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Food Spotlight: Wholesome!® Sweetens Expo West with Organic Candy Innovation and Brand New Organic Stevia


SUGAR LAND, Texas, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At this year's Natural Products Expo West (Booth #2621), March 10-12, the Wholesome! brand's spirit for innovation will be on full display. In addition to offering its beloved Fair Trade and organic sweeteners and new frostings, the brand is launching several new candy items, re-launching its Organic Stevia with a better taste and presenting new options with its sugar packets. Sister brand, Surf Sweets, known for its delicious gummy candies that are free of the Top 10 food allergens, will be on site as well sampling its popular candies as well as displaying its latest seasonal candy items.

Wholesome! Organic DelishFish
Wholesome!'s latest innovation focus is on launching candy that tastes delicious and is made with clean ingredients. Organic DelishFish is the brand's first candy item introduced from this focus. This popular fish-shaped candy is USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and made without the use of artificial colors or flavors. It's also made with Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. DelishFish is perfect for all ages as they make a tasty snack for road trips, movie nights or even as a lunchbox surprise. DelishFish is Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher. The candy is available in 2 ounce (MSRP – $1.99) and 6 ounce (MSRP – $4.79) pouches and is in stores nationwide.

Fall 2017 Seasonal Candy
Wholesome! and Surf Sweets brands are currently selling several items for the Fall 2017 holiday season. Both brands' candy items are made without synthetic colors and flavors, high fructose corn syrup and are also gluten free and nut free.

For Halloween, the Wholesome! brand has launched Organic Ghost and Skull Lollipops in a 7.4 ounce/30 count pouch. Shaped like ghosts and skulls, with flavors like Wicked Watermelon and Eerie Orange, these lollipops are perfect for the candy bowl. Surf Sweets will continue to offer its Spooky Spiders, which are a 2.75 ounce pouch of gummy spiders. The brand will also continue to offer its ever popular Trick-or-Treat pack which contains 20/0.5 oz packs of Organic Fruity Bears. As always, both Surf Sweets candy items are free of the Top 10 food allergens.

For the Christmas season, Wholesome! will offer a 5 ounce/10 count box of Organic Candy Canes. The candy canes are nut free, gluten free, vegan and kosher.

New and Better Organic Stevia!
Launching at Expo West, Wholesome! has refreshed its Organic Stevia product with a new and better taste! This new Stevia's zero calorie granules are free-flowing like sugar and easily dissolve in hot or cold beverages. Wholesome! Organic Stevia will continue to be sold in 35, 75 and 120 count boxes of individual packets with new and improved pricing. The Stevia will also be sold in a larger 6 ounce jar giving consumers 40 percent more. Wholesome! Organic Stevia is USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, kosher and gluten free.

New Sugar Packets!
Wholesome! is also launching new 2.6 gram packets of its Fair Trade certified sugars: Natural Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar and Organic Cane Sugar. They are a perfect complement to coffee or tea. Each packet contains only 10 calories making portion control much easier. The packets will be sold in 1000 count cases for foodservice and will begin shipping this Spring.

About Wholesome!® and Surf Sweets®
Wholesome! and Surf Sweets believe in creating the best-tasting products with real and clean ingredients. Wholesome is the nation's leader in Fair Trade and Organic sugars, syrups, stevia and honeys and has been committed to organics and staying on the cutting edge of eco-friendly agriculture since its founding in 2001. Wholesome! has been dedicated to Fair Trade since 2005, paying more than $12 million in Fair Trade premiums to farming co-operatives and partners worldwide. Through these efforts, clean water, electricity, schools and health care have been brought to villages in Malawi, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

Surf Sweets sells chewy candy with organic ingredients that are free of the top 10 most common allergens. The company specializes in creating products with clean ingredients. Surf Sweets is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating a minimum of 1% of the sales from products to a number of environmental organizations.

For more information about these brands, visit WholesomeSweet.Com or SurfSweets.com







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Packaging Spotlight: Wholesome Sweeteners Becomes Wholesome!


Sugar Land, TX – Wholesome Sweeteners, the leading U.S. brand of Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO sugars and sweeteners, has a new name and a new look. Now known as Wholesome!™. In addition to unveiling its new look, the company will reveal its latest items like Organic Coconut Palm Syrup and a larger 24oz bottle of its popular Organic Honey. In celebration of its brand launch, the company is raffling off two purple KitchenAid mixers to visiting Expo guests

The company is staying true to its Organic and Fair Trade roots and will still sell its same beloved line of gourmet sugars, syrups, molasses, stevia and honeys, but with a different look. The Wholesome! logo and packaging incorporate a bright variety of colors, playful fonts and baking icons and quite literally lead with the heart. Not only is there a heart on the front of each item, but its packaging speaks about the love, care and consideration that was put into creating each product. The focus is on the satisfaction of the consumer, the well-being of the farmer who nurtured the product and maintaining the health of its natural environment.

“Wholesome! is the way we feel about our products, our farmers and our customers,” said Nigel Willerton, Wholesome! chief executive officer. “It encapsulates our organic and social mission and how much everyone in the company cares about delivering the best-tasting, highest quality products possible.”
Samples of brand new Wholesome! Organic Coconut Palm Syrup will be available for tasting at ExpoWest. This delicious natural sweetener is made from coconut palm sugar, which is derived from coconut palm tree nectar. A warm, caramel flavor with a honey-like consistency, it is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, but also makes a great baking ingredient or sweet topping for dishes like oatmeal, pancakes and waffles. This syrup is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher and will be sold in 12oz recyclable bottles.



For those who love the Wholesome! Organic Honey line, the squeeze bottle honey is now available in a larger size. Shoppers will be able to purchase it in either a 16oz or a 24oz squeeze bottle. Wholesome! Organic Honey is a decadent honey with butterscotch and caramel tones perfect for baking, hot tea, Greek yogurt, warm biscuits and hard cheeses. This honey is USDA Organic and Non-GMO since the bees only feast on organic wildflowers and the hives are never treated with antibiotics. It’s also Fair Trade, Gluten Free and Kosher




About Wholesome!
Wholesome! believes that life is sweeter when you pour your whole heart into all that you do. Formerly known as Wholesome Sweeteners, the Wholesome! brand is the nation’s leader in Fair Trade, Organic and Non-GMO sugars, molasses, syrups, stevia and honeys. Wholesome! has been committed to organics and staying on the cutting edge of eco-friendly agriculture since its founding in 2001. Wholesome! is dedicated to Fair Trade and partners with caring farming families across the globe ensuring them a fair price for their crops. Since 2005, Wholesome! has paid more than $10 million in Fair Trade premiums to farming co-operatives and partners worldwide helping bring clean water, electricity, schools and health care to villages in Malawi, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay




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Product Spotlight: Skinnygirl Liquid Sweeteners

You are a girl in-the-know, always on the go. So Skinnygirl is finding sweet ways to help you lead a healthy more balanced lifestyle, without compromising taste or the things you love!

Skinnygirl, iconic for bringing practical solutions to women, is now revolutionizing sweeteners to bring you a new line of zero-calorie liquid sweeteners made with natural monk fruit, agave, and stevia. Made with natural sweeteners, gluten-free, and carb-free, these liquid sweeteners are the smart and delicious alternative to sugar.

The new concentrated liquid formulas dissolve easily in your favorite cold or hot beverages and are ideal for coffee, tea, or even recipes. Just sweeten to taste! A little goes a long way!

Available in a slim, convenient 1.68 ounce bottle that you can take anywhere, they are perfect for your life on-the-go. Each bottle contains 80-160 servings- depending on the sweetener type. And the quick stop valve makes it easy – one squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.

You’ll also find organic stevia in individual powdered packets.

That’s making life a little sweeter.





Agave is a simple food that comes from the agave plant and is a favorite of original Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel. She uses it to sweeten her Skinnygirl cocktails and is now proud to bring it to her fans for everyday use.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.





Monk Fruit extract originates from real monk fruit native to the mountains climates in Southern Asia. Skinnygirl Monk Fruit tastes sweet and fruity. It compliments any food or beverage without competing with other flavors or ingredients.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar






Stevia is a popular and widely recognized natural sweetener that provides a pure clean taste. Skinnygirl Stevia comes in a liquid option as well as organic individual powdered packets. Just a little will sweeten up your favorite food and beverages.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.





Company: Skinnygirl
Brand: Skinnygirl
Category:  Water Enhancer, Sweetener
Origin: USA
Packaging: 1.68 FL OZ (50ml)
Claims: Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar
Varieties: Stevia, Monk Fruit, Agave
Price: $4.49/Bottle
Where to Buy: Direct on Website

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Product Spotlight: Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar


Enjoy baked goods infused with a delicate molasses flavor and a rich aroma from this lightly refined, golden brown sugar. Made from organically grown sugar cane, its distinctive crystals provide a superb added crunch.


With their unique textures and distinct flavors, our natural and organically grown sugars are perfect for adding an inspiring taste to recipes and beverages, or a glistening sweet crunch as a topping. And, with our Fair Trade promise, you can enjoy a sugar that not only makes a difference in your kitchen, but beyond.


Company: Tate & Lyle
Brand: Tate & Lyle
Origin: USA
Category: Sugars & Sweeteners
Packaging: 24oz (680g) 1.5lb Bag
Claims: Organic, Fair Trade
Price: $4.99 USD
Where to Buy: Click Here
Website tateandlylesugars.com/us






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Product Spotlight: Xe Energy Drink

Proprietary Pure Energy Blend – 5,629 mg
Sucramalt, Guarana Extract (Seed), Maca Extract (Root), Ginseng Extract (Root), Yerba Mate (Leaf), Cocoa (Theobromine) Extract, Quercetin.

Other Ingredients
Reverse Osmosis Carbonated Water, Proprietary Antioxidant Blend (Fruit Juice Concentrates [Red Grape, Apple, Cherry], Superfruit Extracts [Açaí, Goji, Boysenberry, Grape Seed, Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Elderberry], Raspberry, Strawberry, & Cranberry Powders), Agave Nectar, Nisin, Natamycin.

75% juice. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or refined sugars.


Company: Xocai
Brand: Xe Energy Drink
Category: Energy Drinks
Slogan:  Proprietary blend of superfruits and Cacao
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8.4 fl oz
Claims: 75% juice. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or refined sugars.
Website: xe-energy.com



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Product Spotlight: Nature´s Agave Organic Nectar

Nature’s Agave offers a variety of premium agave nectars, each with its own signature flavor and complexity: Clear, Amber, Raw, and introducing Maple Agave Syrup.  Try Nature’s Agave Nectar in your coffee and tea, or as syrup for pancakes. Its luxurious flavor and moisture-retaining character make Nature’s Agave Nectar a favorite in cookies, brownies and smoothies. Tastes great and saves calories compared to sugar.

From their website ¨We’ve searched throughout Mexico to find the best agave growers and agave nectar producers for our brand of premium nectars. Our supply comes from growers with a shared passion for all natural, organic and sustainable farming practices. Through every step of the way, from the fields through the bottling, Nature’s Agave ensures the highest quality, best tasting 100% organic Weber Blue Agave nectar available.¨

What is Agave Nectar?
Agave Nectar has been used for centuries as a flavoring, though native populations have also been aware of its health benefits and used it medicinally. The Aztecs used a mixture of agave nectar and salt as a dressing for wounds and a balm for skin infections, and agave's use as a folk remedy persists today.

Modern medical study has confirmed agave's remedial properties. Agave nectar applied to the skin has been found effective against pyogenic (pus producing) bacteria such as Staph aureus. The tradition of adding salt to the nectar has been found to further boost its anti-microbial property. Agave nectar has also been proven effective against enteric (intestinal) bacteria.

What are the Benefits of Agave?
One of the most health-promoting properties of agave nectar is its favorable glycemic profile. Its sweetness comes primarily from a complex form of fructose called inulin. Fructose is the sugar that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. The carbohydrate in agave nectar has a low glycemic index, which provides sweetness without the unpleasant "sugar rush" and unhealthful blood sugar spike caused by many other sugars. Agave nectar is a delicious natural sweetener that can be used moderately - by dieters, some diabetics, and health conscious cooks - to replace high-glycemic and refined sugars.

The packaging for Nature´s Agave is very attractive.  Bright colors and clean white text help this product stand out on the supermarket shelves.  I´m a sucker for vibrant packaging and my eye´s were immediately drawn to the products.  The variety offered is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more products and the new Maple flavor is sure to be a hit at many breakfast tables around the country.  The squeezable package design eliminates those messy situations that tend to happen with wide mouth products and also helps you measure the exact amount of agave nectar you would like to use.  Really pushing the benefits of agave over regular sugars and sweeteners will help increase the sales of these products.


Company: Nature´s Agave
Brand: Agave Nectar
Category:  Sweeteners
Origin: USA
Packaging: 11.75oz
Price:  $5.99
Varieties: Clear, Amber, Raw, Maple
Claims: 100% Certified Organic Agave Nectar
Website: naturesagave.com






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Packaging Concept: Madhava Agave Sweeteners


"Madhava Natural Sweeteners has been undergoing a rebranding for the past six months. I was asked to help develop a range of concepts that explored different avenues for the brand personality. These three concepts, although not selected, were well received, differentiated effectively on the shelf and set the stage for defining the tone of the brand. All the explorations were focused on unifying the brand's visual language, modernizing the aesthetic and clarifying the product identifiers."


Designer: Steve Bullock




images via TDL

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Artificial sweeteners: Not a silver bullet for weight loss

A joint scientific statement reveals that the use of sugar-free products doesn't necessarily guarantee a smaller waistline.

It seems logical that replacing sugar with a non-caloric substitute would lead to reduced weight. But science and logic don’t always agree. Case in point: A newly released joint scientific statement on the topic from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).
Non-nutritive Sweeteners: Current Use and Health Perspectives reveals that there is inconclusive evidence to prove that displacing caloric sweeteners with non-nutritive sweeteners “benefits appetite, energy balance, body weight, or cardiometabolic risk factors.”
Previous research has repeatedly linked added sugar in the diet to obesity, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And in 2009, the AHA recommended that Americans significantly reduce their intake of added sugars, suggesting that women limit added sugar calories to 100 per day, and men to 150 per day. That equates to about eight ounces of soda or less than half of an average candy bar.
With that in mind, and fueled by the desire to lose weight, many have turned to non-nutritive sweeteners.

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Sweeteners help companies cut back

Whether it’s to enhance flavor profiles, reduce calories or to mask the off-notes of added vitamins and minerals, beverage manufacturers continue to turn to sweeteners to help produce products that appeal to consumers’ taste preferences. Food and beverages account for nearly 58 percent of the sugar volume used annually in the United States, according to Rockville, Md.-based market research firm Packaged Facts’ report, “Sugar, Sugar Substitute and Sweetener Trends,” published in September 2011.

According to data released in January by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, nearly 36 percent of U.S. adults were obese from 2009 to 2010. To combat this problem, the CDC encourages the U.S. population to live an active, healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating fruits and vegetables as well as reducing caloric intake.

Full Article @ BevInd

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