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Packaging Spotlight: Traditional 7 Coffee



Designed by

Studio - JQ

Bristol, United Kingdom




Traditional 7 Classic Ground Coffee. A delicious brand of coffee you can have any day of the week! All Works Copyright © 2016 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆





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Tortillas Susalia

Probiotic Nopal Tortillas – Traditional Mexican Food with a Twist


Tortillas are one of the most widely consumed foods in Mexico, and are either the basis for many Mexican dishes or accompany meals. Susalia's range of tortillas are similar to the traditional type but use nopal along with maize to create a healthier alternative.

The tortillas are available as original flavor as well as cheese, epazote, and jalapeño for those who want something a little spicy. The ingredients are 100% Mexican and used for their natural fiber and nutrients. The tortillas won third place in the 2010 National Prize for Innovative Foods.

Analysis and Impact:

Tortillas Susalia are marketed as being healthier than regular maize tortillas due to a number of factors. As they are probiotic, they assist in digestion and improve quality of life. They also have zero trans fat to help reduce cholesterol, and are suitable for people suffering from gastronomic disorders, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

The nopal provides extra nutrients while not taking away the maize flavor from the tortilla. Packaged under high vacuum, the tortillas maintain maximum freshness and the nutrients from the nopal is retained. These tortillas are like the traditional Mexican food but have less calories, at only 20 calories per tortilla, and more nutrients.

Company: Susalia.

Brand: Tortillas Susalia.

Spotted in: Chedraui Selecto, Polanco.

Presentation: 20 torillas.

Price: $22.00 MXN.

Ingredients: Nopal, maize, and cheese, epazote or jalapeño.

Available in: Supermarkets.

Claims: Rich in nutrients and natural fiber, less calories than regular tortillas, healthy, good for digestion, zero trans fat.

Website: www.susalia.com

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