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Coffee Spotlight: Nestle Coffee Mate Star Wars Spiced Latte Creamer



Coffee-mate’s® Star Wars™ themed coffee creamers take Limited Edition Spiced Latte to a whole new galaxy, so you can start your day with a roar.



About the company

NESTLÉ® Coffee-mate has been helping you make someone's day better like Coffee-mate makes coffee better for generations. Offering more than 20 flavors in both liquid and powder creamer options, Coffee-mate allows every coffee lover to create the perfect cup of coffee. By continuing to reinvent and redefine what goes into your coffee, Coffee-mate is the leader in bringing exciting new products to your everyday cup.



Company: Nestle Coffee Mate
Brand:  Star Wars Spiced Latte Creamer
Slogan:  Nestle Coffee Mate
Origin: US
Category: Functional
Packaging:  32 oz.
Claims:  Limited Edition.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: https://www.coffee-mate.com/



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Star Wars Burgers from Quick in France

When I was a kid, watching the Star Wars trilogy (which did not include those other three films which shall remain nameless) was a special occasion, to be enjoyed only on Christmas Day after the presents had been opened and we had finished our biscuits and gravy and, oh, was I supposed to save that chocolate for after dinner, oops. Nostalgia for what we perceived things to be like when we were kids is an important part of having been born in the '80s. George Lucas, the mother(f***er) of all marketing placement gurus, knows this, and he knows that we have perhaps a tendency to share this nostalgia with our kids. "Look, Billy, this is called a 'Laserdisc,' we used it to watch E.T."

So before he apparently released a new something or other related to 3D-ifying and otherwise continuing to reduce to ruin what was once an epic story, he must have thought to himself, "What will impel French children in the 'whine-until-parents-buy-the-way-too-expensive-toy-du-jour' demographic to want to go out and see in the theatre a movie they already watch at home on DVD three times a day?"

"Ah, yes, I know, I'll do something with Quick." Because apparently McDo's standards are higher (or they wanted too much money).

Full Article @ SE

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