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Streaming our lives in real-time with Perceptar



Perceptar allows you to see through the phone of friends and followers alike, anyone that is filming live on the network in ‘public’ mode. It gives you the ability to share a moment or explore the world and live events via #hashtags. It allows you to jump from live video stream to another video stream or the chance to explore the world from a first person perspective on your mobile. Want to know what’s going on in Tokyo right now? Well hashtag it and jump on a live stream from someone filming right now. What if you’re running late to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert, don’t worry, just hashtag it and see if someone is filming the concert in real-time so you don’t miss a moment.

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New music streaming service hacks your brain to make you a better employee

A new startup, focus@will, claims to have found the secret to music actually making you productive instead of distracting you.

Music is one of the great work day companions. Whether doing homework, blogging, or staring at a spreadsheet all day, we listen to music to fill that otherwise sonically-vacant space with something pleasing enough to inspire us to get some work done. One problem: It doesn’t actually make us any more productive. A new startup, focus@will, is trying to change that by introducing a streaming music service that encourages productivity instead of active listening.

Focus@will was designed with getting work done in mind, the culmination of two years of research and music curation that encourages concentration in lieu of distraction. According to CEO Will Henshall, the effect is creating a system for music not to be listened to.

“The idea of commercial music is that you listen to it,” Henshall said. “[But] this is not music for entertainment. This is something new. We’re creating a music service that specifically helps focus.”

To accomplish this, focus@will conducted studies on their patrons — work Henshall jokingly describes as, “sticking brain machines on people and seeing what happens.” What they found was that music interacts with the limbic system, the evolutionary center of the brain that controls the flight-or-fight response. In this case, the limbic system interrupts the concentration flow state in a typical productivity cycle.

The researchers found that instrument music — mainly jazz and classical music for the time  being — are particularly effective at quieting the flight-or-fight response. However, the team also discovered that instruments like the tenor saxophone and viola create similar interrupt responses in the brain because they resemble the human voice’s unique timbre. Complicating matters, instrumental music the subject already knows triggers a memory response that was also disruptive.

To counteract this, focus@will curate their own exclusive library of focus-friendly music while also commissioning and remixing the work of commercial artists to help build their system. Songs are then analyzed in their specially-designed cloud audio engine, which weighs the key, intensity, and emotional value of each track, arranging them in a way that’s both unfamiliar to the listener’s ear and soothes the limbic system so as to prevent an interruptive signal.

Henshall, a former member of British-based R&B group Londonbeat (unfamiliar? You must click here then), believes that the service, which is currently in private beta, will complement current music platforms.

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Youzee: Spain’s streaming startup answer to Netflix

A new streaming service has shed its beta cloak, only this one isn't made for U.S. eyes. Youzee, a Madrid-based start-up, aims to offer Spaniards the best of both pay models, offering up a monthly subscription service alongside separate à la carte pricing. According to the company's site, its catalog of films and TV shows will be made available in a range of dubbed and subtitled versions to suite language and viewing preferences. You'll have to pony up 6.99 Euros (about $9 USD) monthly for access to those selections, but for any titles -- new releases or otherwise -- that reside outside of its collection, there's a one-time fee required, ranging from either 2.99 Euros (about $4 USD) for 480p DVD-quality or 4.99 Euros (about $7 USD) for 720p HD. Plans are also on deck to grow the outfit's content library of paid content with an assortment of free exclusives. So, if you call the Iberian peninsula home and the return of the Bluths on Netflix just isn't enough to tide you over, well, now you have an alternative online video fix.


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