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Platform enables restaurant patrons to text the manager direct

Much the way TalkTo uses text messaging to connect consumers with local businesses, so TalktotheManager aims to foster a closer connection between restaurants and their clientele. Specifically, as a substitute for comment cards or other less reliable means of collecting feedback, TalktotheManager lets restaurant patrons anonymously text their comments directly to the manager.

Restaurants begin by signing up with Seattle-based TalktotheManager and receiving a dedicated phone number for the service. They can then download preprinted stickers and signs to encourage their patrons to text feedback to that number. Both owners and managers can be notified each time a customer sends a comment, and they can use the service to send a response. Bottom line: Restaurants have a new way to intercept and address negative comments, in particular, before they end up on a review site like Yelp. TalktotheManager pricing is USD 29 per month.

Only 43 percent of US mobile subscribers have a smartphone, TalktotheManager notes, but all cell phones can send and receive text messages without the need for any special app. Businesses around the globe: time to make text messaging your new best customer-contact friend?

Website: www.talktothemanager.com
Contact: www.talktothemanager.com/contact

via SpringWise

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App Self-Destructs Sexts After Ten Seconds

Texting sexually explicit messages and photos (also known as ‘sexting’) have grown significantly with the rising popularity of smartphones. However, sexting carries with it a notorious reputation of private images and SMS conversations making their way onto public websites for everyone to see. A new mobile app called Snapch

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OMG!!! New ‘Texting’ Wines Are GR8!!!

There's seriously nothing I love more than opening a delicious bottle of wine at the end of a long, stressful week. Let's be real though, I'm no wine snob. I'm good for a cheap $12 bottle of merlot all day 'err day. In other words, I mix things up when I buy my cheap wine simply by the way that the label looks.

Super colorful label? Done. Cool name in even cooler cursive? SOLD! Which is exactly why I'm the lame-o that would pick something up from TXT Cellars. With names ranging from OMG!!! (exclamation points included) Chardonnay to GR8!!! Cabernet Sauvignon, it was only a matter of time until someone went down this drunken route with vino.

Heck, I have a few acronyms of my own that could be PERFECT for wine names. Starting with HSID!!!! (Read: Holy shit, I'm drunk.)

HSID!!! (Holy shit, I'm drunk): It doesn't matter WHAT kind of wine this is. Except it most definitely will have an alcohol by volume of at LEAST 20 percent. And you will most definitely have a headache post-drinkfest.

BF!!! (Boyfriend): A wine so good, you'd date it exclusively.

XOXO!!!: A deep merlot that instantaneously turns you into a make-out bandit.

ZzZz!!!: That smooth, perfect chardonnay that you have one glass of, and you're immediately ready to catch some sleep.

BTW!!! (By the way): Just so you know, this wine ALSO has vodka in it. It's like, oh BTW!!! there's a surprise waiting for you when you pop this bottle, and god almighty, it's a hangover!


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