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Restaurant Spotlight: World´s First Kit Kat Store Set to Open in Tokyo

Japan is famous for its Kit Kats. The country has a slew of unique flavors that simply aren't available elsewhere. On this month, it will get the first Kit Kat specialty store on Earth.

Called Kit Kat Chocolatory, the store will open on January 17 at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro. It will be located in Seibu's basement, along with the department store's other food sellers (In Japanese department stores, the basement is typically home to amazing and delicious food vendors.)

According to IT Media, the Kit Kat Chocolatory will offer special Kit Kats that are aimed at adult tastebuds and suit each season. The specialty shop is teaming up with sweet shop Le Patissier Takagi for its gourmet Kit Kat store, with pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai overseeing and developing new Kit Kats.

Full Article @ Kotaku

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Print your likeness as a gummy bear at the FabCafe in Tokyo

A CAFE is offering customers the chance to print their likenesses as delicious gummy bears using 3D technology.

Tokyo's FabCafe has a laser cutter and a Cube 3D printer showroom that customers can be rented by the hour.

The establishment joined forces with Cube earlier this year with a joint Valentines Day promotion where female customers could create chocolates made from 3D-printed molds of their own faces.

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Flipping Japanese: Tokyo’s Burger Craze

"I used to run a restaurant in California," the cook says between flips of the spatula. "A nice French place. But after Lehman Brothers collapsed, nobody was buying French food anymore, and I came back to Japan." There is a note of nostalgia in his voice, but no regret. He shouts at staff to hand out menus to the line forming outside, then returns to the grill. French food is still popular with Japanese, he continues, but it's not for everyone. "Burgers are different, though. Burgers are for everyone."

He should know. The bright little bistro where he works, appropriately called E.A.T., does a brisk business in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya ward, an area known more for street fashion than cuisine. Only two blocks away, A&G Diner (3-41-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku), a '50s-style burger joint across from a popular contemporary art museum, also has a line out front. While waiting in that line a few weeks ago, I saw staff deliver takeout to at least two neighboring restaurants. Even the nearby soba shops were digging in.

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(Credit: All, Jason Jenkins)

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Tokyo Restaurant Serves $110 Dirt-Infused Meal

The 5-course meal includes dishes like potato and dirt soup, dirt risotto with sea bass, and mint dirt tea

René Redzepi might have the ant course down, but Tokyo French restaurant Ne Quittez Pas is apparently focusing on dirt.

Fox News reports that chef Toshio Tanabe has created a dirt-based, five-course menu, going for 10,000 yen a person (about $110).

The dirt, a special black soil from Kanuma, is reportedly tested for safety, and then infused in appetizers (potato and dirt soup with black truffle, eggplant salad with dirt dressing), a dirt risotto with seabass, and an aspic of oriental clams with a "top layer of sediment." Dessert includes dirt ice cream and dirt gratin.

According to Rocketnews24, Tanabe actually won a TV cooking show with a sauce made of dirt, and the taste tester found the meal to be delicious, without any earthy tastes of dirt or smells. Apparently the dirt, supplied by company Protoleaf, is created from composts of coffee grinds and palm fiber. We might be down to try that.

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Tokyo’s Wine Apartments to Have a Full Time Sommelier

Sommeliers: they're not just for restaurants any more. A Japanese property developer is constructing an entire apartment building in Tokyo devoted to wine lovers, which includes a 10,000 bottle wine cellar as well as a full time sommelier for its tenants. As in, you can call your own personal sommelier to choose a bottle to go with dinner, whether it's a classy party or a leftovers straight from the fridge.

Developer Takayuki Sazuki told Decanter the idea for the apartments stemmed from the fact that "it is difficult to find room for wine storage in small apartments." The 18 apartments, ground floor wine bar/restaurant, and underground cellar will be designed by Keiji Ashizawa.The apartments should be done by September 2013.

· Tokyo Wine Apartments Take Shape [Decanter]

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bunny cafe

Cuddle Bunnies, Sip Coffee at Tokyo Bunny Cafés

Coffee breaks are getting revamped in Tokyo. CNN reports the very important news that bunny cafés in Japan are are serving coffee and handing out bunnies for petting.

The report cites the city's small apartments and high amounts of stress as reasons for bunny café's popularity, nay, necessity.

Considering that New York has similarly small apartments and high energy residents, we think bunny cafés would be a perfect fit. The Department of Health may disagree, but how can you say no to these adorable fluff-balls?

Watch the full report at CNN.

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