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Device Spotlight: Hurom Juicer



Hurom’s goal is to fill your everyday life with delicious, easy-to-make juices squeezed from fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle that incorporates Hurom and all the natural health benefits that come along with it.


What can you make?
Hurom’s secret to making delicious and healthy drinks without chemical additives lies in its desire to bring people as close to nature as possible. Enjoy the wide variety of recipes you can make with fresh fruits and vegetables, ranging from juices and smoothies to desserts.


The Slow Squeeze Difference
Our slow-squeezing juicers make real, natural juices with no added water, ice, or chemical additives.
Our slow juicers filter out the insoluble fiber present in the ingredients used, thus removing their bitter compounds. The resulting juices are clear and have a rich taste and velvety texture, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of every last drop of the ingredients used.


Hurom’s International Recognition
Our reputation for making high-tech juicers has been growing worldwide, with our slow juicers having won several prominent design awards, including the Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award, and International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Our patented Slow Squeeze Technology, which uses a vertical auger, has been certified by over 100 institutions, proving our technical capabilities.


Hurom gives the priceless gift of free time in the morning
Hurom’s new model, which is more convenient than ever before,
allows our customers to enjoy the experience of falling in love with Hurom juice all over again every day.
With enhanced functions designed to offer greater usability, we make juicing more convenient and help you free up a little more time to relax in the morning.
The smart hopper, which is designed to enable one-step juice extraction.
That give you a much-needed few extra minutes of free time while the juice is being extracted.
Also, the internal vertical structure of the juicer has been designed for easy pulp expulsion,
and the slim body design allows you to fit the device into even the narrowest of spaces.


Wider body allows all ingredients to be inserted together!

The smart hopper, which has been designed to automatically feed the ingredients into the juicer after they have been inserted all together, is incredibly convenient, because it eliminates the need for the repeated manual insertion of ingredients.


Convenience of the dual hopper!

The dual hopper, which can be installed and removed when necessary, features two slots that have been more efficient juice extraction process with our dual hopper!


Smart control with a Jog Dial!


The power Jog Dial is located on the front for increased visibillity and convenience of use.


Wonderful flavors and vivid colors!

Hurom juice, which always features a fresh scent and vivid colors, perfectly preserves the natural flavors and high nutritional value of the ingredients using a juice extraction method that involves slow squeezing.



Hurom Brand Story

The conveniences that surround us and the hectic lifestyles we lead in today’s modern world, make it hard for us to appreciate the small,
pleasant moments in our lives. We want to change that by introducing people to the quality and value of the slow life.
We want to restore people’s gratitude for nature and satisfaction with life by helping them recover their health naturally, enjoy a fulfilling life
for the benefit of both their body and mind, and protect themselves and their loved ones from anxiety and stress.
Taking small steps every day can transform your life, and a cup full of the wonders of nature that is Hurom juice is a great place to start. Read More



Learn More About Hurom Juicers Here



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Tech Spotlight: The World’s First Solar Wallet by Lucca Bozzi



Say Goodbye to Low-Power Notifications

Solar Wallet is a modern interpretation of the classic bi-fold wallet, bettering your everyday by providing +10 hours of extra charge when you need it most - without taking up any of your personal space.

Built with cutting-edge technology, we've integrated charge cables, intelligent circuitry and renewable energy into a super slim Italian leather wallet.

Get an extra 10 hours of talk time or just recharge those wireless headphones with the built-in battery. RFID protected.

Trust us to make the last wallet you'll ever dream of.

April 5, 8 am pst launch - limited sign ups to get $100 off

Visit www.luccabozzi.com





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Tech Spotlight: Gourmia Brings Alexa, Google Home and Voice Control to Smart Appliances



Company's Industry-Leading Kitchen Appliances Combine with the Latest IoT Technology to Link Multiple Gourmia Appliances to a Single App

CHICAGO, March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Gourmia™, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, is set to make a big smart splash during its first appearance at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago's McCormick Place. The company is primed to help every cook – whether a seasoned veteran or a nervous novice – become a smart cook.

Gourmia to Show Its Expanding Line of IoT-Enabled Products at 2017 International Home + Housewares Show in booth #L12739, Lakeside Building, March 19 - 21, 2017

Using the latest IoT technology, including Alexa, Google Home and voice commands, the new Gourmia mobile kitchen app directly links enabled company products to the user's smartphone or tablet. Once linked, the cook and app can join forces in making the perfect smart kitchen, and meals!

"We are honored that Gourmia's IoT smart kitchen technology is a finalist in the smart home category of the International Housewares Show's prestigious GIA awards," enthused Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen. "Building on this excitement, we are ready to show industry professionals the many advantages to carrying our exciting – and growing – line of smart kitchen countertop appliances. And we want everyone stepping into our booth to discover what they are."

Gourmia Smart Difference
Gourmia smart small kitchen appliances are intrinsically smarter. Some of the features that set them apart include:

One Cohesive App – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app for iOS and Android connects to every Gourmia IoT device, allowing users to control their appliances from their mobile device.

Built-In Cook Cam – found on selected Gourmia IoT appliances, takes videos or photos of food being cooked, which can then be shared to social media sites via the Gourmia mobile kitchen app. It can also be used to reference provided time-stamped photos, enabling users to compare what they are cooking with how it should appear.

Alexa and Google Home Integration – Gourmia IoT technology embedded in the appliances is compatible with voice services, such as Alexa and Google Home, under the skill name Mia, allowing voice activation as well as integration with Facebook, Instagram and Skype.

Safe Cooking – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app has the ability to block usage of an appliance if there is no adult supervision present, and can remotely monitor a Gourmia smart appliance and turn it off if needed.

Recipe Book – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app automatically programs recipes into any Gourmia IoT kitchen appliance, plans meals, calculates calories in a meal, and generates a grocery shopping list based on a selected recipe.

Family Preferences – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app can integrate each member's preferences regarding food choices, favorite recipes, and desired meal for special events.

Gourmia Smart Kitchen Appliances
The following are just a few of the Gourmia products that are IoT-enabled and compatible with the company's mobile kitchen app, allowing remote control of the appliance. Gourmia will connect the SKUs to its app during 2017.

  • FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer (GWMF2650) and Free Fry 360-Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi (GWAF2850)
    The Gourmia Cook Cam, found in both units, lets cooks capture every second of the cooking process, while the Gourmia mobile app allows remote operation for total control over how quickly and efficiently food cooks.
  • Sous Vide Pod (GSV140) and Sous Vide Self-Contained Circulating Water Oven (GSV900)
    The app assists in easily following professional recipes, monitors the cooking process, and gives notice when the meal is ready. The sous vide pod is also compatible with voice services, such as Alexa, under the skill name Mia.
  • Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker (GCM700)
    The app allows selection of desired recipe and automatic programming, supports multi-step recipes, and gives notice when meals are ready.
  • Wi-Fi Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer
    The safe and easy way to keep track of when to warm baby bottles and how many sterilized bottles are available. It is also compatible with voice services, such as Alexa, under the skill name Mia.
  • Air Purifier and Aroma Diffusor
    App allows unit to purify kitchen air or diffuse unpleasant cooking aromas.
  • Smart Pot Electric Digital Multipurpose Pressure Cooker (GPC800)
    Gourmia mobile app allows remote operation for total control over how quickly and efficiently food cooks.

About Gourmia
Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Gourmia is passionate about cooking and the tools for the healthy lifestyle. With decades of small appliance expertise, Gourmia's founders know that cooks are looking for dependable, easy-to-use tools that will make their lives easier. From sous vide immersion cookers to multi-purpose cookers and juicers, the team at Gourmia has taken input from chefs and consumers to make their products the best in their category. All of the company's products are designed to deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value. For additional information, please visit http://www.gourmia.com.





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Tech Spotlight: The Light Phone



The Light Phone

Designed to be used as little as possible, the Light Phone is your phone away from phone. Whether it be an afternoon stroll, coffee break, night on the town, or a dinner date with someone you love, going light affords us the space we need to spend quality time free of distractions or notifications.


The experience of going light is the Light Phone. Unplugging becomes special.


How It Works


Out of the box, plug the Light Phone into your computer and follow the instructions to download our app. As the phone updates, you will create an account and set up your 9 speed dials. To go light, follow the instructions on the app to turn on call forwarding from your smartphone. All outbound calls made will use your existing phone number.


The App & SIM Card
The Light Phone is an unlocked 2G GSM phone that is ready to use out of the box and it comes with its own SIM. An active SIM is required because the phone does not rely on tethering (i.e Bluetooth) for connection, and it will work regardless of its proximity to your smartphone. The cost of using our service is approximately $5/month and it only works within United States—International users, please see our notes below. The Light Phone can also work without our Light SIM & App as an unlocked phone with a 2G Nano SIM of your choice.



Pre-Order the Light Phone here

Due to high demand, new orders are estimated to ship sometime in early Spring, before April 2017. Reserve a spot with a pre-order or sign up to be notified about our progress.



Unfortunately we cannot offer SIMs at this time for international orders and the Light Phone will ship as an unlocked 2G GSM phone. You will still be able to use our app to update your Light Phone and manage speed dials, however, you will need to purchase your own Nano SIM from a local carrier. The cloud software platform that we offer in the US will not be available for international users and the most notable feature lost will be masking outgoing calls with your primary number. We will be spending the next year on-boarding users on a country-to-country basis.

The following regions do not support 2G: Australia, Singapore, Japan & Korea.
We are working on a future version of the phone for these regions.


For more information, visit our frequently asked questions , reach out to us directly at: info@thelightphone.com or leave us your info to stay up to date with our progress.






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Tech Spotlight: Vessel Wallet




Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. Uniquely designed to scroll through your cards, store cash, and protect what needs protection.




After having medication fall out of my pocket, receipts crumpled or lost, and wishing I had a stick of gum before going to an important meeting, I knew there needed to be a sleeker, better way to carry around valuables.

Introducing Vessel Wallet™ - A sophisticated, innovative, luxury design that’s simple to use and simple to choose.




Vessel is a slim, minimalist wallet with a sliding storage tray built into its body. Store your receipts, pills, memory cards, condoms, photos, and more in a compartment you know is secure.






Scroll through cards with a downward swiping motion, and upward to remove. Accessing your cards is extremely quick, intuitive and leaves onlookers with a sense of curiosity and jealousy.




The cards are securely held in the wallet by a gentle squeezing pressure on the edges.



The concealed protective compartment is great for holding medication, birth control, paper money, coins, keys, candy, gum, or any other small object. Store whatever you need for the day ahead.




Slide the tray out by pushing on either side.












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Tech Spotlight: Anheuser-Busch Introduces the Ultimate Office Fridge



Anheuser-Busch is introducing the latest in ultimate smart technology: The Office Bud-E Fridge. Designed to support office managers, this commercial-size smart fridge is the perfect tool for making sure ice cold beer is always available for team meetings, happy hours, and Fridays at 5 p.m.

The Office Bud-E Fridge holds 180 beers, and unlike “kegerators” allows companies to stock more beer for longer without the foamy mess and waste. The Office Bud-E Fridge also knows when stock is running low and can automatically place a beer order with a local delivery partner (e.g., Minibar) through the beer ordering portal. Bottles or cans, the Office Bud-E Fridge can hold any variety of refreshing Anheuser-Busch products to make sure there is a beer for everyone.








WARNING: A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router is required to connect your Office Bud-e to the internet. Office Bud-e cannot join a Wi-Fi network with a secondary level of authentication. Be sure to check your Wi-Fi specifications before ordering an Office Bud-e. See "What is secondary level authentication?" and "What is a 2.4GHz network?" for more information.

Q: What is a secondary level authentication?

A: Secondary level authentication is a 'landing' web page shown to a user before they gain more-abroad access to URL or http-based Internet services. An example of this is when a user attempts to join a free Wi-Fi network at the airport. Before gaining access, the user is redirected to a web page which may require authentication, payment, acceptance of policies or other valid credentials.

Q: What is a 2.4Ghz network?

A: Wi-Fi routers most commonly run on a 2.4GHz frequency. Dual band routers also provide a supplementary 5GHz network. If using a dual band Wi-Fi router, be sure to join your Office Bud-e to the 2.4GHz network.
Mobile device and App

An iOS or Android mobile device is required to connect your Office Bud-e to your Wi-Fi network.

  • iPhone 4s or above running OS 8 and above
  • Android device running Jelly Bean (16) and above

Download the 'Office Bud-e' App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


The Office Bud-E Fridge is FREE and currently available to offices in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles and comes in six brand designs: Bud Light, Budweiser, Shock Top, Goose Island, Blue Point or Golden Road fridges. Photos of the different designs can be found here and can be ordered through the link below.







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Tech Spotlight: Joan Meeting Room Solution




No more meeting room confusion, double bookings, or interrupted meetings. Display your meeting room reservations and book rooms on the spot with Joan. Make sure everybody has their meeting space when they need it.





Joan connects to your Wi-Fi and the calendar you already use (G Suite - Google Apps, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and iCalendar). No need for additional software installations. It will display your calendar data at the meeting room door, where you need it the most. Learn More






Joan easily attaches to any surface with a set of elegant, self-adhesive magnets. Perfect even for modern glass partition walls. No cables, no hammering, and no need for an expensive office redesign. Learn How to Install





Joan is 99% more energy efficient than any other solution available. Forget about charging. Joan lasts up to three months on a single battery charge. Even more, Joan will remind you to charge the device in time with a friendly email. More About Charging




Most companies using Joan choose in-the-cloud hosting because it requires no maintenance. For those who prefer a more comprehensive view of their data and have in-house servers, on-premise hosting is also available. Learn More





You can easily upload your own logo or turn on the different interface language variations in the Joan Dashboard. Currently she speaks English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovenian ... and Klingon. Read More




About Joan

Joan is the most advanced digital door display and meeting room scheduling solution with impeccable energy efficiency. Powered by Visionect. Joan connects to existing calendars and infrastructure, and is the only true plug & play solution on the market.








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Tech Spotlight: Introducing the New Kitchen Essential, the Negg(TM) Maker



Peels boiled eggs in seconds with no hassle.

FAIRFIELD, Conn., Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- An ingenious, yet simple new kitchen tool makes the irksome task of peeling a boiled egg quick and easy. With just a little bit of water and a few shakes, the Negg™ Maker peels boiled eggs in seconds with no mess.

Thanks to its patent pending design, which includes egg-shaped bumps on the inside to help facilitate the removal of the shell on the sides of the egg, it's possible to peel a dozen boiled eggs in under four minutes. This handy tool is perfect for the kitchens of both chefs and home cooks. It can also be a fun way to get children involved in cooking. Using the Negg™ Maker can mean hours of frustration saved especially for anyone preparing popular dishes like deviled eggs or those adhering to high protein diet regimes like the Paleo diet, for instance. Clean-up is easy, too. The 100 percent USA-made Negg™ Maker is dishwasher-safe and BPA free.

"Some household chores shouldn't be difficult. Peeling boiled eggs is one of them. I watched videos of the huge commercial egg peelers that churned out thousands of peeled eggs a day, and decided there had to be a portable solution for anyone peeling eggs. After much trial and error, we have come up with a great product. The Negg™ Maker, so simple, yet solves a long-standing kitchen nightmare," explains Negg™ Maker co-creator, Bonnie Tyler.

Together Negg™ Maker creators, Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan, have been web developers, graphic designers, and marketers for more than 20 years. Prior to that, Tyler's expertise was setting up databases for non-profits, and Torgan's was in business development and sales promotion in San Francisco and New York. For the last year and a half, they have been working together diligently taking the Negg™ Maker through the stages of research, development, and rigorous testing. After many iterations, the prototype has been finalized and it is set to go into production.

For the opportunity to get the Negg™ Maker at a fraction of its retail value, it will be available for pre-order until November 30 exclusively through Kickstarter (where it was successfully funded in just over 24 hours.) Early adopters will get theirs in time for the holiday season.

Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/2dWjbsG

For additional information about the Negg™ Maker please visit our website, http://www.peelanegg.com/ and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.







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Tech Spotlight: Introducing Qi Aerista: The Ultimate Wifi-Enabled Smart Tea Maker



SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2016, 11:00 ET - Keyway Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Qi Aerista, the ultimate WiFi-enabled smart tea maker. Qi Aerista will make the perfect cup of tea in just minutes, whether it's hot traditional tea, cold-brewed tea, or even exceptionally strong brew tea for your favourite milk tea. Starting today, people can support Qi Aerista on Kickstarter at getqiaerista.com.

“Tea is delicate and when brewed properly, makes a tremendous difference in taste, ” said Rick Ha, Founder and CEO of Keyway Innovations. “That is why we created Qi Aerista to simplify the brewing process for all types of tea. Even someone new to tea can enjoy a perfect cup every time.”

Qi Aerista’s patented circulative infusion system will heat and maintain a consistent water temperature specific to your tea type, then a circulative water flow optimally immerses and steeps the tea leaves with precise time control for optimal infusion. With its unique tea-water separation architecture, Qi Aerista addresses the problems of over or under-steeping of tea faced by today’s tea drinkers.

Qi Aerista includes 6 different preset brewing programs for cold brewing, floral, green, black, oolong, and milk tea. With Qi Aerista’s app, users can access advanced functions such as customizing water temperature and brewing time with per degree/second precision, managing the brewing process remotely, setting reservation timers, and discovering the world of tea.

“Qi Aerista has been showcased at various international tea events in 2016 and we’ve received great support and feedback from the tea community,” noted Karen Wan, co-founder of Keyway Innovations. “After years of developing Qi Aerista to provide an enjoyable tea experience, we can’t wait to bring this unique smart tea maker to tea lovers around the world”.

Qi Aerista is available in two colors for $99 exclusively on Kickstarter during the first 24 hours after launch. It will increase to $149 until the campaign ends on December 14, with worldwide shipping to backers starting in June 2017. Qi Aerista will retail for $239.


About Keyway Innovations:

Founded in 2013, Keyway Innovations is a hardware startup based in Hong Kong, focusing on delivering a quality tea experience to all passionate tea lovers around the world. Founders Rick Ha, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, and Co-founder Karen Wan, CPA and Certified Tea Evaluator, lead the team. With their love for a good cup of tea and years of experience in R&D and financial management, their vision is to bring more tea lovers into the world of tea and reinvent people’s tea experience through simplicity and innovation. For more information on Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker, visit www.qi-aerista.com or email us at support@qi-aerista.com.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Qi.Aerista
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Qi_Aerista
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/KeywayInnovations







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Crowdfunding Spotlight: E-Ink wallet – The next generation wallet



Say goodbye to traditionally boring wallets and to the hassle & inconvenience of losing the vital contents with your wallet. The trendy E-Ink Wallet will rock your personal glam with your own digital pictures and has built-in safety features that will mean your wallet will never be beyond your reach again, while storing your cash, credit cards and identification.




The E-Ink wallet allows consumers unprecedented personalization of wallet design. The beauty of the E-Ink wallet is that you can effectively have a feeling of using unique wallet every single day without using same boring style. The E-Ink wallet will guarantee that you are always unique among your friends.

The built-in GPS tracker also makes it possible for you to locate it anywhere in the world.




  • The innovative E-Ink displays allow you to customize the look and feel of the wallet via Bluetooth, with custom patterns or pictures.
  • Different individual pictures can be set on each screen simultaneously.
  • E-Ink display only consumes battery power during the picture updating process.
  • Complete flexibility means your wallet can bend in your back pocket without damage.
  • The screen’s transparent resin coating prevents scratching and improves durability.




The built-in GPS tracker with its pre-installed sim card, allows you to track your wallet anywhere anytime, without the usual distance restrictions of conventional Bluetooth trackers.



The built-in ringer will alert you when your wallet moves beyond 100 feet from you, ensures you never loose your wallet again.



The built-in battery pack has the energy capacity to change up to 10000 pictures from one full charge.

Depending on the number of image updates and activation of Bluetooth tracking, a full charging cycle will last from 3 to 6 months. To conserve power, Bluetooth will be used within a 100 feet distance and if the wallet or connected phone goes beyond that, GPS will be enabled automatically.




The easy to attach magnetic USB 3.0 charger is included. The tiny, slim charger is stored in the wallet, eliminating the need for bulky, external chargers.

The charger is compatible with USB ports on laptop, power banks, and other conventional charging devices. With fast charging feature, battery will be fully charged in just 20 minutes.




The user-friendly mobile app (for Android, iOS and Windows mobiles) allows you to download your favorite designs, and set them on your e-ink wallet immediately, track location, get alerts and check the battery status of wallet, all from the convenience of your mobile device.




E-ink Wallet made from 100% genuine premium leather, hand-made with precision and attention to detail for durability and offers a classic style without compromising the purpose of the basic wallet.

It satisfies the conventional purposes of a wallet with storage for coins and notes, up to four credit cards and one ID card, flash drives and its custom USB charger.









Can I wash E-Ink wallet?

Yes, the screens and circuits are completely waterproof. But gentle washing is safe.

How does the GPS tracking work?

The wallet’s pre-installed sim card enables  tracking from anywhere in the world, irrespective of the distance from you.

How can GPS be enabled?

In the interests of conserving battery life, GPS will automatically be enabled when your wallet is 100 feet away from phone.

Will the sim card work in my country and why I can’t install my own sim?

Sim cards from only the best service providers in each country are pre-installed during the manufacturing process. Efficient design and in-factory waterproofing preclude post-manufacture sim installation. We are open to requests for preferred sim service providers.

Do you have any color options for the wallet?

The introductory wallets will be available in a chic black that is color-coded with the e-ink screen. pls re-write this line. Further color options will be considered from a research survey  from backers following the conclusion of the campaign.

Do you have plans to make wallets for women and passport holders?

Our design team is excited about adding additional custom wallets to our range in future. These will include wallets for ladies and passport holders. We would like to take direction from our supporters in this regard, and invite you to express your support for these additional designs, by purchasing a $5 perk. Attaining our minimum goal of 1000 responses will enable inclusion on INDEMAND following successful funding of the campaign. If we do not reach our response target by the end of the campaign, this amount will be refunded to backers who participated.



Visit einkwallet.com

Visit Their Crowdfunding Site



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