridge vending machine sells fresh made organic salads



Farmer’s Fridge is a vending machine that delivers healthy, gourmet meals made from fresh, high quality ingredients each morning.


About the Company
Why should junk food be so easy to get, but not healthy food? And who says healthy can’t be delicious, too? No sir, not us. Our big idea is to make slow food, available fast. To deliver a fresh take on fresh. To turn the vending machine into a veggie machine. And make access to healthy, delicious food the rule, not the exception.

Don’t think of the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk as a vending machine. It’s a veggie machine. And just as each salad is a culinary thing of beauty, the kiosk is a work of art in its own right. Made from reclaimed wood (provided by Modern Urban Woods of West Chicago) and even some recycled materials, each one is unique and user-friendly.




A Few Facts:

The Farmer’s Fridge kiosk accepts all major credit cards.

Touch screens, bar code scanners for coupons and email receipts make it super user-friendly. We haven’t tested this, but it may actually hug you, too.

Product images, nutrition and ingredient information are in a large, easy to read format.

You can buy multiple items at once.

Power consumption for each machine is under $10 worth of electricity a month.

It keeps your food at the perfect temperature.



How it Works

We get fresh produce every morning.

We arrive at 5 a.m. and make everything from scratch… daily.

We make everything in our local, fully licensed, shared kitchen… daily.

We deliver the salads to the machine at 10 a.m. and remove the unsold salads (which we donate to a local food pantry)… daily.

We discount any unsold salads by $1 at 6 p.m. … nightly.


View Menu Here





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Tech Spotlight: Vending Machine Bottles Water Right Before It’s Served



Run by Eliza Becton and co-founders Sean Grundy and Frank Lee, Refresh Water Technologies is a startup formed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the eco-friendly vending machine Refresh.

Refresh is a water vending machine that filters and bottles water from the tap on-site instead of carrying pre-filled bottles that come from a bottling plant.


The Refresh kiosk filters, flavors, carbonates, and bottles water at the point of use, instead of in a bottling plant. We cut vending
operators' variable costs and CO2 emissions by 80%.

Read More @ PSFK

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Selfridges gets a Champagne Vending Machine


Need a glass of bubbly to take the edge off while holiday shopping? You'll find what you need at London's Selfridges, which just installed a Moet & Chandon champagne vending machine. The mini bottles are even adorned with Swarovski crystals.

After caviar, cupcakes and high-end mascara, now there's a vending machine selling bottles of luxury bubbly by Moet & Chandon.

In what some see as the champagne house’s attempt at making bubbly more accessible to the general public, the new vending machine at London department store Selfridges dispenses blinged-out mini bottles of bubbly, bedecked with 350 deco-inspired Swarovski mini crystals.



Continue Reading @ NYDN

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Tech Spotlight: Buy a Car From a Vending Machine


Carvana is an online dealership based in Atlanta, Georgia. It's claim to fame is that it allows customers to shop for cars online, secure loans online, even schedule test drives online. And when it comes time to pay up, that's often done entirely online, too.

But that wasn't forward-thinking enough for Carvana. They wanted to make the auto shopping process still faster and more high-tech. So they borrowed an idea from their neighbors at Coca-Cola and created an auto vending machine.

According to Carvana, customers set up a test drive or purchase a vehicle online before visiting the vending machine, which is located in West Midtown:

The structure provides a full digitally interactive experience complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, custom LED lighting, flat screen TV's and interactive keypads that identify customers based on unique buyer credentials provided by Carvana after the purchase has been completed. With around-the-clock pick up availability, vehicles purchased on Carvana.com will be available for test drive and pick up as early as 24-hours.

Read Full Article @ BusinessInsider

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French Fry Vending Machine Debuts in Belgium

Some intrepid Belgian inventor came up with this clever French fry vending machine, which serves up a bucket of beef-fat fried fries and a dollop of either ketchup or mayonnaise (but not both) in 90-seconds for €2.50.


Full Article @ TN

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Coffee Vending Machine in South Africa Only Accepts Yawns



As part of a marketing campaign, coffee company Douwe Egberts set up one of their vending machines in an airport in South Africa so that when a customer yawns, it dispenses a free cup of coffee! Because when you’re sleepy and in an airport in Africa, what’s the one thing you crave? I said, “My own bed,” but apparently the answer is Douwe Egberts vending machine coffee. Good to know.

(via Technabob)

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The race begins for vending machines in US cabs

It appears that vending machines for cabs may be the next frontier for the market, with both TaxiTreats and New Orleans Carriage Cab developing ways for passengers to buy products on the move.

Vending machines appear to be a platform ripe for new innovation, and Springwise has seen numerous twists on the concept – from beer and wifi dispensers to machines that work only for adults. Now it appears that the next frontier of this market may be vending machines for cabs, with both TaxiTreats and New Orleans Carriage Cab developing ways for passengers to buy products on the move.

Continue Reading @ SpringWise

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