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Tech Spotlight: TIYO- An Eject Button for Difficult Situations




Ever been in a situation you wanted to get out of? TIYO is your exit strategy!












Maybe it was a bad date, a boring meeting, a really awkward conversation with the in-laws, or maybe you just said hi to a coworker and then they wouldn't stop talking to you for 30 minutes straight?

The TIYO (tee-yo) is a device that helps you escape these situations. One press of the button and seconds later you get a phone call (a real phone call). It's really that simple!




Why not just use an App?

When you turn the corner at the grocery store and run into a chatty co-worker that you really can't stand, you don't have time to prepare. It would look quite rude if you were to pull out your phone in the middle of a one-on-one conversation and it would be pretty suspicious if your phone rang 30 seconds later. With the TIYO, you can react to any situation, expected or unexpected without breaking eye contact with the other person.

We've designed a system that will provide you with the most convincing full-package white lie so as to minimize the chance of you offending or hurting the feelings of the person you meet. Also, can you imagine using a fake ring app, putting the phone to your ear and then having someone actually call you? That would suck!
Why not just "grow a pair" and tell them you don't want to talk?

When's the last time you told off your boss, mother-in-law, co-worker, friend's spouse, neighbour, or the mom you see at the park every day? There are some people you've just got be nice to because you have to see them again, possibly daily, for the foreseeable future. Sometimes you just need a moment of relief or a way out before you explode and say something you'd regret.
Are you very social? This probably isn't for you!

Not everyone has the personality type to gracefully exit all situations. Those who are introverted, those with social anxiety, people who have disabilities, and people who fall more in line with the passive or "beta" personality set who have trouble saying no, are afraid of offending people and who would rather die than have anyone upset with them, this device is made for them.

Our mission is to get you out of the crap that ruins your now

People respect "The Important/Emergency Call" because it can happen to anyone at any time. It's what many of us used to justify getting our first mobile phone, whether we did the buying or begging to our parents. Take control of this gift with the TIYO.

When they won't stop talking, TIYO does the blocking



3D print of the TIYO next to a quarter



Getting a call at the right time is one thing, but being able to sell it as a realistic sounding call is another, especially when under panic or stress.

We let you customize the caller ID so you can easily point to your phone and say "oh look it's my boss, it must be important".

Since it's a real phone call, you're probably going to have to talk out loud and the other party will most likely be listening. We made it easier for you by having someone speak on the other end of the line, telling you exactly what to say. You just repeat what they said and to the outside observer it sounds like you are having a real conversation. We've got a bunch of different scripts to pick from.



Here are some quick details on what you might need to know about compatibility, technical specs, the app, number of calls, etc.

The TIYO uses Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, but practically every phone made after 2008 has that whether it's a smartphone or not, so worry not!
Setup and usage

If you've ever paired a headset or hands free device to your phone, then you know what to do! Do this simple exercise once and you are good to go! Get a new phone? Pair the device to the new phone instead, it still works!
The app

While you don't need an app to use the TIYO, one will be built that will run on every smartphone platform. The app will provide a quicker and easier way to update the Caller ID that appears as well as the script that will play. You'll be able to do this from our simple mobile website as well.
Number of calls and refilling

Every TIYO comes with at least 25 free calls. When you run out you can simply buy another call pack in a pay-as-you-go fashion, there are no monthly subscriptions required to use the TIYO! You can purchase an additional 25 calls for $5. That's less than a quarter a call!
What else does it do?

The TIYO has one goal and that's to get you out of crap situations that you don't want to be in. Right now that means it will call you and nothing else; this means super quick setup, simplicity, reliability, and a streamlined use case.

But wait, there's more! We will be adding features down the line for it to do other things such as send a text message instead or maybe call a friend and play a message or even conference you in.

For the makers and developers out there we will also be releasing an API so you can build anything you'd like upon the receipt of a TIYO distress signal. Maybe it'll open your garage, you dream it, you code it, you got it!



Hi I’m Ivan and I’m the inventor of the TIYO. I decided to bring this cool idea into reality after hearing story after story from my wife Sarah about a colleague at work who just won’t stop talking. He’s so bad that when he enters someone’s office other employees have to take notice and if he doesn't leave after 10 minutes then they must call the victim so they can carry on with their day! When a one line email would suffice, this guy will talk to you for 30 minutes.

As an entrepreneur I do a lot of pitching and networking and I often find myself stuck in conversations with people that go nowhere, but have no clear exit.

We realized that there are so many things a simple phone call can solve in both a business and personal setting that it was a no-brainer! I started talking to people about the idea and they thought it was a blast! A lot of people have their own strategies and protocols, but they don’t always work or they require extra people so we knew we were on the right path.


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