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Beer Spotlight: U Beer, a New Lager, Launched in Thai Market by Singha Corp



BANGKOK, Thailand, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- U Beer, a new lager produced by Singha Corp, the original Thai brewery since 1933, is the latest addition to Thailand's domestic beer market.

Since December, Thailand's local beer lovers as well as international visitors have been able to enjoy the fresh new taste of U Beer, a new brand adding to the Singha and Leo Beer, the market leading brands already brewed by Singha Corp., a company also known as Boonrawd Brewery.


U Beer, inspired by European lager, offers a smooth taste, brewed for the new generation with its hip modern label design.

U Beer, a lager with alcohol volume of 5.0%, is available at selected venues around the country in two bottle sizes, 620 Ml and 320 Ml.

For further information, please contact:

U Beer Marketing Team
Boonrawd Trading Co.,Ltd

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/u-beer-a-new-lager-launched-in-thai-market-by-singha-corp-300402351.html

SOURCE Singha Corp.





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carabao feat1

Company Spotlight: Carabao Energy Drink



Carabao Energy Drink
250 ml Aluminium Can
Standard Ingradients :
Water 200 g
Sucrose 43 g
Taurine 1 g
Caffeine 50 mg
Inositol 30 mg
Nicothinamide 33 mg
D-Pantenol 8 mg
Vitamin B-6 8 mg
Vitamin B-12 8 mcg
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Artificial Flavors and Colors


- 1 FCL (20ft) loads 2,800 Cartons
- 1 Carton contains 24 Cans x 250 ml. Can
- Carton size: 41x27x10 cm.
- Gross Weight : 6.58 Kg. Net Weight : 6.47 Kg.
- Minimum order : 1 container
- To change the label contents, a minimum order of
5 containers is required



Carabao Energy Drink
150 ml Glass Bottle


Standard Ingradients :
Water 120 g
Sucrose 26 g
Taurine 0.8 g
Caffeine 50 mg
Inositol 30 mg
Nicothinamide 20 mg
D-Pantenol 5 mg
Vitamin B-6 5 mg
Vitamin B-12 5 mcg
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Artificial Flavors and Colors


- 1 FCL (20ft) loads 1,300 Cartons
- 1 Carton contains 50 Bottles x 150 ml. Bottle
- Carton size: 52x26x14 cm.
- Gross Weight : 15.37 Kg. Net Weight : 8.13 Kg.
- Minimum order : 1 container
- To change the label contents, a minimum order of
2 containers is required



About the company

Around the world, energy drinks have become popular with the young, trendy urban population. By positioning these drinks as trendy and fashionable, many companies have forgotten the original purpose of an energy drink. Many of these so called energy drinks have now become soft drinks. Carabao believes that energy drinks were created with a purpose: to provide replenishment for lost energy.

In Thailand, home of the world's leading energy drinks, this type of beverage was made to provide replenishment for lost energy. Carabao adheres to these basic principles and has therefore positioned itself as an energy drink for those who need replenishment.

Carabao's position is based on the philosophy of its founding partner, Mr. Aed Carabao. Aed Carabao is a popular folk singer in Thailand who the vast majority of Thais regard as “The voice of the people"

The outspoken Aed Carabao, who Carabao Energy Drink is named after, started his movement in 1976 by creating emotionally gripping songs titled "Songs for Life“. Fame and popularity have not undermined the singer's grassroots spirit. Understanding the hearts of his fellow men, Aed Carabao is always there to sing and speak up for the people.



Company: Carabao
Brand: Energy Drink
Origin: Thailand
Category: Energy Drink
Packaging: 150ml and 250ml
Claims: Provides replenishment for lost energy.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.carabao.co.th/en/index.php





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Tech Spotlight: Daily Pulse Remote Team Tracking


Daily Pulse is a simple way for remote teams to keep track of the team's progress, accomplishments, and anonymous feedback.

Each day, every team member will receive a daily email digest of what the team accomplished that day. Team members could also leave anonymous feedbacks to their boss without worrying about getting fired. For example writers like yourself can share their daily accomplishment on finished articles!



• Adjustable email schedule
• Custom email questions
• Respond from mobile by pressing "reply"
• Discussions on responses
• Anonymous feedback from your team


pic 1



We also have a feature that allows team members to submit anonymous
feedback to their managers so that they can express their feelings without
having to worry about job security.

Daily Pulse makes work more engaging by allowing users to earn badges
for submitting daily accomplishments and being engaged with the team.
This makes things more fun!

Daily Pulse offers a free 7 day trial where you can invite as many team
members as you would like. Then it’s $5/month per team member after
the 7 day trial ends.


Try Daily Pulse Now!

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Drink Spotlight: C2O Pure Coconut Water


Not all coconut waters are created equal. C2O has taken extra care to select and pack what we believe to be the best tasting coconut water in the world. Here's what makes C2O different: Our 100% pure C2O is from young green coconuts from an especially fragrant and tasty variety that are unique to the inland soils of Thailand. These coconuts are a fresh water varietal that yield a more delightful taste than the salty flavor that accompanies more commonly used coastal coconuts. All our coconut water is packed fresh, with each batch flavor-tasted before being packed to ensure every can has our signature flavor and the quality that makes C2P so popular among coconut water lovers. C2O's great taste is all pure, unlike some others who add extra sweeteners or flavors to mask their saltier taste.


• Pure coconut water made from young, green coconuts
• Delicious taste that is hydrating and packed with electrolytes
• Great potassium to sodium ratio to rejuvenate your body
• Non-GMO and gluten-free
• 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives





About C2O

At C2O Pure Coconut Water, we strive to deliver the best tasting and most refreshing coconut water in the world. We use a unique varietal only found in inland Thailand that yields the best taste profile on the market. C2O is never from concentrate & we always keep it real.

C2O is the best selling coconut water in North America in the Natural and Organic channel, staying true and focused to a holistic way of living.



Company: C2O Pure Coconut Water, LLC
Brand: C2O Pure Coconut Water
Origin: Thailand
Category: Coconut Water Drink
Packaging: 17.5 fl oz / 520 ml (Pack of 12)
Claims: Pure & Natural. Non-GMO and gluten-free
Price: $27.48
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.c2o-cocowater.com
Vist C2O Pure Coconut Water on Facebook





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Drink Review: Homesoy Soy Milk


Homesoy Original is made from carefully selected premium soy beans from Canadian soybean which are then put through traditional methods of extracting soy milk, preserving all the natural goodness within. Homesoy Original’s fragrance and flavours will remind you of homemade soymilk. Homesoy is an appropriate and convenient beverage for health conscious, vegetarian or vegan consumers.

Homesoy Original does not contain any preservatives, animal fats and dairy product.




Homesoy with Basil Seed was an innovation introduced to the ready-to-drink soy market by UFC. The new product combines Homesoy authentic soy milk flavours with health benefits of the basil seeds making it a uniquely mouth-watering, convenient and healthy beverage. Homesoy with Basil Seed is an appropriate and convenient beverage for health conscious, vegetarian or vegan consumers.

HomeSoy with Basil Seed does not contain any preservatives, animal fats and dairy product.




Homesoy with Job’s tears was an innovation introduced to the ready-to-drink soy market by UFC. The new product combines the authentic soy milk flavours with health benefits of the Job’s tear making it a uniquely mouth-watering, convenient and healthy beverage. Homesoy with job’s tears is an appropriate and convenient beverage for health conscious, vegetarian or vegan consumers.

Homesoy with Job’s tears does not contain any preservatives, animal fats and dairy product.






Homesoy with Black Sesame is naturally blended with no artificial additives or preservatives. It is low in cholesterol and uses pure soy with no mix of skim milk. Together with a traditional homemade formula UFC Homesoy uses quality soy beans from Canada and specially picked black sesame seeds to ensure the highest quality and finest fragrance and taste. Home soy Black Sesame blend is available in 300ml bottle with a simple 3 step procedure ‘twist’, ‘poke’ and ‘turn’ the cap to experience the traditional and tasty Homesoy.



About the Company
UNIVERSAL FOOD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED, or more commonly known as UFC, is one of Thailand’s leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, beverages and sauce and seasoning. UFC was founded in October 1969, recognising Thailand as a key producer for a wide range of agricultural products for the world market. It is with this conviction that UFC made its decision to invest its business in fruits and vegetable development. The commitment in supplying the world with fruit and vegetable from Thailand also allowed UFC to contribute in creating a much-needed employment in the rural community.



Company: UFC
Brand: Homesoy
Slogan: As Natural As You Can Get
Origin: Thailand
Category: Dairy Alternative  Drinks
Packaging: 300ml
Claims: Does not contain any preservatives, animal fats and dairy product
Variants: Original, Basil Seed, With Job's Tears, With Black Sesame
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: ufc.co.th


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Drink Spotlight: Kirin Teabreak English Tea


Tea Break " authentic British tea drink, more convenient and modern in appearance. Has a sweet taste. Available in five authentic 5 flavors.



- Original Tea ( Original Flavor ) .
Tea English Tea Original Flavor is a widely popular drink . The trick is that the fermentation process is longer than green tea and white tea. The taste and scent of tea is genuin. For pleasure of drinking your tea.



- Milk Tea ( flavored milk ) .
English tea is made from tea leaves contain Theanine , which is ideal to drink in the moments you want to relax. In addition to low-fat milk . For those who care about fat.



- Lemon Tea ( lemon ) .
English tea , lemon tea made ​​from leaves that contain Catechin Polyphenol and sour refreshing you every time you drink it.



- Apple Tea ( apple flavor ) .
English tea , taste sweet and sour apple cider trends like no other. I try to be sequenced. Feel the warmth of every drink.



- White Grape Tea ( white grape ) .
English tea flavored with sweet and sour white grapes white grapes . Answering those who like a different kind. Feel the warmth of every drink.



Company: Kirin
Brand: Kirin
Origin: Thailand
Category: Tea
Packaging: 350ml bottle
Claims: Antioxidant
Variants: Original, Lemon, Milk Tea, Apple, White Grape
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Thailand
Website: kirinthai.com




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Drink Spotlight: Kirin TeaGurt Yogurt Drink Flavor



TeaGurt is a product from Kirin, it is a Yogurt Tea sold in Thailand. The drink is a tea mixed with yogurt and is targeted at young consumers 18-25 years old.


Company: Kirin
Brand: Kirin
Origin: Thailand
Category: Tea
Packaging: 350ml bottle
Claims: Low Fat
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Thailand
Website: kirinthai.com







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Drink Spotlight: WB&CO Wild Farmed Pure Honey and Chinese Tea


WB&CO Wild flower honey drinks. 100% pure wild flower honey with a kickof traditional chinese herbal goodness. Natural energy from the sun!




Hindu's call honey, "oneness of everything”, and we think that's spot-on! Naturally made and 100% pure, our honey drinks capture the natural flavours and aromas of the wildflowers near our bee farms and thanks to our friend the bee – it is the best source of natural energy for us too. We then add a kick of herbs to balance out the sweetness and create a really elegant tasting and healthy drink.

WB&CO Wild Honey Drinks
- 290ml Wild Honey & Chinese Herbal Tea
- 290ml Wild Honey & Aloe Vera
- 290ml Wild Honey & Bittergourd



Love from the sun. Honey is our best source of natural energy. We then add a kick of mineral rich herbs to give our drinks a really elegant taste.



The simple things done naturally
"We bring together local farmers and bottlers to create simple, sustainable and delicious drinks that are naturally good for each other and the planet".


WB&CO drinks are made using wild farmed or organically grown plants. We support wild and organic farming because it promotes local bio-diversity among plants and pollinators such as birds and bees. We believe this will help future generations feed themselves naturally.


We bring together local farmers and bottlers to ensure our drinks are made from seasonally available fresh ingredients. Our commitment to working this way means the plants we harvest are used in there country of origin and quality is assured from the soil to the bottle.


WB&CO plant-based drinks are made from 100% pure ingredients. They are naturally made and contain no additives or colourings. Just the earthy goodness and natural taste customers have come to expect from WB&CO range of wild farmed and organic plants drinks.




Company: WB&CO
Brand: WB&CO
Slogan: Natural Energy From the Sun
Origin: UK
Category: Tea
Packaging: 290ml
Claims: 100% Pure
Variants: Herbal Tea, Aloe Vera, Bittergourd
Price: £2.49
Where to Buy: Thailand, Singapore
Website: wbcouk.com





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Product Spotlight: Habu Herbal Cooling Drink


Consumers needing a reprieve from Thailand's hot, tropical weather and fast-paced lifestyle can cool down with Habu, a new all-natural herbal tea drink. The ready-to-drink beverage is made with four cooling herbs -- roselle, licorice, luo han guo and cogon grass.

Diggy Dey, business development director at Coca-Cola Thailand, said Habu was inspired by Thai herbal drink culture and conceptualized specifically for Thai consumers. Habu's packaging and label designs feature a modern interpretation of the clay containers traditionally used to brew herbal drinks.

“Habu is the culmination of years of research and development, including extensive studies of Thai consumer behavior, beverage traditions, tastes and direct consumer engagement to understand what Thais want in an herbal drink,” he added.
Coca-Cola Thailand will support the launch through a year-long marketing campaign led by TV, radio, outdoor and cinema ads featuring Thai celebrities Pope (Tanawat Wattanaputi) and Ko Tee. A nationwide sampling program will reach an estimated 1 million consumers in stores and on the streets
Sugar 9.6%, Rosella powder extract 0.17%, lo han guo powder extract 0.04%, licorice powder extract 0.01%, cogongrass powder extract 0.01%, natural artificial color and flavor added.


Total Carbohydrates: 35g

Per Serving size: 280ml, Fat, Servings per Container: 1, Total Calories: 140kcal, Sodium (g/mg): 10mg, Sugars (g/mg): 32g, Total Carbohydrate (g/mg): 35g, Total Carbohydrate: 12%


Company: Coca Cola Company
Brand: Habu
Slogan: Slow Roasted Coffee
Origin: Thailand
Category: Functional
Claims: Cooling, No Preservatives
Packaging: 280ml bottle
Where to Buy: Thailand
Website: Habu Facebook Page





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Product Spotlight: Copra 100% Raw Coconut Water






Thailand is renowned for producing the world's best tasting coconut water. Our coconuts come from a region called 'Ratchaburi' in Western Thailand where the rich soil and tropical climate offer the perfect environment for producing uniquely great tasting coconuts.


We work with farmers who produce largely pesticide-free coconuts. All our coconuts are GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) certified, which encourages vibrant, diverse ecosystems on farms through environmentally sustainable farming


Our farmers, with generations of experience, are experts at harvesting coconuts at their peak for maximum taste and nutrition.


The sooner you bottle coconut water, the better the taste and nutrition. Our facility is located close to the plantations, allowing us to bottle our young coconut water within hours of harvesting


We never heat, never alter and never add any preservatives to our coconut water. See if you can taste the unique scents and textures present in each bottle


Why Choose Copra?
The market for raw coconut water is growing rapidly, with demand far outweighing supply. We believe there is huge opportunity for growth and innovation for the entire industry and want to be the ones that remain honest through it all.

At Copra, we have committed ourselves to staying true to our Thai roots and our values. We believe very strongly that sourcing our coconuts from a sole origin in Central Thailand allows us to control taste and quality. We also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the authentic taste of Thai coconuts.

Keep your eyes open for more unique, innovative and healthy products to come from Copra as we grow as a different kind of health food & beverage company.




Company: Copra
Brand: Copra
Slogan: 100% Raw
Origin: USA (Product of Thailand)
Category: Juice
Packaging: 325ml
Claims: 100% Raw
Website: coprawater.com









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