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Company Spotlight: Jeeva Coconut Water & Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil



Jeeva is an ethically-aware company that prides itself to bring 100% pure premium range of products like 100% Natural & Organic King Coconut Water, Extra Virgin Raw king Coconut Oil and rare & premium Bamboo Blossom Rice.

Jeeva combines ancient Ayurvedic traditions with modern ethical and environmental values, working sustainably with locals to create healthy, pure products from the finest natural and organic ingredients .


Each bottle of Jeeva is certified organic and contains the water of one whole, single estate, King Coconut


Jeeva King Coconut Water is carefully bottled within 24 hours of extracting the water of young and tender King Coconuts.


Nothing impure is added to this naturally nourishing drink, making it free from preservatives, artificial flavours or GM ingredients


Jeeva is dedicated to the conservation of indigenous wildlife and has found the perfect partner in international wildlife charity, The Born Free Foundation. Through the sale of our King Coconut Water and King Coconut Oil, Jeeva will be supporting Born Free’s vital Asian elephant conservation work in Sri Lanka, helping them to safeguard this incredible species in their natural habitat and support the rescue, care and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants. Read More





Company: Jeeva Natural UK Ltd
Brand: Jeeva
Slogan: Inspired by Nature
Origin: UK / Sri Lanka
Category: Coconut Products
Claims: Organic. Healthy
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: UK, Direct from Website





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Supplement Spotlight: Protein World Sri Lankan Extra Virgin Coconut Oil









About the Company
We're leading the protein revolution with a new and innovative range of pure, GMO free supplements to help you become healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger.

Our Pure, GMO free Blends are designed to meet the many needs of your busy lifestyle and complement your diet.

Our effective range of weight-loss supplements will help raise your metabolism and burn fat fast.


Our expert blends of essential nutrients target your specific needs and boost your performance.


Muscle growth requires the proper stimulation and the right diet. Our supplements deliver the optimum nourishment to build strength.

Only the highest quality, great tasting proteins are made in our Informed-Sport certified facility. There are no hidden ingredients and no inflated claims. We deliver pure nutrition and straight-talking support, without the jargon.





Company: Protein World
Brand: Protein World
Slogan: Pure Performance
Origin: UK
Category:  Supplement
Packaging: 350g (450ml)
Claims: Extra Virgin, 100% Organic
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: £20.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: proteinworld.com








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Drink Spotlight: Natural King Coconut Water


King coconut is indigenous to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where it is consumed fresh off the tree. The tree grows freely and in abundance without human intervention on the island where it is loved by Sri Lankans for its ability to replenish the body preventing dehydration. King coconut water naturally contains electrolyte levels so close to that of blood plasma that it truly has been aptly named the ‘king’ of all coconut varieties making it the premium source of natural hydration yet to be discovered.

Studies show that a single serving of king coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, has a better composition of calcium and magnesium than an orange and just the perfect sweetness for it to be the trusted hydrant of Sri Lankan islanders for centuries past.

Tropic Fruits is happy to introduce to the world, this very miracle drink, now bottled in all its natural wholeness, with no added preservatives.



- The Ultimate Hydrator

- Hand Picked with care
for your drinking pleasure

- No Dilution

- Fastest way to get
potassium in to your body

- More calcium & magnesium
Than an orange

- No Fat, No Cholesterol












About the Company
King coconut water is not, in any way, a new discovery – it has been enjoyed for centuries on the island of Sri Lanka as a refreshing, rejuvenating beverage. But its near-miraculous properties can now be vouched for, both scientifically and experientially.

Our passion for king coconut water began in 2010 when Renouk Wijemanne (co-founder) stumbled on the remarkable properties of king coconut water. Renouk, a national tennis player at the time, had a history of dehydration and fatigue-induced cramping. It was particularly debilitating when it took place during hard training sessions, or at the end of long tennis matches. His condition would sometimes escalate to the point where he would need emergency medical intervention in order to find relief. These difficult experiences are what led Renouk on a quest to find remedy for dehydration, little knowing that the solution literally grew in his back yard!

Now a professional fitness instructor, Renouk regularly refuels with king coconut water, fresh off the tree. He no longer encounters the painful challenge of muscle cramping and dehydration.

Teaming up with co-founder Ashan De Livera (also an avid sportsman), Renouk continued his research on king coconut water, in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka.

Today, we are happy to share this all-natural power drink with other athletes and health-enthusiasts, the world over.





Company: Tropic Fruits
Brand: King Coconut
Slogan: Nature's Power Source
Origin: Sri Lanka
Category: Water
Packaging: 300ml (10.1fl oz)
Claims: Never from Concentrate, Natural, 100% Juice
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: kingcoconut.asia










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Packaging Design Concept: Rich Life Organic

Rich Life Organic Milk Packaging (Branding) - Student Project
Designed by:  Ranmalee Jayaratne

  • This is a packaging project I did for a milk company in Sri Lanka named Rich Life, as a student project. Rich Life does not have any organic milk products at the moment. This is a new packaging solution for an organic milk product range with an improved identity, targeted at health conscience people, milk lovers and upscale markets.
  • 4 pack cardboard bottle carrier for Rich Life Organic Non Fat Milk.
  • Non Fat (blue), Low Fat (green) and Full Cream (red) milk bottles.

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