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Packaging Spotlight: Jola Honey Mix



Designed by:

Dima Tsapko
Kyiv, Ukraine

Oksana Zmorovych
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sergii Shakh
Kyiv, Ukraine

Yaroslav Cherkunov
Kiev, Ukraine

Tough Slate Design
Kiev, Ukraine

Roman Davydyuk
Kiev, Ukraine























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Packaging Spotlight: Pyramida – Brand of Kitchen Appliances from Ukraine




Pyramida is a confident leader in producing ovens, fryers and stove hoods throughout the Ukrainian market. It is the ready solution triad in united style that determines brand concept ‘equipment in the center of kitchen’. Perfect in the exterior means the appliances have successfully stood numerous challenging tests within the conditions of various professional culinary projects such as Master Chef at STB and others. Constant improvement of the product, conformity to the global interior fashion trends, as well as distribution through the international market prove the brand to be reloaded in a new European presentation.

The updated style reflects the key standards of the new generation equipment production in its best way. You will never find fancy decor here, while the exceptionally corporate identity smile element taken from Y letter of the title appears within the main purple background. Such smiles are easily combined in funny patterns thus dramatically increasing brand recognition level. The red square existing in the previous style never disappeared but found its renaissance within the structure of P, A, M and D letters of the name, providing the font with the own unique style.

The additional colors, such as red, turquoise, yellow express the novelty brand idea, as well as its readiness to act both in laconic hi-tech style and offer the venturesome design decisions. Contrasting and expressive they emphasize consumers’ interest and confirm brilliance and manufacturability effect. Within such European look it is easy to follow efficiency and exclusive style tendencies advertised by Pyramida.

Year: 2016
Website: pyramida.ua












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luzar feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Lazur Wine



Designed by
Reynolds and Reyner
Kiev, Ukraine




Lazur sparkling wine is made mingling selected wine materials produced in Italy. The brand’s name traces its Italian roots being associated with the Cote d’Azur (the Russian for «Azur» is «Lazurnyi»), relaxation and holidays, the Riviera, coasts and beaches, and the sea of course. The very idea is also used in its packaging where the label resembles a sea navigation compass creating the adventurous and pleasant atmosphere.

We examined various elements of Italian heraldry and created the coat of arms showing lions, knight helmets, ribbons, crosses and even a five-pointed star each having its original meaning and background. Additionally to the bottle and outer box we designed an exclusive set which consist of a wine cooler and six irregular-shaped champagne glasses that symbolize ship sails floating through the waves to meet the unknown.





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Tech & Design Spotlight: Breaze Cars


Designed by
Reynolds & Reyner
Kiev, Ukraine

Luxury, carbon-free transport in Hong Kong

Breaze Cars is more than just a way to get from here to there. It’s the way to do it in style, and without the guilt. Company operates the world’s first and only fleet of luxury, chauffeur-driven cars that are all electric, meaning they will emit no harmful emissions that can damage the environment. And since our cars will be booked with web-based and smartphone applications, using our service will be very easy. And best of – our taxi service is free! But not for all.

Each car will be sponsored by a leading luxury brand, which will host our passengers on their trips to home, the office, meetings, dinners, shopping or any other destination around Hong Kong. Joining is simple, but exclusive. Customers will need to have a Platinum or Black credit card, or be referred from one of Hong Kong’s leading or exclusive companies, groups or clubs. But once accepted, getting around Hong Kong will never be the same again!






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Packaging Spotlight: From Our Own Farm Dairy Products



Designed by
Kyiv, Ukraine

Product branding and label design for a range of premium dairy products DOBRYNIA. Created for Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine



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Product Spotlight: Vitmark Just Fruits Smoothie


Just Fruits – fruits you can drink!

Just Fruits - the first smoothie in Ukraine - fruit, mashed in apple juice. Uniqueness Just Fruits in 100% natural components without added sugar and preservatives, and high quality is confirmed by our long-term work.

Drink Just Fruits
• As a fast, delicious breakfast
• As a healthy snack during the day
• For Pleasure


Company: Vitmark
Brand: Vitmark
Origin: Ukraine
Category: Juice
Packaging: 330ml, 1 Liter
Claims: 100% Natural
Variants: Peach, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Forrest berry
Website: vitmark.com,
facebook page



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Product Spotlight: Aquarte Functional Water Beverage

Aquarte" is first functional water in Ukraine with vegetable extracts added.

Together with use, cleanness and refreshing "Aquarte" offers diversity of tastes: hibiscus-guarana-pomegranate, ginseng-apple, acerola-orange and camomille-passion fruit. Each taste has a special effect due to the content of vegetable extracts.

"Aquarte" is a modern product for people, who have active and fast life and are concerned about health and well-being.

Currently available in four flavors in a 500ml bottle.


Company: Vitmark
Brand: Aquarte
Slogan: More Than Just Water
Category: Functional Beverage
Origin: Ukraine
Claims: No GMO. Pasteurized. No preservatives. Contains only natural ingredients. Ready-to-drink.
Packaging: 500ml Bottle
Variants: Hibiskus Guarana Pomegranate, Acerola Orange, Ginseng Apple,
Website: vitmark.com


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