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Personal Care Spotlight: FaceTory is Glowing Pink!


BREA, Calif., Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- FaceTory, the subscription service that delivers curated boxes filled with Korean sheet masks straight to the subscriber's doorstep, has officially announced the launch of their #BCA box. This limited-edition box, available only for the month of October, was curated by a team of sheet mask junkies at a FaceTory who believe that every woman, no matter her battle, has every right to feel beautiful in her own skin. These sheet masks ranging in different steps, functions, scents, and even shades of pink can be the perfect way to prep your skin for the day ahead or wind down after a long night.  FaceTory wanted to not only raise awareness about Breast Cancer, but also help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  We will be making a donation of 3% of all our subscription proceeds from both subscription plans to the BCRF.  FaceTory would love your support in launching this new box and taking a part in helping to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Curation Process:

Every month, subscribers will receive a variety of unique masks ranging in purpose and functionality. These sheet masks are included based on a curation process by a team of fun and knowledgeable sheet mask junkies sampling and testing out the products themselves. From news to tips and how-to videos, FaceTory informs their subscribers about their products in a fun and engaging way while still allowing the personality of the company to shine through. This allows consumers to discover the hard-to-find, new, and trending sheet mask brands in the comfort of their own homes. Every month we scour the Korean sheet mask market for fun and popular masks that have little to no exposure in the western market. We then personally try out each sheet mask and narrow down the selection before packing these hidden gems into our boxes.

Box options:

SEVEN LUX - A premium plan includes more diverse selections such as hydrogels and multi-step masks with higher quality ingredients. This box has 7 carefully curated sheet masks with a price of $15.95/month.

FOUR-ever FRESH - A great entry level plan for Kbeauties who are newly discovering sheet masks. This plan includes more fabric type masks such as cotton & cellulose with the most essential functions and features.  These 4 carefully curated sheet masks are only $5.95/month.


FaceTory Oct.#BCA (PRNewsfoto/FaceTory)

FaceTory Oct.#BCA (PRNewsfoto/FaceTory)



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Industry News: Moink Debuts Ethically Sourced Meat and Salmon Subscription Box



The only meat delivery service owned, operated by farmers, making farm-to-table easier than ever

LA BELLE, Mo., Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Moink today launched its customizable subscription box of humanely raised meat and salmon, connecting ethically conscious meat lovers to a community of small, sustainable farmers and their high-quality proteins.

"We created Moink because we knew there had to be a better way to connect farmers and consumers transparently," said Moink Co-Founder Lucinda Cramsey. "Figuring out where your food comes from and how it was raised should not be as hard as it is today. We're working to make a variety of ethically sourced and humanely raised meat accessible to the everyday consumer."

To celebrate the national launch, Moink is giving away a full year delivery subscription, valued at nearly $2,000 and 160 pounds (480 servings) of ethically raised, NON-GMO meat. To enter to win, visit www.moinkbox.com/subscribe. Winners will be announced the end of October.

"As a farmer, I'm excited to increase access to sustainable, ethical meat for everyone," said Co-Founder Adam Cramsey. "Unlike our competitors, we work only with farms that raise animals outdoors in pastures or forests where they are happiest and healthiest. With Moink, customers receive the highest-quality meat available, which are raised without GMOs, hormones or antibiotics - and a final product without sugars, nitrates or solutions."


  • All the meat is antibiotic and GMO-free.
  • Animals are never given growth hormones.
  • Chicken is solution free, and bacon and sausage don't contain nitrates, nitrites, or sugar.
  • The finished product is never doctored to alter taste or color.

The land animals are raised outdoors with room to roam and grass to graze on; they're never given growth hormone or antibiotics, and never fed with GMOs grains.

  • Beef and lamb is grass fed and grass finished.
  • Hogs are raised outdoors and never given GMO grains
  • Chickens are raised outdoors on pasture and never given GMO grains
  • Fish are sustainably wild caught in the arctic waters of Alaska


  • Customers can choose from curated boxes of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and salmon, or they can create their own (Moink is one of the few delivery services offering salmon and lamb).
  • Each box contains 12-16 pounds of different meats (approximately 35-40 servings), for an average of $4.50 per serving.
  • Each Moink box can be ordered on subscription every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, or single boxes on on-demand.
  • Moink ships to the lower 48 states and Washington, D.C.



To celebrate the nationwide launch, MOINK will be giving away a one-year subscription - that's 12 months and 160 lbs. of ethically-sourced meat. (PRNewsfoto/Moink)

To celebrate the nationwide launch, MOINK will be giving away a one-year subscription - that's 12 months and 160 lbs. of ethically-sourced meat. (PRNewsfoto/Moink)


MOINK deliver boxes of humanely raised and ethically sourced wild caught salmon, grass fed beef, pastured pork, grass-fed lamb & pastured chicken straight to your doorstep. (PRNewsfoto/Moink)

MOINK deliver boxes of humanely raised and ethically sourced wild caught salmon, grass fed beef, pastured pork, grass-fed lamb & pastured chicken straight to your doorstep. (PRNewsfoto/Moink)


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Company Spotlight: Love With Food



Love With Food helps you discover new organic or all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. Our subscription membership starts as low as $10/month. Every month, Love With Food members will receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find tasty snacks which varies based on seasonal themes.

For every box sold, we donate a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength - No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!

Say goodbye to boring grocery selections and start discovering your Love With Food experience!





Discover and Taste

Every month, we'll send you a box of eight or more healthful snacks for $10.00 a month.


Shop Online

You can purchase more of what you tried or redeem them with points in our shop.


Donate a Meal

For every box or item you buy, we donate a meal to feed a hungry child.





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Coffee Spotlight: Black Coffee Subscription Service


Coffee with a Cause

Black Coffee gives 10% of profits to train at-risk youth and create jobs in the inner cities. Your purchase helps us be part of the solution for change!






Our Method

Our unique air roasting method and our careful selection of only the finest high altitude Arabica beans gives Black Coffee its exceptionally rich and smooth flavor.





Monthly subscription services start at only $18.00



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