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Tech Spotlight: E-Njoint Electronic Cigarette



E-NJOINT B.V. is an innovative design and manufacturing company with it’s head office in Delft, The Netherlands and it’s manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. We distinguish ourselves by providing constant innovation and unique designs of electronic vaporizing products.

Hundreds of e-cigarette and shisha products are being marketed worldwide, but they are all the same, nothing new, just a different color or dimension. E-NJOINT B.V. has a a different vision: We are unique and come up with new designs and technologies. We don’t copy products, we invent them…
E-NJOINT B.V. manufactures products complying with western standards.

The management of E-NJOINT B.V. clearly states, not to market illegal products nor does it want to stimulate smoking cigarettes or other bad habits. The E-NJOINT™ team solely desires to provide high quality, unique and above all, fun products for the end-users.

All E-njoint™ products are patented worldwide and E-njoint™ is a registered trademark. Trademarks and Logo's are owned by E-NJOINT B.V.



Company: E-Njoint
Brand: E-Njoint
Slogan: Taking Vaping to the Highest Level
Origin: Netherlands
Category: E Cigarettes
Claims: Up to 500 Puffs, 100% THC Free, 100% Biological
Price: 8,95 €
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: e-njoint.com





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