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Product Spotlight: Terma Herbal Based Beverages

Terma Herbal based, non alcoholic drinks from Argentina.  Terma is an expert in selecting, infusing and extracting the best from herbs, fruits and spices in order to create balanced, refreshing and unique drink mixes that are full of natural goodness.

Using all natural ingredients Terma offers a functional alternative to carbonated and less health drinks on the market.  Available in Herbal and Regional flavors offering the consumer genuine variety.

Terma features an eco friendly PET bottle that uses 10% less than similar packaging.

Terma is the ideal drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and with food.  The company recommends you drink Terma very cold, on its own, with ice, mixed with soda or any other way you like.

Terma drinks are available in three levels of intensity:
Low Intensity - Pink Grapefruit, Apple Blueberry
Medium Intensity - Citrus Light, Patagonico, Patagonico Light
Hight Intensity - Lemon, Lemon Light, Serrano, Serrano Light, Cuyano, Cuyano Light

Ingredients include: Peruvian Bark, Corriander, Marcela (herb), Peperina (herb)

Terma is the full package functional beverage offering all natural unique ingredients in an eco friendly package.  The unique flavors offers the consumer a number of choices rarely seen in these types of beverages.  The company thought about every detail when creating this product from the ingredients, flavors and packaging.

Company: Cepas
Brand: Terma
Category: Drinks
Location: Argentina
Price: $1.90 USD
Claims: Eco Friendly Bottle, Functional, Slimming
Herbal: Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, Apple Blueberry, Lemon, Lemon Light,  Citrus Light
Regional: Cuyano, Cuyano Light, Pataonico, Patagonico Light, Serrano, Serrano Light
Packaging: 1.25 liter, PET Platic
Website: terma.com.ar


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