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App Spotlight: Meditate on the Go with Buddhify


Stress, relentlessness and a sense that everything around is just too overwhelming. That’s how the video for Buddhify starts off to share why their app is so important—to keep balance and peace of mind. Meditation on the go to bring mindfulness, concentration and calm to your busy daily life is why the new application is worth giving a try.

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Knowledge sharing for your startup with Crowdbase



Crowdbase. Dubbed as a centralized way to organize and share knowledge, the app acts as a private social network, allowing you to build your own wiki with your team to make learning collaborative. For our staff that gives us the opportunity to share brand guidelines, social voices and company protocols, but also a chance to share on strategies, goals and stay-up to date with what everyone is learning in one place.

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Instant aperitif service delivers in 45 minutes



L’appero is an on-demand apéritif delivery service in Paris that promises customers no more than a wait of 45 minutes.

Startups such as Postmates have aimed to provide quicker local delivery by taking advantage of idle couriers. Based in Paris only, L’appero is an on-demand apéritif delivery service that promises customers no more than a wait of 45 minutes.

Users can download the L’appero app from both the App Store and Google Play, which enables them to select the items they want delivered. L’appero currently offers a choice of two boxes. La Box is suitable for two to four people and includes cured ham, Ossau-Iraty cheese, tapenades, olives, bread and a bottle of wine or water for EUR 30. La Box Moustache on the other hand is for one to two people and includes a bottle of beer, chips and Mimolette cheese for EUR 15. The customer’s location is tracked via GPS and payments are made through their smartphone. L’appero uses bicycle couriers to quickly get the boxes to customers, wherever they are, within 45 minutes.

L’appero’s success is based on the localized nature of its service, enabling it to deliver goods across the city in a convenient timeframe for customers. Are there other unusual takeaway options that could be given this kind of treatment?

Website: www.lappero.com

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Here Comes the ‘Etsy for the Local Foodie’

In an effort to "create connections between humans" and close the gaps in the hyperlocal handcrafted food scene, two Bay Area entrepreneurs have created Good Eggs, a sort of virtual purveyor's market that's a lot like Etsy, but for food. Founders Rob Spiro and Alon Salant launched the site, Wired reports, by featuring "40 vendors in five Bay Area neighborhoods," including butchers, bread bakers, pie-makers, and any other denizen you'd recognize from an artisanal nursery rhyme. Expansion to Portland, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn is already in the works. Put an egg on it! [Wired]

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New Startup Looks to Make Dining Easier

New app allows restaurants to send a text message to patrons when tables are ready, freeing up customers from sitting and waiting.

SAN FRANCISCO — Robb Myer cannot stomach the notion of being stuck at the entrance of a restaurant waiting for word that a table is finally available.

So he and some friends, tired of ricocheting between crowded eateries in a hip San Francisco neighborhood, came up with the idea for startup "NoWait" to take the agony out of queues.
"We are really trying to change the way you and I have to wait any place that has a line, and the first place is a casual dining restaurant," Myer said. "Global is definitely our goal."
Restaurant hosts or hostesses can enter mobile phone numbers of aspiring dinners into NoWait software tailored for Apple iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices.
People then get text message updates regarding when tables will be ready and, if they have smartphones, can even access a website featuring animated characters that shows where they are in the food line.
NoWait has spread to restaurants across the United States and into Canada and has been used to seat more than 3.3 million people since it launched in April of last year, according to Myer.

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