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OMG!!! New ‘Texting’ Wines Are GR8!!!

There's seriously nothing I love more than opening a delicious bottle of wine at the end of a long, stressful week. Let's be real though, I'm no wine snob. I'm good for a cheap $12 bottle of merlot all day 'err day. In other words, I mix things up when I buy my cheap wine simply by the way that the label looks.

Super colorful label? Done. Cool name in even cooler cursive? SOLD! Which is exactly why I'm the lame-o that would pick something up from TXT Cellars. With names ranging from OMG!!! (exclamation points included) Chardonnay to GR8!!! Cabernet Sauvignon, it was only a matter of time until someone went down this drunken route with vino.

Heck, I have a few acronyms of my own that could be PERFECT for wine names. Starting with HSID!!!! (Read: Holy shit, I'm drunk.)

HSID!!! (Holy shit, I'm drunk): It doesn't matter WHAT kind of wine this is. Except it most definitely will have an alcohol by volume of at LEAST 20 percent. And you will most definitely have a headache post-drinkfest.

BF!!! (Boyfriend): A wine so good, you'd date it exclusively.

XOXO!!!: A deep merlot that instantaneously turns you into a make-out bandit.

ZzZz!!!: That smooth, perfect chardonnay that you have one glass of, and you're immediately ready to catch some sleep.

BTW!!! (By the way): Just so you know, this wine ALSO has vodka in it. It's like, oh BTW!!! there's a surprise waiting for you when you pop this bottle, and god almighty, it's a hangover!


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